Is The Cyber Security Skills Gap A Myth?

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Cyber security enthusiasts, prospective professionals, or just about anyone who has been following cyber security headlines over the last few years, has likely heard iterations of the same story- businesses are unable to recruit the cyber security talent they require, resulting in millions of job openings. The ‘Cyber Security Skills Gap’ is frequently mentioned in the news.

How true are these words? Is the skill gap in cyber security only a myth or a reality? Let us find out more about the cybersecurity skills gaps in this article.

Cyber security career prospects through Myths or Reality

Cybersecurity is multifaceted, and to be competent in this field, each component necessitates a separate set of skills and expertise. Individuals must gain essential skills and knowledge, either through official training or self-development, to be successful in this sector. Many colleges now offer formal degrees and cyber security course online programs.

Cyber security course online from reputed training institutes will provide education aligning with CYBOK ( Cyber security Book of Knowledge). This has become highly essential. CyBok is a handbook that codifies information from textbooks, academic research articles, technical reports, white papers, and standards, putting it all together in one place for practitioners to study and expand their knowledge.

CyBok isn’t the only way to advance in this cyber security career. A prospective cyber security engineer may take advantage of the cyber security course online platforms and obtain a wide range of certificates and badges.

There are a few standout qualifications among the numerous to pick from that many firms are looking for. The following are some of them:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Security Management (CISM)
  • Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

The Hiring Drawbacks

A skills gap is a mismatch between what companies desire or need from specific employees and what those employees can actually do when they arrive at work. There is a skills gap if you can’t locate someone who knows how to do a penetration test.

If a company automatically rejects individuals who have hands-on hacking expertise but don’t have a specific college degree, the problem isn’t so much a skills gap as it is a recruiter expectations gap.

Hiring criteria that are too strict don’t work for anyone. It means that far too many qualified applications are overlooked, resulting in open positions. Fortunately, there are signs that things are changing, with an additional 700,000 employees expected to join the cyber security field in 2020 (up 25% from the previous year’s estimates). Employers are being encouraged to be more creative when it comes to hiring, with less emphasis on standard training paths and more flexibility when it comes to years of experience required.

This is, in fact, very excellent news for aspiring information security professionals. You should be in a better position than ever to fill the gap if you can pivot your existing talents, bridge knowledge gaps, and pick up the type of practical know-how that’s in demand.

A new shift in the employment trajectory

Stories about the cyber security skills gap have dominated the news in recent years. However, there has been a recent shift: companies are realizing that the problem is a hiring shortage rather than a skills shortage. Forward-thinking companies are becoming less rigorous in their recruitment practices, which is good news for anyone who came to the information sector through unconventional means.

ISACA, the world’s largest IT governance and accrediting organization, recently published an essay outlining best practices for expanding the talent pool. Among them are-

  • Setting clear, attainable goals in job ads and relying more heavily on practical skills tests.
  • Flexibility when it comes to criteria for years of experience.
  • Avoiding a heavy dependence on formal qualifications in favor of current knowledge.
  • Inquisitiveness, eagerness to learn, problem-solving, and communication skills are all qualities to look for.

To advance in this field as a cyber security engineer, one must acknowledge that one must go beyond collecting certifications and instead build networks and associations with like-minded individuals in order to learn from one another. According to the ISSA report, cyber security specialists must build a blend of hands-on experience, fundamental credentials, and networking skills. The term “networking” does not refer to technical competence, but rather to the need for professionals to interact both within and outside of their respective industries and sectors.

We need to get out of our comfort zones and interact with the broader topic of cybersecurity to close the cybersecurity skills gap for professionals. Professionals must comprehend what the business wants and needs, as well as master some of those elusive “soft” talents. They, for example, bridge the communication gap and develop our own marketing approach

Get started with training and upskilling through a cyber security online course and attain specific abilities your current employer demand if you want to switch to a cyber security engineer. Cyber security course typically trains on fundamental skills and help in getting started in a cyber security career even for those who have never worked with computers. If businesses are to respond to the increased risks they face, they must be more flexible in their recruiting practices. There has never been a better time for potential employees to focus on targeted, hands-on training to bridge their own skill gaps. Examine your skills to see if they’re better aligned with the market demand.

