Diamond Jewelry Is Forever And You Deserve The Best

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byAlma Abell

Not only should your diamond jewelry be beautiful and last a lifetime, but originality is a must for yourself as well as your loved ones. Diamonds vary in quality, and too often a jeweler has raised prices on diamonds below par. The best jewelers turned away from these underhanded practices and turned instead to the creation of unparalleled diamond rings, earrings, and bracelets that are both cost-effective and well above the normal standard of diamond quality. Customize your diamond jewelry in order to put a personal touch on every gift you buy and bring joy to your friends and loved ones this year. Now is the time to take advantage of new technologies available that have increased the worth and beauty of diamonds over time.

How to Know You Are Choosing the Right Diamond

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For many, the purchase of a diamond is a new experience. Although you see diamond jewelry nearly everywhere you go, there is much more to it than a pretty sparkle. In order to reduce any frustration when seeking diamond jewelry, it is important to know what you are looking for. The shape of your diamond is just as important as its quality, as your loved one’s tastes are reflected in it. A shape change from square to circular can actually affect the way your gift is received, and thus is it important that you make your purchase with this knowledge in hand.

Clarity is the number and size of any tiny imperfections within your diamonds. It is important to understand that most of these imperfections are microscopic, and they do not affect a diamond’s overall beauty in any significant way. Still, choosing diamonds with high clarity can ensure their beauty lasts a lifetime. The best choice for jewelry is a diamond with an “eye-clean” clarity rating, as these are of a lower price than flawless or internally flawless diamonds without reduced beauty. An eye-clean diamond is flawless to the naked eye, and it is of extremely high quality.

Color must also be chosen. A high color grade is essential, as this is the grade given to a diamond’s whiteness or lack of color. Some diamonds can appear pale yellow, and the less color a stone has, the higher it is graded. A high grade of color for a diamond would be D, while the lowest grade is Z.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Chance to Impress

The right diamond jewelry is a beautiful, life-long gift that any friend or loved one will enjoy. Do not miss the change to customize your gifts. Go online right now to take advantage.

Designer Engagement Rings What Is The Difference?}

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Designer engagement rings – What is the difference?


Vasco Kirov

The title designer applied to any jewelry piece instigates ideas of high quality, exclusivity and individuality. It is however not properly clarified and sometime by my opinion misused. Marketers have their tools and use them shrewdly wherever possible. If you think of it, the design is the first process of creating jewelry and designer`s efforts (some more successful than other) lay behind every single piece, including the low end mass produced ones. Does that make them designer jewelry? On the other hand what defines designer jewelry and how much of a deviation from an existing design, for example classic solitaire, constitutes new one. There is no base for precise classification of design changes and the definition of some terms often used in the jewelry industry presented bellow is my own.

The term Designer Jewelry should be applied to pieces representing individual style a particular designer is trying to promote. In engagement ring field this style is usually defined by using certain unusual technique (mokume, granulation), unusual way of setting the diamond/s, specific recognizable shape (organic , geometrical), unusual metal alloys bringing new color or mechanical properties, unusual surface texture and many more. The common denominations are unusual and recognizable. I believe that there is no need for major change to constitute designer engagement ring. The famous Niessing tension set ring for example is nothing more than a excessively thick comfort fit wedding band with small sector cut off to accommodate (clip) the diamond. It is still considered however as one of the greatest jewelry designs ever and sold by thousands every year. Sometimes the designers touch is hardly noticeable at first glance especially when applied to classic based rings. Tapering the prongs and increasing the angle of the basket of a classic solitaire for example, creates much lighter and open setting while the thicker metal at the top offers superb safety. Such small change however creates very elegant design line and significantly improves the overall appearance and safety of the setting. When asked for opinion the customer usually answers: It definitely looks different but I don`t know why

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Designer diamond engagement rings are not necessarily unique and are reproduced in relatively big volumes. This makes them different from the studio and ones off pieces. With the studio type jewelry, the designer is the goldsmith and gemologist, executing his / hers pieces from A to Z and once off pieces are the bulk of his/hers work. These are still not unique though, since most of them are reproducible by the same artist but they are definitely a limited edition. Limited editions and once offs can be clearly separated by natural and intended.

The natural limitation is dictated by the availability or uniqueness of certain materials, usually precious stones that does not allow big volumes. Extreme labor and skill requirements can also be viewed as natural limitation. On the other hand, intended limitation is catering for customers prepared to pay higher price for their jewelry, in order to preserve its uniqueness. The intended limited editions are usually accompanied by certificate stating the total number of manufactured pieces, as well as the manufacturing process (handmade. cast assisted etc.) A number stamp on the piece, states the consecutive number opposed to the total number manufactured. For example 3/10 indicates that this is the third piece out of ten possible. What number constitutes limited edition is arguable. My opinion is; it should not be more than a dozen.

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Designer engagement rings – What is the difference?}