Laser Hair Removal A Solution For Clearwater Pcos Suffers

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Laser hair removal can be a viable solution for many Clearwater, FL women suffering from a condition known as hirsutism, or hair growth on areas of the body where hair does not typically grow heavily. Examples of hirsutism include noticeable hair growth on the upper lip, thighs, belly, arms, nipples, toes, back, or chin and chest: places hair is expected to grow on men, but not on women.

Hirsutism can be extremely embarrassing for women. One cause of this condition is polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. Women with PCOS produce an excess of male androgens (hormones like testosterone) which results in excess hair growth in places only men grow hair. There are many ways to treat PCOS. However, once hair follicles are created, it is impossible to reverse hair growth once it has started through most prescription medication. More often than not, the hair growth is in sensitive areas which do not respond well to shaving or waxing. Maintaining excess body hair can be extremely frustrating and distressing to women.

Many PCOS sufferers in Clearwater, FL have experienced positive results with laser hair removal. The laser hair removal process involves a physician applying an intense beam of laser light to the area of excess hair growth. Laser hair removal is most successful in patients who have light skin tones and dark hair. There is a risk of skin irritation or swelling, and in some cases, changes to skin pigmentation. However, these symptoms are relatively mild and rare.

Laser hair removal is a non-permanent process which has a much longer-term effect in comparison to other methods of hair removal. Many women opt for this method because of the lowered risk of creating irritating bumps or ingrown hairs that waxing or shaving leads to.

It is normal for all women to have some hair growth on all areas of their bodies. However, if your body produces excess male androgens, those “peach fuzz” hairs develop into “terminal” hair, which is darker, thicker, longer, and much more noticeable. Over time, hair growth in PCOS sufferers who use laser hair removal treatments will diminish. Hair growth will most likely not go away entirely, but in many cases, it will be reduced significantly. Many Clearwater, FL women who undergo laser hair removal treatments on a regular basis are pleased with the results.

5 Important Tips To Choosing The Right Gym

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By Leslie Gerard

Whether you are looking to shed a few extra pounds or simply desire a healthier lifestyle, choosing the right gym is important in your quest for a new you. In fact, this decision is so important that it could greatly impact your ability to succeed. Therefore, below are five tips to help you choose the right gym for your individual needs.

Convenience. One of the most important considerations when choosing a gym is it’s proximity to your home or work. Depending on when you will be working out, you will likely enjoy the convenience of being able to get to the gym and back home or to work in a timely manner. Some people may prefer to work out early in the morning, immediately following work or even late in the evening. It’s also a good idea to take note of the gym’s hours, and factor in how they coordinate with your schedule.

Affordability. If you are looking for the right gym, it would obviously be one that fits your budget. The rates must be reasonable and in line with what you can afford, but it’s equally important that the company offer a trial period that would allow you to try out the gym and see if it’s a good choice for you. If the gym that you are considering does not offer a free trial period, ask about refund options and/or cancellation policies.

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Equipment. During your search for the right gym, you will likely be looking at the type of equipment offered and how it works with your routine. It’s a good idea to take note of waiting periods for various machines, and also be sure to notice how crowded the gym is during certain times and/or days of the week. Some gyms have limited equipment, while others may have a large selection to accommodate more members.

Trainers. If you are new to the gym experience or are concerned with using any of the equipment properly, you may need the help of a personal trainer. If this is the case, make sure that the gym you are considering has certified trainers on staff in order to help you to achieve your fitness goals effectively and safely.

Reputation. As you search for the right gym, ask around and get references from friends, coworkers and acquaintances. Word of mouth is often the best type of advertising available because it offers an individual view of how a business operates and one that is not demonstrated through a paid advertisement. If someone that you know or trust recommends the gym, it may be even more interesting to you. Always check the company’s record with the Better Business Bureau and keep a copy of any contracts and/or written agreements for your records.

The information contained in this article is designed for reference purposes only. It should not be used as, in place of or in conjunction with professional advice and/or recommendations regarding fitness or gym selection. For additional information, consult with your physician before starting any type of fitness or exercise regimen.

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Why Arginine Is A Non Essential Amino Acid You Cant Do Without

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By Steve P Smith

The subject of a great deal of intense research by conventional medicine, nutritional therapists and sports scientists for at least fifty years, arginine is now regarded as one of the most important and potentially beneficial amino acids. Technically its known as one of the non-essential amino acids, but the term in this sense means only that it can be manufactured within the body and therefore need not necessarily be obtained from the daily diet.

Non-essential does not in any way imply that these amino acids are unimportant. Put simply, you need the full range of both essential and non-essential amino acids to form the countless proteins from which your body is largely made. Increasingly, however, theres evidence that individual amino acids may have more specific functions, with increasing interest in the possibility of using supplementation with single amino acids to tackle particular conditions.