Legal Free Music Downloads And Bootleg Movie Download Sites

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Legal Free Music Downloads and Bootleg Movie Download Sites


Pete Nisbet

There are few legal free music download sites online in comparison to the number of bootleg movie download sites online, yet more people seem to download free music than download free online movies legally or otherwise. Why is this?

Is it because more people listen to music than watch movies? Perhaps it’s because free music downloads are easier to find, legal or not. Or maybe most people believe that bootleg movie download sites are by definition illegal, even though the music they are downloading could be equally illegal due to copyright protection of the music tracks they are stealing.

It is likely a combination of all of these, and the relative costs may also be significant factor. Those downloading music free of charge might feel that their infringement is less than those that download free movies? In fact, any downloading of copyright protected files is illegal, and it makes no difference whether they originate from bootleg movie download sites or whether they are from websites purporting to offer legal free music downloads.


The only legal music downloads are those from paid sites: you pay your money and download the track or the album – or the movie – and any other form of downloading is generally illegal unless you know for certain that the music track or movie is in the public domain: has been over 60 years since the death of the originator of the ‘work’, or that the originator has given his, her or their permission to copy the work free of charge.

Were it a very unusual occurrence, then this article would not have been written. In fact, it is not particularly unusual for a band or individual singer, or for the writer of a song or composer of a piece of music, to offer their work to the public domain. At one time it was common, and might even be so, for a new composer or artist to offer their work free online in order that they become better known.

Such legal free music downloads are not rare, but neither are they particularly commonplace. It is even less common for bootleg movie download sites to offer free movies that are protected by copyright. If you come across a song online or a movie that is being offered free of charge, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it is being offered illegally. So be careful!

It is possible for you to use bootleg movies sites inadvertently, or to take a few free music downloads without realizing it is illegal for you to do so. If you are caught doing so, should you be prosecuted and either be given a hefty fine or a prison sentence? Of course you shouldn’t! It is those selling these movie and music downloads that should be targeted, not the guys downloading them, and certainly not their moms who are being pursued through the courts as this is written.

Nor should the file sharing software that enables such downloads to take place from one hard disk to another! Such P2P software may be declared illegal because of the illegal actions of those that are using it. This is nonsense: are cars declared illegal because some people use them illegally. They did that with guns in the UK! Are computers illegal because some people use them for phishing?

Nope – and nether should P2P file sharing software be illegal because some people are using it for free music downloads, many of which are LEGAL free music downloads. Bootleg movie download site, on the other hand, might be under scrutiny, although such sites are doing a good job in keeping the prices of genuine movie DVDs down. It is the high price of the genuine article that is driving the traffic in the illegally downloaded software.

So, yes, it is possible to find legal free music downloads online, but at a price, and yes, bootleg movie download are on the rise again because the regular prices of these movie and music tracks are becoming too expensive. Who is right: the movie and music moguls or the girl or guy in the street that has to pay for these things? Who knows, but hold this space!

More information on legal

Free Music Downloads

is available from Pete’s website that also offers legal

Free Music Downloads

and information on file formats and other aspects of file downloading.

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How To Plan A Garden Patio

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By Roger Webster

A garden patio can increase the use and enjoyment you get from your garden. Make it large enough to accommodate some seating and perhaps a table and you have an outdoor room where you can retire in peace or entertain family and friends. Before rushing to concrete over any part of your garden, take time to plan the space carefully to ensure that what you build is an asset not an eyesore.

