Types Of Folding Doors

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By John Schofield

Folding doors are special types of door that slide and fold to open and close instead of traditional doors which swing to open and close. Folding doors are advantageous to use on places with small space or when you want more open space near your doorway. There are basically 2 main types of folding doors. These 2 types of folding doors are bifold doors and accordion doors.

Bifold Doors and Accordion Folding Doors

The more common type of folding door is the bifold door. This kind of folding door is used in a lot of households today. Bifold doors are great to use in small spaces. They are a great substitute to traditional swinging doors which may not fit too well in tight spaces. Bifold doors are most commonly used in places like the laundry area and closets. Additionally, bifold doors are great also in rooms when you want a separator.


Bifold doors are basically 2 small doors which are connected with a hinge. These doors are installed using a sliding a track so you can slide and fold them open. You can install one set of bifold doors so that you slide them in side to open them or you can install 2 bifold doors in the same doorway and slide them opposite each other to fully open them up.

The other type of folding door is the accordion door. The main difference with the bifold and the accordion type folding door is that the accordion folding door has several panels that fold. Accordion doors do not use as much space as bifold doors. The material of accordion doors is also a lot thinner to allow them to fold easily. More or less, the accordion doors can be used just the same way you can use the bifold doors. Its all mostly a matter of your personal taste.

There are many different types of bifold doors. Some are made of glass and are ideal for bifold doors that lead outside. These are great for the outside as they provide a spacious feel to your home. These kinds of doors can also bring in more light into your house than any kind of window. Another advantage of this kind of door is that it brings in some fresh air and lets you easily access the outside.

Getting Creative with Folding Doors

If you want to really beautify your home you can make use of folding doors. Folding doors dont necessarily have to be used on doorways. Some things you may want to try with folding doors are the use of such doors for book cases. You can also use folding doors for closets and it can also be used to hide other things. You can use them to conceal wall safes, televisions, clothing and more.

Also, you can have these doors conceal certain areas and things. Folding doors have a lot of applications and possibilities. All you have to do is get creative. Folding doors are a nice addition to the household whether for passage or for decoration.

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Property Investment: How To Buy One On A Small Budget

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Submitted by: Joel Teo

We grow up with the fixed idea that our future relate mostly to getting a job and making small fortunes which will ensure us the long-dreamt house. But have you ever considered that real estate investing does not necessarily mean having a large amount of money? Your budget is small, but that shouldn t stop you from enjoying the benefits of real estate investing. In fact, buying cheap can turn into a gold mine, not to mention the comfort benefices.

If you are considering the real estate investing option, you should think of making some economies. This doesn t mean that you have to live on a 5% from your income and put away the rest. Sure, it would be great if you could do that, but real estate investing has the great advantage that you don t have to be a millionaire to afford accommodation.

The best idea for low-budget real estate investing is purchasing a cheap house and turning it into your dream villa. It s not very hard to find a real estate investing offer at low-cost and the great thing about it is that it can be renovated and value-addable. To make your real estate investing a flexible business, you should go for wood and natural material houses. Also, consider the fact that a good 2007 real estate investing tip is the ecologically sensitive approach. This way, you could orientate towards solar systems and wooden floors, which will let you cut back on your expenses.


Moreover, real estate investing at low-cost lets you buy a unfurnished house that you can afterwards design and arrange at your own taste. This way, real estate investing becomes both cheap and original, allowing you to turn your home into a personality-centered estate. In real estate investing, quality does not necessarily mean lots of money. There are many houses that look expensive, which, in fact, are home-made products. Likewise, real estate investing can show you that success depends on you alone and not the money you put into the business.

If low-budget real estate investing still doesn t convince you, then you should take a glance at old houses: they come in cheap, can be transformed and have a solid foundation. What more could you ask for? Real estate investing basically encourages you to purchase, whether your budget is small or high and lets you, aside from making substantial economies, take over control in the renovation and furnishing section. Eventually, real estate investing turns out to be the best choice for both property investment and accommodation provider. And getting a house doesn t have to mean losing a fortune, but really taking things step by step and resorting to the unlimited world of possibilities that real estate investing can bring.

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Property Classes In Multifamily Investing: Why They Are Important

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In order to be successful in multifamily investing, you must understand the differences between different property classes.The class that a property is assigned can tell you a lot about the property and if it is worth your time and money to invest in. There are four different property classes: A, B, C, and D.

A property class is set by a)the conditions of the property and b)the properties location and surrounding area. Multifamily property classes are not set by appraisers Furthermore, property classes aren’t a formal thing, but more a standard in the multifamily investing community.