Arginine, for example, has been credited with helping the body to generate crucially important hormones, particularly human growth hormone; with improving sexual health and function; increasing muscle mass whilst reducing body fat; reducing cholesterol; stimulating the immune system and enhancing immune system responses.

But perhaps the most important potential benefit of arginine is its effect upon the health of the cardiovascular system. There is some research evidence that doses of 6g or more daily may help reduce low density lipids (LDL), the so-called bad cholesterol, and that arginine may also significantly improve circulation.

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Arginine is also an important precursor of nitric oxide, an important transmitter of neural nerve impulses, and a compound known to help maintain circulation in the tiny blood vessels of the brain, protecting against debilitating and possibly fatal strokes. For the immune system, arginine acts as a stimulant for the thymus gland, helping to generate the immune cells vital for tackling infection.

There is also good research to suggest that arginine may have a protein sparing effect, making available the maximum amount of protein for muscle growth. This has been found very useful in the treatment of those, for example the elderly, who have suffered from muscle wasting and weakness. But when coupled with arginines apparent potential as a fat burner, and its stimulation of the production of human growth hormone; its obvious potential as an athletic performance supplement, particularly for strength and power athletes and body builders, has of course been the cause of great excitement in these communities. Arginine is also an important precursor for the bodys manufacture of creatine, known as the natural steroid for its muscle and strength building potentiality.

The US Food and Nutrition Board has not prescribed a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for arginine, probably adhering to the traditional view that a diet adequate in protein will almost by definition provide sufficient amino acids. It is certainly true that outright deficiencies of arginine are rarely if ever seen in individuals whose diet contains enough protein, which means most of us in the affluent West. And it is also true that requirements for arginine and other individual amino acids vary widely between individuals, making the establishment of a meaningful RDA even more difficult than usual.

However, good sources of arginine in the diet include dairy products and meat, particularly beef, pork, chicken and turkey. Wheatgerm, grains, nuts, seafood and even chocolate may also help boost arginine intake. An increase in the consumption of any of these, particularly the animal proteins, will also of course increase the intake of arginine, and a diet including normal quantities of these foods will usually prevent deficiencies.

It will not necessarily, however, be enough to provide the major therapeutic benefits of arginine, for which most practitioners agree free-form supplementation is required in quantities of at least several grams a day, preferably taken on an empty stomach. Although it is nomally held that the maximum benefits of arginine are obtained when it is taken in isolation, an exception is in seeking to boost the immune system, when it seems that taking arginine together with lysine, another amino acid, may greatly enhance its effects.

As with other amino acids, supplementation with arginine is generally very safe and no ill effects, other than perhaps relatively minor gastric upsets, should be observed even at many times the recommended therapeutic doses. But important exceptions to this are pregnant women and new mothers, people suffering from herpes and similar infections, and sufferers from liver or kidney disease. If arginine is taken at all by these groups, it should only be with medical advice.

In any event, supplementation with single amino acids always carries the risk of creating biochemical imbalances within the body and should not be undertaken indefinitely without qualified supervision. Body builders and strength and power athletes may, for example, find it beneficial to use arginine during the bulk up phase of the training cycle, thereafter reverting to a more balanced program of supplementation.

Another word of caution is that as well as its benefits, the nitric oxide produced by arginine is also a free radical with potentially harmful ageing and degenerative effects on the bodys cells. This oxidative action does not remove the possible benefits of taking arginine, but it does mean that any supplement program should be combined with a good range of anti-oxidants, including coenzyme Q10 and lipoic acid. And for best results, these should always be taken with comprehensive multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements.

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What Are The Benefits Of Botox In Lansing Mi?

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byAlma Abell

Botulinum toxin type A (of the seven existing types), also called Botox, is a neurotoxin produced by bacteria. The first time it was applied in the field of medicine was in the late 1970s to treat strabismus, otherwise known as cross-eye. Since then, more and more numerous therapeutic applications have been found which has resulted in cosmetic procedures. This is because, among other properties, Botox Lansing MI has the ability to paralyze muscles. This makes it ideal to treat different diseases, and which gave its more popularly known use life: the correction of facial wrinkles.

Although it is a derivative of the toxin that produces botulism, the disease that causes progressive muscle paralysis, the dose that is applied in cosmetic procedures is safe. Even though it can cause death when it affects lung function and whose manifestations are nausea, vomiting and dry mouth, aesthetics allow for safe treatment because of the dose involved. Still, it is essential that you place the Botox Lansing MI injection in the hands of a qualified professional. The uses of Botox and its applications in the field of aesthetics are very beneficial. Perhaps the main advantage of the botulinum toxin is the effectiveness when reducing the visible signs of aging. Even more, the procedure does not involve surgery, which is great for those who wish to stay away from serious complications.