The first point to consider is location. Usually a patio adjoins the house, with doors opening from a living room onto a terrace forming a transitional space between indoors and out. Think about how the patio will relate to your internal room layout as well as its relationship to the garden and seek to encourage a smooth flow between the two. Consider sunshine, shade and prevailing winds. Sometimes a patio is sited as an independent structure away from the house, perhaps to take advantage of a viewpoint, a patch of afternoon sun, or a shady spot in sun-baked garden.


The dimensions and shape should be considered next. Be guided by how the space is to be used: a bolt-hole outside the kitchen door might be cozy for just one or two people but a terrace outside the main living room needs to be much more generous, particularly if you intend to include a dining table and chairs. If you already have outdoor furniture you can measure it to find out how much space is required. Remember to leave at least two feet (60 cm) behind each chair and plenty of room for people to walk past and around fixed furniture. A patio that is too small can actually become an obstacle between house and garden rather than a link.

Most houses have internal rooms that are rectangular or perhaps L shaped and these shapes tend to be comfortable and practical in most outdoor situations too. Of course there is nothing to prevent you introducing curves, circles, squares or irregular organic shapes but these need careful planning if they are not to look contrived or to result in awkward junctions. Remember that the patio is essentially an extension of your house, so take inspiration from the shapes, dimensions, materials and any decorative features of the existing architecture and use these as your starting point.

The patio is also a point of contact with your garden, a place to get up close to the colours, scents and textures of living plants without getting your feet wet. Bulky evergreen shrubs will give privacy and shelter from draughts; sprawling plants will encroach onto paving and soften its outline; the stored warmth of masonry will bring out the scent of flowers and foliage and may allow you to grow plants that would be too tender if positioned out in the open. Flowering plants in pots and containers can make an invaluable addition in the summer months but they are no substitute for a permanent framework of shrubs and hardy perennials planted in well prepared ground.

The construction of your patio is best undertaken by a competent professional builder or landscape contractor. Most types of paving require a foundation of compacted crushed stone or concrete at least 10 cm deep depending on local conditions and regulations. It is very important when laying paving next to a building to allow for surface water drainage away from the building. Ground levels against the house wall should never be raised without taking specialist advice as this may lead to damp penetration or structural weakening of the wall. Construction of a patio does not normally require planning consent in the UK; in other countries, or for sites where special conditions apply (eg historic ‘Listed’ buildings), seek advice from appropriate local authorities.

About the Author: Roger Webster is an award winning garden designer. Find our more at his website



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Gucci Purses It Is True That The Income Procedure

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Submitted by: Gale Ory

Great Clips coupons are consistently desired,but take heart there s quite an all in one clear basis and for that: If all your family members are much in the way slightly like me,all your family members adore the impression to do with going to be the recent haircut. Leaving the salon knowing that I ve certainly not now that you’ve got a thick dust mop concerning hair to learn more about get involved with to tame can be an all in one great feeling. In reality, I d have concerns further and bet that you re much in the way significantly more by any means at they all are a little as though me your family dread having that hairstyle prosper on the town and that means all your family members attempt for more information about pick appointments at going to be the salon for those times when you re able to understand more about.

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The actual real question often where to educate yourself regarding get going to be the coupons,but bear in mind They don t let them have in your salons that and you will have be the case no reason Who d hand around town coupons to educate yourself regarding their existing customers all of which were made for more information on be able to get many of the new customers? Nope,your family are going to be much more attentive than that. Keep your their vision peeled gorgeous honeymoons as well the girls and boys available on the internet throughout the gossip columns, newspapers, pre-approved offers pamphlets anywhere, really.

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Are most sufferers concerning your Great video lessons coupons expired? Head a lot more than to educate yourself regarding online as well as for great deals everywhere over the great haircuts. Here is the fact that a resource box is the fact that always easy to understand more about go out and buy Great video clips coupons 2011. Get all of them are going to be the too much information online you should and be the case able when getting and print around town coupons to have great discounts.