NOTE: I discuss all of this in detail during my free webinars and in my online newsletter. Check out my multifamily investing information for more.

Class A properties are the best out there Class A properties tend to be newer and have an average rent that is higher than other classes of apartments. You can actually have a new Class A property in a Class B area. These buildings are called Class A because they were built recently, but they probably have lower rents than other Class As because of their location


Class B properties , the next in the food chain, are multifamily properties that are 10 – 15 years old, well-kept and are in the “middle class” part of town.

More about Class B below

Class C properties are in low to moderate income or blue collar neighborhoods. They are usually about forty years old, and often have been through at least one rehab.Class D properties can be found in the worst neighborhoods. These are in high crime neighborhoods. You generally do not want to work with Class D properties.

If you are going to do Class D properties, you need to be in that niche. You are not going to turn around a Class D property without turning around the neighborhood that it is in. Class D properties are suffering from a neighborhood problem and not a property problem.

You want to look for those Class C and Class B multifamily properties The further you go down from Class A to Class D, the better your cash flow. A Class C property in a Class B area is the best!lThe premium deal is finding a Class C property in a Class B area that you can reposition.

Also, a property in such a bad condition it is called a Class D, but located in a Class C neighborhood, is a good find In this case, you can come in and clean up the property by either making a physical change or a security change to it. The strategy is to pay little on it, make some necessary adjustments, then sell it for profit.

For more information on multifamily investing, check out Lance Edwards apartment wealth nuggets newsletter. It’s free!

Article Source: sooperarticles.com/real-estate-articles/property-investment-articles/property-classes-multifamily-investing-why-they-important-93076.html

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Author: Lucy Jonathan Everly

Holding On With Lou Gehrig S Optimism: Making Life More Manageable For Als Patients

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Holding on with Lou Gehrig s Optimism: Making Life More Manageable for ALS Patients


Cynthia Bennett

Lou Gehrig s spirit couldn t be doused even when dealing with a devastating disease like ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). This debilitating and fatal disease hit Lou Gehrig after years of sterling performance and a string of record-breaking in the field of American baseball along the way sustaining several injuries and traumas to various parts of the body including the head and back. Sadly, Lou Gehrig s career ended with an abrupt decline in performance as the symptoms of ALS began manifesting as he clumsily fumbled with the baseball and slipped while running bases movements that have become second nature to him for so many years. The worsening of these symptoms was what prompted Lou Gehrig s wife Eleanor to seek medical attention to explain her husband s unexplained loss of strength and motor functioning. It was after a battery of tests that she learned about her husband s grim prognosis of the possibility of paralysis and consequently death within a period of three years.


ALS eventually became known as Lou Gehrig s disease. Even with his predicament, Gehrig remained steadfast and strong, sans any depression or pessimism, declaring during his retirement his intention to hold on as long as possible and to accept the inevitable when it comes, hoping for the best. Gehrig continued to live a productive life after retirement despite his worsening condition, even taking on the post of New York City Parole Commissioner only months after being diagnosed with ALS. As his motor neuron disease started claiming his body with paralysis setting in, his wife continued to assist him in performing whatever he needs to do until the time when it was entirely impossible for him to physically continue working. Soon after, Gehrig succumbed to the disease and passed away nearly two years after his ALS diagnosis.

Lou Gehrig s disease is difficult to deal with while normal motor functions deteriorate, mental functions remain the same, leaving the mind to be fully aware of what is happening right through the end. While others would think of this as a grueling ordeal, Gehrig remained optimistic through his ailment and used his mental faculties for as long as he could rather than to simply wallow in his physical disability. Life with ALS need not be as depressing nor should it be as short as Lou Gehrig s other patients with Lou Gehrig s disease are actually able to preserve their muscle function longer and some are able to outlive their life expectancy at diagnosis. While Lou Gehrig s physical condition might not be enough to sustain him, his mental functions were enough to let him enjoy the time he had left to live, maximizing whatever opportunities available to him both in his personal life and in his professional life.

One or two patients out of 100,000 people are diagnosed with Lou Gehrig s disease every year. Most of these people are prescribed with medication and recommended for physical and occupational therapies to manage the symptoms of ALS. These treatments have been found to help prolong the lives of people with ALS and delay the progression of the debilitating effects of the disease. ALS advocacy groups and organizations like the Often Awesome Army have cropped up over the years aiming to give the best possible care for people with ALS and to help further studies into the disease and its possible cures. In the absence of any real cure to prevent death in the years after an ALS diagnosis, what matters most is that the ALS patient is able to live his final years with the best quality possible to quote Lou Gehrig in his retirement speech I might have been given a bad break, but I ve got an awful lot to live for. For more information visit us www.army.oftenawesome.org

Cynthia Bennett works with ALS patients to help with as many of the difficulties of life with ALS as possible.

