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Refurbished Mri From Direct Medical Imaging}

Submitted by: Kellly Martin

When a person has an ailment that would need more scans and tests to be done, then not only the person is concerned but the entire family and friends of the person get troubled.The reason is that people are psychologically troubled with the pain that their friend or family member is already facing. Due to this, they may start imaging the seriousness of the disease and length of treatment that would be required before the patient becomes fit and gets back to his normal life. So it is vital, that the imaging is done by perfectly functioning MRI Machines.

Refurbished MRI and Other services offered:

Direct Medical Imaging is an organization which has been in the medical parts replacement, refurbishment and rental service. Our work as medical imaging distributors has been around for such a long time now, and hence, we understand the latest equipments in sale in the market. We only supply top-quality brands like Siemens, Philips to name a few, as we feel that nothing comes in the way of dear ones. It is always preferred that a medical facility first decides whether it would be able to invest in new MRI Machines, or if it would do with an MRI Scanning equipment on rent. This scheme has been lauded by all of our medium to small scale health facilities and diagnostic imaging centers or even mobile units that cannot for some reason afford to have a new CT Scan or MRI Scan machine.

Machines on rent:

We, at Direct Medical Imaging, have been in the industry for over 2 decades and hence are aware about the predicament that small units face when their machineries fail.

We offer brand new equipments as well as refurbished MRI scanners on rent, so that the imaging happens and you do not lose patients to your competitors. Therefore, the rates at which we give branded imaging equipments are less and so quite affordable.

Direct Medical Imaging believes in doing honest business and so we offer rental agreements, installation and maintenance so that everyone is benefitted and no one loses anything. Our rental programs also have multi-year extension facility in case our clients feel that they would like to keep the equipments on for a longer duration.

We also assert that we would provide full service during the rental period. Our technicians would visit your facility and provide on-site installation and guide on the proper maintenance lest you would like to know.

Not every institution is alike and so would the requirement be different. In addition to that, we are living in volatile times where financial market sees a lot of flux and so our programs are very flexible and suit all the facilities of all categories.

Our reputation as medical imaging distributors has helped us to aid medical facilities for a long time and since our intention is to ease the comfort of the patients through proper functioning imaging machineries, we are positive that we will continue with our endeavor for a long time to come.

About the Author: Miss. Kelly Martin is an expert in MRI and CT Equipment New, Refurbished & Used parts Advisor. She works with Direct Medical Imaging. She writes about various MRI Providers and Refurbished MRI.


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