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Free Bible College Tips On Finding The Best Free Online Bible School

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By Sandra Ruper

You may come across a number of kinds of school like for commerce, engineering, arts, science, etc. In this modern time, there is even one which is identified as Bible College. This particular sort of college they instruct and deal with the research of bible. Its field is distinctive than those of popular colleges which children ordinarily visit. This college prepares their pupils to be Christian minister, spiritual communal leaders or a Christian tutor. Even though many bible school have just over campus learning although you will nowadays see some certified schools that offers online degrees. Bible college is as imperative as other colleges since in this college reputable Christian tutor, ministers and spiritual leaders are grown and schooled.

It’s easy to locate lots of different web-based bible school although prior to you opt for one one should learn first if that school is certified or not. The certification of the college over the web or in your state you reside is in fact necessary seeing that this confirms that the college is authorized with the representatives together with other colleges in presenting the right coaching to their students. But whenever you pick a college which is not certified then you will simply be losing your effort and time since whatever you’ll do, the achievement you have gained with this non certified college would not be referred to as valid.


In the beginning, you need to search for the online biblical school that’s accredited in case you aren’t sure then ask whether they give certified degrees online in their school. One particular school I know is Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders Institute degree is lauded by the majority of local churches and denominations, mostly the ones that have equivalency courses for particular positions such as ministry associate. CLI enrollees are placed well to utilize portfolio equivalency to earn program credit and enhanced reputation at accredited schools or seminaries which offer a course to grant portfolio-influenced ranking.

Christian Leaders Institute is promoting affiliates with academically accredited schools such as Calvin Seminary and Northern Seminary. Christian Leaders Institute as well is working on starting an internet-based accreditation organization that advocates tips applicable for online ministry learning at neighboring churches. You could come across many certified bible schools online and once you have the list of most of them then that’s the moment you should figure out which school you’d like to sign up for. After identifying a school next you find out their plans and their topics and select the one you need.

Reading testimonies or responses about the school is besides very important. Besides that consider that not all tutorials are on offer in online bible school as you can often find a small number that’s mastered well within the school premises or by having a ground visit. A single most important factor which prevents a large number of people from going back to college is cost. The good thing is, that might not be a dilemma at present. You may be wondering how and where will I find free online bible classes? All right, Christian Leaders Institute is in fact a theological seminary having 100% of the curriculums being free. There won’t be any charges for books or research materials and gives doctorate, bachelors, and masters degree classes in theology, ministry, divinity, biblical studies, and Christian apologetic’s.

About the Author: Sandra is an expert in the field. For more information on

Free Bible College

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Online Bible College

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How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Dogs And Make Them Comfortable

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By Jerry Brecken

Humans used to take care only of themselves and their loved ones. Now, people have realized that one’s protection and pampering can go beyond the usual sphere and can even extend to other non-human entities such as animals or pets. The human empathy has reached to the limit that individuals now think that whatever makes a person comfortable will most likely make animals comfortable too.

Such kind of empathy can be seen in cases where dog owners tend to their pregnant pet dogs and provide their immediate needs. On top of these needs is to make sure that your pregnant dogs are as comfortable as possible. The requirements for your pregnant dog’s comfort can be as simple as keeping it healthy and providing a well-made dog bed. Although, there are currently numerous varieties of dog beds available in the market, choosing one is not that hard to do as long as you know what your dog really needs.

The following are some helpful tips to keep in mind when taking care of your pregnant dogs and making them comfortable:


1. Note that pregnant dogs are susceptible to vaginal discharges that oftentimes make them feel irritable and less comfortable. So always keep your dog in a cushy place such as a well-made dog bed where comfort and relaxation can be best achieved. The dog, due to its condition, will most likely stay at one place during its pregnancy period. As such, it is better if your chosen dog bed product provides the exact comfort that your dog needs.

2. Ensure your pregnant dog’s health by providing nutritional food and supplemental vitamins that are accordant to the veterinarian’s designated food and vitamin intake. However, be careful because there are certain food and vitamins that are dangerous for pregnant dogs. You can also provide your dog with deworming, heartworm preventive, and flea control through the wide selection of parasite control products available today.