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Need Help With Housecleaning? Hire Molly Maid In Costa Mesa, Ca

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byAlma Abell

Everyone wants a clean home, but it can be hard to find the time to dust, vacuum, or clean out the refrigerator. One of the easiest ways for a person to have a clean home is to hire someone to do it. Most people don’t have the time to interview the person and then check their skills and references. Using a referral agency such as Molly Maid in Costa Mesa CA is a good way to hire a made efficiently. A maid referral agency helps the customer get started by listing all of the cleaning chores that a maid can do. These tasks can range from cleaning the kitchen counters to washing the bathroom floor. Because no two people are the same, people can check off what they would like done.


Customers love leaving a cluttered house in the morning and returning to clean and organized home in the evening. If they usually aren’t going to be home when the maid is there, companies like Molly Maid in Costa Mesa CA recommend setting up a lock box. It contains a key to the house and has a combination. When the maid is done, she simply returns the key through a slot in the top. As long as the customer is happy with the cleaning, the same maid returns as scheduled. That can be once or twice a week or monthly. The customer can choose the task list for each day. If the customer is not satisfied with the cleaning, they can contact the referral agency. The maid will return to fix the problem at no additional cost.

The customer no longer has to think about buying cleaning supplies. Maids from referral agencies such as Molly Maid in Costa Mesa CA arrive with everything they need to do a thorough job. This is a perfect solution for children who have elderly parents who cherish their independence. Just one thorough cleaning a week, will ensure that they have a clean place to live.

If the customer is going to be out of town for a few weeks, they can suspend the cleaning schedule. Giving as much advance notice as possible lets the agency find the maid another cleaning job. Visit Maid4youoc.com to learn more about hiring a maid.

Real Estate Foreclosers See Opportunity In Adversity

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Submitted by: David Cowley

An interesting trend has sprung up in recent years and in areas that have been hard hit by poor economies resulting in foreclosers on real estate. Investors willing to invest in real estate foreclosers have moved in and purchased properties that have been seized by banks and lenders for unpaid mortgages. They do this in order to purchase the property for much less than market value in order to turn around and rent it out. This is a great opportunity for everyone in the area, not just the real estate investors themselves. What do we mean by this?

For one thing, people who have had their homes foreclosed still need a place to live. Very often they may have lost their jobs or have had to take employment that simply doesn’t pay as much – working behind a counter instead of in an office, for instance. With investors coming into the area and buying up homes that have been foreclosed on that can be rented, then there is more rental property available for those who simply cannot afford a mortgage. Make no mistake, many lenders say that you can afford a mortgage for the same amount as paying rent, but this isn’t always the case. Rental properties are typically more affordable, and real estate investors are providing some needed housing when nearby apartment complexes become full. Keep in mind also that when apartment complexes have few vacancies, they are less likely to offer discounts and deals on their rental prices, so by offering more homes for rent, investors in the real estate market are actually keep rental amounts competitive in the area.


Also, when a bank seizes a home due to an unpaid mortgage, they are really stuck with that property. Banks don’t have staff on hand that can maintain the lawn or keep out vandals. When there are a large amount of foreclosures in one area, there are fewer buyers for any property, meaning the bank needs to somehow maintain the property, handle it being on the market, and so on. This is a lot of added expense for them. Real estate foreclosers offer a valuable service to the banks by purchasing the property, repairing it, and then handling all the rental paperwork and so on. Without them, the banks would have an entire treasure trove of unsold properties that they would somehow need to handle.

Because these homes are typically so much more affordable than most, anyone wanting to get started in the rental industry would do well to investigate real estate foreclosers as an opportunity. You can start with one particular property and handle the purchase, repairs, rental agreement and so on, without needing to buy an entire apartment complex or hire a maintenance company to do all this for you. Investing in the real estate foreclosers market will bring some challenges with it, as does renting out any property, but considering the small investment you may need to make for the large payoff, it is definitely worth investigating.

About the Author: David Cowley has created numerous articles on real estate investing. He has also created a Web Site dedicated to real estate investing. Visit

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Las Vegas New Years Grand Canyon Helicopter Extravaganza!}

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Submitted by: Rhegie Taylor

New Year’s week holiday in Las Vegas is fast approaching and now’s a great time to take a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon while seats are still available and cheap.

Las Vegas is a major hub for Grand Canyon flights and that’s why you can get great prices. To get the lowest, book your tour online and in advance. Further, you must complete the booking online to qualify for the discount rate.