But do not forget that there are also potential side effects and most of them are caused by abuse and using Botox Lansing MI incorrectly. In this sense, the application of Botox is extremely delicate and is not recommended for use in the lower face or those with younger than 20 years or older than 65. Furthermore, its use is intended only for qualified specialists who possess accurate knowledge of both dosing and human anatomy.

Some of the negative effects that months. Contact Elite Plastic Surgery in Lansing, MI to learn more.

Importance Of Resistance Training For Women

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By John Callahan

There are lots of resistance training that has gained much popularity in recent times. It was only the male folks that used to engage in the different forms of resistance training until recently when most women began to see the need to train their bodies too.

It is a welcome development that many women had seen the usefulness of training the physical aspect of their bodies to live healthier as well as to have more stronger muscles. It is important that you take your general health history or any other ailment into consideration before embarking on any resistance physical training. If you are in doubt, you should simply visit your doctor and consult with him or her. Your doctor can even suggest some forms of exercising for you if he or she discovers that you have some health challenges.

But if you are really healthy and desire to start some of the resistance training exercises, one of the easiest one you could start immediately is weight lifting. Don t make the mistake of seeing weight lifting as merely lifting weight because there is need for you to study and master how to carry out this simple exercise. This is very important so that you do not encounter any avoidable accident while exercising. If you are aware that you some excess pounds on your body, you may start by walking or jogging regularly to shed your weight and keep fit before beginning the weight lifting exercise.

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We all agree to the fact the women do not have the same type muscles that most men have and consequently don t have the same level of strength or stamina. But there are some exceptions because there are some women who are actively involved in different forms of physical exercises and have been known to have more stamina than some of the male folks. So, it is imperative to note that your muscular weakness isn t because you are a woman but because of the type of lifestyle you had been subjecting your body system to.

Apart from having well stretched muscles, engaging in some of the resistance trainings also helps to increase blood circulation in the body which is generally needed for better living. You are advised to start by working out first or doing some warm up exercises before embarking on any of the chosen resistance trainings. This will help to condition your muscles for the proper training that is coming. You will begin to notice that your muscles are more flexible when you start and continue with any of the resistance training exercises.

It is better that you begin by squatting; pushups etc., so that your larger muscles would be exercises before you start weight lifting. Ensure that you indulge in balanced exercising to avoid a situation where some parts of your body muscles would become firmer or tamer than others. The resistance training works are good ways of building the necessary body strength and stamina needed for health living and even engaging in other forms of sports.

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Help Your Body Produce Collagen Naturally

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By Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

Want to learn how to make the body produce collagen? Nutrients are the necessary components. A lot of companies are selling bio available collagen supplements that you take orally for this purpose. You are probably already taking enough supplements every day. Do you really want to add another one that is of questionable value?

Increased intake of amino acids is how to make the body produce collagen for the fibers, ligaments, tendons and joints. The supplements may help you increase your protein intake, without increasing your caloric intake by much. If you are working out, increasing your protein intake helps you build muscle.

But, taking a bio available collagen supplement is unlikely to help the skin’s appearance. It will just be broken down by the digestive system into its component amino acids, which might not ever make it to the skin.

So, you are probably thinking about the creams that contain bio available collagen. The problem with them is that the molecules are too large to be used by the skin’s cells. Short chains of amino acids can be used by the skin’s cells, if they are properly formulated.

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The processes that most cosmetic companies use would ruin bio available collagen, anyway. Once the protein is hit with the harsh chemicals and high temperatures, it would no longer be bio-available. There is a way to process keratin, another of the skin’s protein components, that allows it to remain bio-available. Creams that contain it have been shown to increase the production of new cells by over 150% in as little as three days.

Production of the skin’s collagen fibers begins within the cell. I don’t think that it is possible to understand how to make the body produce collagen, unless you understand a little bit about what goes on and around the cells of the skin.

Inside of the cell, peptides, short chains of amino acids, are formed. These are excreted by the cell and fibrils form in the spaces between the cells. Fibrils bundle together to form fibers, which cleave to the cellular membrane.

So, obviously, how to make the body produce collagen fibers in the skin is to stimulate the production of new cells. Since the cells secrete the basic peptide that is used to form the longer chain. It should also be obvious that creams containing collagens derived form animal skin would not bind with our skin’s own fibrils.

The advertisements concerning bio available collagen are misleading, at best. At worst, they are outright lies. The ingredients in skincare products are not evaluated for safety or effectiveness by regulating agencies. The claims made by supplement manufacturers in the US are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

It is up to the consumer to find something that is truly effective and learn about the skincare ingredients that can damage your health. Now that you know how to make the body produce collagen, you might want to make ‘dangerous skincare ingredients’ your next lesson.

About the Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who has spent the last several years researching

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