3. Prevent your pregnant dog from catching diseases by separating it from other dogs and keeping it in a protected and guarded area. This will provide not only protection and sanctuary for your pregnant dogs, but comfort as well. Also keep the place clean to reduce further possibilities of catching any disease.

4. Keep your dog in good shape by giving regular exercises such as long walks in the park or a game of catch. These regular exercises should keep your dog fit and be prepared for its coming labor, thereby avoiding instances where difficulties are often met by obese pregnant dogs.

5. Choose a place in your home where there are less household activities and house routes are seldom taken. This is to make sure that your dog will not be disturbed from its rest. Also, when it comes to your dog’s sleeping regime, make your pregnant dog extra comfortable by providing a dog bed that best suits its condition and needs.

About the Author: Jerry Brecken writes for, a consumer guide to helping you select and buy pet supplies such as dog beds for your dog’s needs.


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Blue Badge Guides Fly The Flag For Liverpool’s World Heritage Status}

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Neil McDonaldWe spoke to a Blue Badge Tourist Guide about Liverpool – how it has stormed into the list of top cities in the world to visit and how the threat of losing World Heritage Status could affect its future prosperity.Merseyside’s major city is a magnet for tourists the world over. Popular with Indonesians is a trip to Anfiled and LFC, taking in the ground’s selfie trail, the smart new visitor centre and ‘disney-esque’ merchandise shop. Culture vultures flock to admire the biggest collection of listed buildings in Britain. And the ever popular Beatles are a particular draw for American visitors. Leading local Tour Guide, Claire Rider, told us:’As well as individual travellers and tour groups, the city has seen more than one hundred thousand cruise liner passengers during 2017.’At busy periods there are large parties of Spanish and Italian, among other nationalities of students. International visitors exploring the city in 2016 contributed to the region’s visitor economy that exceeded 4.3 billion. Claire, who is based in Liverpool, explains why this booming business is under threat:’We’re a city rich in maritime heritage, this has driven many ground breaking moments in history. For instance we had the first branch of the Bank of England outside London; the first American Embassy on foreign soil and the global cotton exchange is still in the city centre. Until people arrive here they often don’t realise the significance of the city to The British Empire over centuries. But for many others the UNESCO World Heritage Status communicates that simply and instantly.’During the last decade the number of day visitors has almost doubled. It’s no wonder the city’s tourism industry is twitchy at the thought of being downgraded. The chance of the city being struck off as a World Heritage site centres on a planning decision to transform 60 hectares of redundant docklands into 9,000 flats, offices and shops. The model for the scheme has been described by The Guardian newspaper as resembling a ‘row of gaudy crystal ornaments’.The same newspaper carried an interview with the mayor of Liverpool. It claims he has dismissed the anti-development campaigners as luddites and the UNESCO ‘certificate on the wall’ didn’t play a role in boosting the city’s prospects. Claire added:’The guiding qualification takes months and is a hefty financial commitment. The blue badge is the UK’s highest guiding endorsement. There are dozens of qualified guides in the city and many more tourist guides. Their continued employment is more secure with the UNESCO endorsement. To be qualified by The Institute of Tourist Guiding we have to learn about the entire UK. We’ve all been through that training, with the in depth knowledge acquired I can honestly say that if any city deserves the UNESCO accolade it’s Liverpool.’In July 2017 UNESCO officials gave Liverpool a stay of execution for up to 12 months. Campaigners are not resting on their laurels whilst the Mercantile City remains on the World Heritage ‘In Danger’ list. The entire situation does open up the debate on whether skyscrapers detract from the fact that the destination was a major trading centre for two centuries. Six sites were added to the World Heritage list in 2004 in recognition of their role in the growth of the British Empire.Some argue that in London the Shard and The Gherkin have been built close to World Heritage sites without threat to their status. But in contrast the 5bn worth of buildings planned for the Liverpool waterfront would occupy up to 600,000 square metres. The UNESCO officials will have to take a view on whether local planning officers are acting in the interests of local heritage. To put it into context other World Heritage sites across the globe include the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon and the pyramids in Egypt.Another proposed building that forms part of the proposals is a permanent cruise liner terminal. Nobody in the tourism industry would argue one is not required, but they may question at what cost. The plans are adjacent to Liverpool’s Three Graces and would entirely transform the skyline.Henrietta Billings, Director of SAVE Britain’s Heritage is quoted as saying:’This is a final warning shot for Liverpool and the British Government. International heritage status doesn’t just put LIverpool on the world stage, it brings cultural tourism, urban regeneration, and sustainable visitor attractions.’Billings went on to say losing the status would be an international embarrassment and hugely costly mistake. The current reprieve stands until 2018.