There are two kinds of flights you can take from Las Vegas: flyover and landing tours. Both kinds go over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill and the Colorado River before reaching the Canyon.

Fast & Cheap

Flyover tours, which are the fastest way to enjoy the Canyon, go over the National Park before heading back to Las Vegas. These tours are also the least expensive and are great options for travelers on a budget.

I personally prefer the landing tours, and especially the one that goes to the bottom for a Champagne Picnic. You get up to 30 minutes to explore the base and toast the National Park. Many upgrade their package to include a Colorado River boat ride and a VIP Skywalk pass.

The Skywalk, by the way, is an all-glass bridge that lets you walk some 75 feet over the bottom, which is 4,000 feet under your feet! The views are spectacular, especially the ones of Eagle and Guano Points.

Basic & Deluxe

Vegas helicopters come in basic and deluxe. The main difference is the helicopter. On basic tours, you’ll be in the smaller Bell Ranger or AStar. Deluxe tours, by contrast, use the Ecostar 130, which is 25 percent bigger than the basic helicopters, includes a 180-degree wraparound window and boasts theater-style bucket seats.

Deluxe tours also include a limousine for pick up and drop off at your Las Vegas Strip hotel. Finally, these packages also include an extended tour of the Las Vegas Strip right, from downtown in the north to Mandalay Bay in the south.

It’s winter here in Las Vegas and the Canyon so please dress comfortably warm. Helicopters have excellent climate control so you won’t have to worry about the cold once in the cabin. However, if you take a landing tour, will be exiting the aircraft and you should dress in layers.

Tours depart at multiple times throughout the day and the best times in my opinion are mid-morning and sunset. I recommend the former because visibility is best and the air is smooth and the later because dusk is a magical time at the bottom and on the approach to Vegas when the lights turn on.


Las Vegas is a great place for New Year’s and a great place from which to take a helicopter tour. My preference is for landing tours, and most definitely the one that goes to the bottom for a Champagne picnic. Further, I recommend you book your tour online and in advance in order to get the best price. And, finally, take a deluxe package as that one includes the EcoStar 130, which is the better helicopter.

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Inspection Tips For Real Estate In Moorhead Mn

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Searching forreal estate in Moorhead MNcan be frustrating and exciting, but you can cut some of the frustration by giving special attention to certain areas when looking at a potential home. If you carefully look at the property now, there will be no ‘surprises’ later. Below are the five areas to inspect when shopping for your next home.

The Electrical System

Most people assume that a newer home’s electrical system is problem-free, but that is not always the case. Electrical issues often go unseen until after the sale; when doing an inspection of a potential home, be sure to ask an electrician to check its wiring, fixtures and circuit breaker.


The Foundation

Even a newer home’s foundation can show signs of trouble long before they become readily clear. When inspecting a home, look closely at the exterior, taking notice of any cracks. Windows that fail to open and close correctly could be a sign of a shifting foundation, as can cracks on interior walls. In some cases, certain trees planted too close to the home can cause damage to its foundation.

Plumbing System

Plumbing problems are often difficult to spot and expensive to fix. Mold can form underneath sinks, causing health issues. Be sure to inspect sinks and plumbing fixtures for cracks, which allow water to get behind and underneath the sink. If your potential home has a septic system, inspect the drain field for root intrusion.

The Attic

A home’s attic can tell a lot about its upkeep and construction. If you’re looking at an older home and the attic has new insulation, it was likely replaced due to water damage. It is also easy to inspect the inside of the roof by climbing into the attic.

Home Landscaping

There should be a minimum of a 12? buffer between any landscaping and your home to prevent cracks in the foundation. If landscaping is too close to the home, water and soil make the foundation expand. When there is no water, the area contracts, causing damage.

Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. Before making that investment, you should enlist the help of a real estate professional in Moorhead MN.

Children’s Jewelry Is Fashionable Today

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Submitted by: David Fishman

Adults are not the only people that like jewelry, there is so many type of jewelry now, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that children are wearing. Young girls are starting to create the fads for jewelry, they are the first ones to open their pocket book when the next big fad is out. Tweens and teens are keeping up with all the fashion trends and they are ready for the next one.

If you care about your friends the easiest way to show them is to give them a friendship bracelet. When you give a friendship to a friend it brings both friends together and shows them that you care and that you are their true friend. There are two pieces to the bracelet, each friend will have each half and when connected it shows the friendship between them both.

