Obesity Surgery Is Only For Severely Obese People

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Obesity Surgery Is Only For Severely Obese People



For 70-year-old Delhi resident Nimesh Shah, life took a new fit when he was able to go off unwanted problem diabetes i.e. most commonly known as sugar medication after 15 years. It also came as surprise to him. It was sort of a miracle or his effort to go to the doctor. And all this becomes possible because of simple and painless bariatric surgery, commonly known as weight reduction surgery or weight loss surgery.

He weighed less all of a sudden when he went for the treatment just around two months back. Earlier he used to weigh 130 kgs and two months after he shed around 20 kgs before he went for the procedure. Apart from getting relief from sugar he shed around 20 kilos. That s great for his health as well as for his life.


\”A next of kin of mine told me that the; obesity surgery in India will help answer a lot of problematic situation, and his health is much better now, There has been much improvement in his health. Earlier people used to opt for unwanted things to reduce weight. But today most of the people are opting for

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. It is the best method to lose weight without any complications left behind.

\”Nearly 80- 90% percent of diabetes is related to fatness. Obesity is also the following biggest cause of cancer after smoking . Do not worry as

weight loss surgery in Delhi

does not cost you more than 2 to 3 lakhs, the surgery has occurred as a major respite for many, actually retrogressive type-II diabetes in most patients. Thus, this surgery is coming up as an effective cure for the people suffering from diabetes. It is for sure way to get cured from unwanted disease.

India has the world\’s largest populace of diabetics, followed by China with 43.2 million people and by 2030 it is expected to grow more and more if people do not become aware of their responsibility. It is one of the major concerns for premature illness and even for the sudden death. If you think that you are obese then get your body mass index (BMI) checked. It will easily identify your body mass level and will let you know if you are the victim of obesity. It will easily identify by calculating and dividing your weight by measuring the square of your height and will give the definite level of the obesity you are suffering from.

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Weight Loss Surgery Complications And Factors You Must Consider

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Desperate to Lose Weight

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you may have probably attempted many diets. If losing pounds on your own isn t working and you are considering weight loss surgery, read this article. If you are having a hard time dropping pounds and the many diets you have tried have not worked, you may be considering weight loss surgery.

Important Weight Loss Surgery Considerations


Obviously, opting for weight loss surgery is a major decision. There are many things you have to consider. Shedding excess weight can be very good, possibly even crucial to your general health. Modifying your diet and lifestyle is your cheapest and best option to lose weight long-term. Weight loss surgery is pricey, it has psychological ramifications, it requires a recovery period, which may put you out of work and normal routine for a while. You also have to think about the side effects, risks and complications associated with weight loss surgery. Some complications are common and fairly minor, others are more significant.

Two Main Categories of Weight Loss Surgeries

Weight loss surgeries can be divided into two categories restrictive surgery and malabsorptive surgery. Malabsorptive surgery restricts the body s absorption of what you eat. The absorption is prevented by either removing a portion of your small intestine or by changing where the small intestine connects to your stomach. Restrictive surgery makes it so you are restricted in the amount of food you can eat and how much food it takes to feel full. This surgery entails removing or closing off part of your stomach. Obviously, both are major surgeries and should be chosen thoughtfully by you and your doctor.

Common Surgical Procedures

As more and more people have weight loss surgeries, the various procedures are more known. One of the more popular is lap band surgery or adjustable gastric banding as it is the least invasive procedure. Gastric bypass surgery or Roux en Y is another common surgery for losing pounds. Bileopancreatic Diversion Surgery is a more drastic procedure that is right for certain patients.

Potential Risks and Complications

Make yourself fully aware of potential risks and weight loss surgery complications. As with any major surgical procedure, there are risks. Risk is decreased if a patient is in better health and lower weight group. The risks and complications are based on a number of factors including the patient s initial weight, existing health problems and on which procedure is being done. Common weight loss surgery complications include infections, vitamin deficiencies, vomiting, and in rare cases, death. There are several other complications and side effects to be aware of that vary from procedure to procedure.

Consult a qualified medical professional to decide which weight loss surgery option, if any is right for you. You can also research the Internet so that you can ask questions and discuss options with your doctor. Existing health concerns and current weight are factors in the decision along with your long-term goals and lifestyle modification plans. If you don t plan to modify your eating habits in the future, weight loss surgery probably isn t the best idea for you.

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