Claire Rider holds the highest UK endorsement for tourist guiding – The Blue Badge. Based in Liverpool, she shares her thoughts on the positive impact of tourism on the city and how the UNESCO World Heritage status underpins this. The city’s guides welcome visitors from across the world to show them the amazing architecture, history and culture. Many run day excursions and tours that take in The Lake District, North Wales, Ireland and The Isle of Man.

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Sea Water Solutions For Drinking, Gardening, Crops And More

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By Kevin Gianni

Renegade Water Secrets with John Hartman, CEO of OceanGrown Inc, manufacturer of OceanSolution, a mineral-rich sea solution.

Kevin: What are some of the conventional solutions that are being used on the crops in the field, and maybe take us through some of that agriculture change and then we’ll move into what OceanGrown’s OceanSolution can do.

John: Yeah, basically, just to throw down the gauntlet, there are congressional testimonies going back to the 1920’s and 30’s. I think the gentleman’s name was Thomas Beech. It’s on the internet. People can find it. But basically, he’s testifying before Congress that our soils have been ruined and that there are no more minerals in them to grow good food. Let’s just quickly run through agricultural practices. In the old days, they would rotate crops – well, let’s start in the very old days. In the very old days, we were nomadic and when a piece of ground was mined out, they would move on and so, constantly they would be moving and growing things in re-mineralized ground or an area that was able to re-mineralize either by annual flooding or natural soil bacteria and flora and fauna and whatnot, it was able to replenish itself. That’s how we got good soils in the first place.

Then we went on through the agricultural revolution and we started more intensive agriculture and we would rotate crops to try to mitigate the negatives of the new practices- we’d try to rotate through a crops like soybeans that will fix nitrogen and there would more friendly soil practices and we would let things go fallow one year. That’s how we used to do farming.

Then, at the end of the second World War when chemical agriculture really took hold in a very serious way, we went down from sort of having most minerals in the soil but in a haphazard way, to basically putting three elements back: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and they – not coincidentally – it’s also what they happen to have a lot of at the Second World War because it’s also what they made munitions with. They’re particularly incendiary components and quite dangerous. But anyway, they went to three elements, but let me stop it right here for a moment just to tell you one of Dr. Murray’s best stories. He has a bunch of them.

He used to do lectures and at the beginning of one particular lecture at a conference in 1976, he asked the farmers who were in front of him at an agricultural conference called Acres USA and they’re still in business today, still a great organization and a champion for good agriculture, but anyway, he asked farmers what their core business was and generally, what they said was ‘I’m a corn farmer,’ or ‘I’m a cattle farmer and I raise corn or cattle and I ship it to market.’ You’d get answers for about 10 minutes and he’d say, ‘Well, no, your core business is strip mining and that’s what you do because what you do is instead of dynamite, you use seeds to loosen the minerals from their holding matrix and then every year you harvest the cow or the corn and you ship them off your land with the minerals that they’ve collected from your land and you put back three things: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Now, it used to be 90 things when that was virgin soil, now you’re putting back three and every year some collection of 90 go off your property. So what you end up with is a completely depleted soil and food that has no particular food value anymore and if you wanted to put it back, how would you put it back, because you cannot make a matrix of a collection of all 90 elements. How would you put them back? How would you make them?’