Girls like to add a little style when wearing outfits so cuff bracelets are perfect when you want to get noticed by friends. When wearing a cuff bracelet they always make a statement and the stand out in the crowd. The bracelets come in all different kinds of colors, designs and styles, try not to clutter your body with a lot of jewelry when wearing the bracelets. When wearing the cuff bracelets wear something simple. You can look sophisticated with a cuff bracelet when wearing a simple ring or necklace which will complete any outfit.


When working in an office or going to school cuff bracelets are perfect accessory to wear, you can even wear them for a special occasions. Cuff bracelets are made for both children and adults. When wearing the bracelet you need not worry about coordinating your outfit because the bracelets are made to go with almost every type of outfit. To spruce up any outfit just throw on the bracelet and you are ready to go out.

When looking for the perfect type of jewelry for children it can be difficult because of the choices, when looking make sure the jewelry is of high quality, once the found this will bring happiness and joy to the child. If looking for the perfect gift, jewelry is it, children, tweens and teens love it. Today there are so many different types of jewelry to choose from. Always keep in mind the person you are choosing the jewelry for. Think of their style and what they like, many people make the mistake and purchase what they like.

Be careful when purchasing jewelry for children who are under the age of 5, there are many types of jewelry that can be choking hazard. The best type of jewelry to find is the unusual type of jewelry, the kind that the person you are purchasing for has never seen before. When the person receives the jewelry the surprise they receive is great because the jewelry is unique and it is nothing they seen before. When looking there are so many different types to choose from, different metals and colors, when you see the one you will know.

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How Will You Make Money Working From Home?

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Submitted by: Mary Shaw

If your family depends on your full time income and you want to switch to a part time work at home career, you need to know how quitting your job will impact the family finances and how you will make money working from home.

Do you still love your current job? Does it support your career ambitions and make you smile, only you want more time with your family? If so, perhaps you can negotiate a full or part time work from home agreement with your manager. An excellent resource for framing this discussion is Pat Katepoo s flextime proposal template, available at www.workoptions.com.

Check out Monster and Career Builder for current corporate telecommuting opportunities. More and more large companies are recognizing the value of a home based work force. Target these companies and see if they ll agree to a work at home arrangement.

What else are you good at? What do you enjoy? It s important to jot down a list of skills and talents that could potentially enable you to earn income from home.

What about becoming an entrepreneur, solopreneur or mompreneur ? There are lots of ways to start home-based businesses. You could offer freelance writing, web design or programming services, sell products online or be an independent sales or customer service representative. There are also lots of companies that might hire you on a project or contract basis.


Do you want to sell products on eBay or create and manage your own online store? Or perhaps you want to sell other people s products as an affiliate. The opportunities on the web are endless.

Or maybe you can become an Internet marketer. Ebooks and audio programs are wonderful vehicles to promote your products and services and get your name out to the marketplace.

What Are Your Skills and Talents Worth?

If you ve been working in a corporate environment for any length of time, people will pay you for what you know. The Internet has truly leveled the playing field for men and women knowledge workers.

The trick is knowing how to package your skills and talents into a service offering that people will pay for. A good way to start putting this together is to reverse engineer your resume. In other words, really look at your job/life experience in terms of a product (or service offering) someone could buy. When you re interviewing for a real job , what are you really selling?

For example, if you have 3-5 years experience as a corporate event planner, organizing, managing and promoting software conferences, you can position yourself as a corporate event services consultant. Instead of applying directly for these specific full time jobs on Monster or Career Builder, pitch your services as a consultant on a project basis.

It may take a few tries before you get someone willing to listen, but once they do you ve got a foot in the door. The benefit to them is they don t have to pay you a salary or benefits. You can propose to take on as much of the project you want to work on and clearly demonstrate how you ll add value.

And what about your fee? How much should you charge? As much as you can! Seriously, a very basic rule of thumb is to take your current salary, ignore the last 3 digits and divide it by 2. This is how much you make per hour, assuming you work 50 weeks a year and take two weeks vacation. For example, if you currently make $60,000, divide 60 by 2 and you get $30 an hour. Your fee should be at least double this amount to compensate you for benefits, vacation/sick time, social security, and other overhead.

Try It Out

You know the saying – you never know unless you try. Test a few of these ideas out. Talk to your manager about a part time work from home arrangement or look at other corporate telecommuting opportunities.

Or try some freelance opportunities before you quit your job. See if you can land a few moonlighting gigs here and there. It will help you see what s available in the outside world before you need it. Plus it will give you and great confidence to move forward to your dream of a work at home lifestyle.

About the Author: Mary Shaw is a part time work at home mom and the author of The Mommy Track: How To Live A Full Time Life On Part Time Income. Get a free chapter at




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