Kevin: Right.

John: Well, it just happens that sea water, in a very reliable way and a un-duplicate-able way, has all 90 natural elements. Scientists have tried to make sea water unsuccessfully for years. They spent millions and millions of dollars trying to do it. Anyway, so that’s basically what a farmer does. He’s a strip miner and you have to put them back if you want to grow good food and basically, that’s what we do.

Kevin: Got you. Let’s talk a little about some of the studies that you’ve done with this OceanSolution, the sea water. I don’t want this to sound like a commercial for Ocean-Grown, because I do want to get some of the information out there just to kind of tweak people’s minds, but the fact is that you guys have done studies and it has worked, so it in some ways it is kind of a commercial. You know what I’m saying? Go ahead..

John: You know, in fairness, to make it non-commercial in nature, listen, we’re going to have lots of competitors. There already are competitors; there will be lots of competitors. They way we look at it is all those people are helping us get rid of toxic agriculture.

Kevin: Right.

John: And in 20 years there will only be sea water type agricultural systems in place and NPK will be gone because nobody will tolerate it.

Kevin: Right, which is great. Thank you for doing that.

John: Sure.

Kevin: So what are some of the studies? Let’s talk about the tomatoes and the wheat grass.

John: Yeah, well basically, Dr. Murray did a pile and they’re on our website. They’re really phenomenal. People kind of pooh-pooh it as old research, but you know it’s just phenomenal science no matter how you cut it. With the instrumentation he had at the time, a lot of this was done in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and 70’s. It just was phenomenal science, never to have been duplicated yet on that scope. I hope that we’ll have the opportunity, others will have the opportunity, but anyway, basically, everything from animal research to enzyme and amino acid research in all kinds of different crops, we personally have done wheat grass, green pepper, tomato studies and what’s interesting and we should talk about it is that every different fruit and vegetable and growing thing needs a different collection of elements and we don’t know them all because it’s very, very expensive research and we’re not geared that way yet. We hope to be some day, or find a lab that can do the quality research that’s required. But we hope to identify every fruit and vegetable’s number. What are well understood are tomatoes and grasses. Tomatoes pick up 56 elements out of the 90, always the same 56 and if they’re available. If they’re not available, it takes what it can and you can see why it doesn’t taste the same.

Now, grasses are interesting things and grasses, whether it is barley grass, wheat grass, Bermuda grass – they tend to pick up all 90 and it’s interesting because if you look at grazing animals, think about it – grazing animals have one thing in their diet. They have no diversity. There’s no diversity at all. They don’t get on ladders and pick fruit off orange trees. They just sit there and eat grass all day long and yet, they don’t have osteoporosis. In a natural environment, they really suffer from no diseases at all. Why is that? How can that be possible off of one input? And the answer is that grasses pick up all 90 elements. Ann Wigmore, a lot of your readers, I’m sure will know Ann Wigmore. She’s really the person who made wheat grass famous. She cured herself of multiple maladies just by eating grass that she grabbed out of her backyard when she was very, very sick and chewing on it. She went on to have a number of health institutes of which there’s some survivors of those institutes. One’s in Florida, one’s in Puerto Rico, there’s one in California. I believe there’s one in Michigan. They don’t go under her name anymore, I don’t believe, but they basically all follow the same regime which is based on wheat grass and the reason wheat grass, again, is because it picks up all 90 natural elements.

Now, those studies are on our website. But, again, if you grow grass with distilled water, it will have only the elements that it happened to have in its seed when it was planted. Distilled water has no elements and that’s really the definition of distilled water. It has no dissolved solids. So, basically you can do half a field with sea water elements and leave the other half natural or use NPK and cattle and buffalo are very hip nutritionists, if you will, and they’ll always move into the side that has the minerals because they can detect it. They know where to go and it’s often why you’ll see cattle and horses sticking their heads through fences. It’s because it hasn’t been mined out and so they know it’s more mineral rich outside the fence than it is inside the fence.

Kevin: Wow.

John: You see? That’s how intelligent animals are about nutrition. I wish we were.

About the Author: Kevin Gianni the host of “Renegade Health Show” – a fun and informative daily health show that is changing the perception of health across the world. He is an internationally known health advocate, author, and film consultant. He has helped thousands of people in over 85 countries though online health teleseminars on The Healthiest Year of Your Life. He is also the creator and co-author of “The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution.”


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Reducing Colon Cancer Risk With Diet

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Reducing Colon Cancer Risk With Diet by Steven A JohnsonColon cancer is very rare regions were peoples diet are mainly vegetables, and gain. It’s more common Western nations and the US where a large part of their diet is meat.A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains help prevent colon cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends at least five servings of these foods each day.It’s very hard to determine exactly what components of a healthy diet are protective. Some research has zero in on several possible.Low Fats Dietary fats and colon cancer have clear links. Fats boost the body’s production of bile acids, which promote rapid cell growth.High fiber The indigestible part of plant-based foods, fiber moves food through the bowel quickly, reducing its contact with carcinogens and bile acids.Oat bran has little help in colon cancer risk. But, Wheat bran helps more then vegetables and fruit fiber.If you can get 25 grams of dietary fiber per day from vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grain cereals, and breads.Calcium studies show that calcium protects the colon by neutralizing bile acids and fatty acids. You should consume at least 1,000 Milligrams of calcium each and every day.Antioxidants not enough vitamin C and E and beta-carotene seem to increase the risk of colon cancer. You should eat a lot of fruits vegetables because these are the best sources of antioxidants.Exercise If you are not very active your chance of colon cancer increase. Physical activity reduces your risk by hastening the passage of waste through the body. It also stimulates blood flow to the colon. Try to stay as active as possible, do exercise at least 30 minutes a day.Natural Cleanse opens the door to weight control, healing and rejuvenation. Colon cleansing is the process of eliminating impacted waste from the colon, and clearing the colon to allow for proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. Colon cleansing can be a safe and valuable process for eliminating toxins from the body and restoring normal muscular activity in the colon.We all know that a, strong and well functioning colon is quintessential to maintaining the best possible health.Steven Johnson is committed to helping people maintain healthy and effective lifestyles. For more information on a fiber rich diet and other health supplements please visit his website Alternative Health Supplements.Article Source:

Using Shipping Services In Fort Myers Fl To Keep Items Free Of Damage

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When someone needs to move from one location to another, there will be a need to package up belongings for the ride to their new destination. If there are fragile items going to a new home, there will be concern about their well-being while in transit. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their breakables make it to their new home in one piece.

Use The Right Materials To Keep Items Protected


It is important to use plenty of layers of protection when wrapping items to be shipped or moved to a new location. Bubble wrap or pieces of foam can be placed around breakable items and secured into place with heavy-duty packing tape. The items can then be placed into boxes with a layer of foam peanuts along the bottom to help cushion the items should they shift in a truck or when being shipped. Foam peanuts can then be placed around the wrapped items for extra protection.

Call A Moving Service To Help With The Task

A moving service will be able to help with the packing of fragile items if desired. They will have the proper materials on hand to keep breakables intact. They will also know where to position items on a moving truck so they are at less of a risk of damage when in transit.

Hire A Shipping Service To Avoid Damage Of Items

To take the guesswork out of how to package items, consider using Shipping Services in Fort Myers FL to tend to the safety of personal belongings. They will have all of the supplies on hand needed to protect items from damage. Custom-made crates can be constructed for items that are large. They will also assist in the shipping of the materials so they reach their destination in a timely manner.

When a move is imminent, hiring the right shipping services in Fort Myers FL will give the mover the peace of mind needed that their items will arrive on time and without breaking. Click here to find out more about services offered and to get pricing information if desired.