Everything You Need To Know About Tongue Rings}

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Everything You Need to Know about Tongue Rings


Jade Greene

Piercings are an increasingly popular way for individuals to differentiate themselves from one another. As time has advanced, piercings have evolved from the traditional ear piercing to more extreme piercings, such as tongue rings or piercings.

Tongue piercings first became popular in the 1980s when the availability of high quality, surgical steel tongue rings and other types of body jewelry were readily available for the first time. “The Gauntlet” was the first professional piercing salon in the US and tongue rings were the first of many popular and extreme piercings to emerge from its owners. Jim Ward, found of the Gauntlet was known for promoting this piercing throughout his career.

Unlike most popular jewelry, tongues are pierced with straight barbell jewelry rather than a traditional round or curved ring. However, the term tongue ring has, over time, become the slang term used by many to describe the piercing. As the popularity of tongue piercings has grown, so has the variety of tongue rings available for individuals with such piercings. Originally only metal balls, the decorative ends of tongue rings have evolved into everything from acrylic balls to soft plastic designs. Flat beads matching the natural color of the tongue and no show beads have become popular as individuals with tongue piercings enter the workplace. Those who wish to show off their piercing can choose from brightly colored beads, simple metal beads, glow in the dark beads the possibilities are endless.

Although tongue rings are stylish and popular, special care must be taken to ensure that they’re properly done to prevent oral health problems. The traditional and proper placement of a tongue ring is in the center of the tongue, near the center of the mouth. The tongue ring should be angled to slightly lean back from the teeth to make talking and eating easier. Damage to teeth and the enamel of teeth is minimal when the piercing has proper placement. Other than a slight impact on the way a person talks for the first few days, there is only a very slight chance of any teeth, gum or tissue damage due to a tongue ring.

Piercings are good, temporary way for an individual to express themselves in a world in which places more and more value on being an individual and not a follower. With proper care and research, a tongue piercing can be a way for an individual to accomplish this.

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Everything You Need to Know about Tongue Rings}

How To Choose The Best Dentists In Sydney

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How to Choose the Best Dentists in Sydney


Izzet Azarias

No one likes going to the dentist, yet it is a necessary health precaution to have your teeth checked out on a regular basis. It is far better to have those decays found and treated while they are still small rather than having to get extensive and expensive work done at a later date. And of course, if you get dentists in Sydney to check your teeth regularly you are highly unlikely to ever suffer the severe pain of a bad toothache.

The trouble with toothache is that it is sure to start up right on knock-off time on Friday. This means you have to suffer all through the weekend just when you were looking forward to enjoying yourself. However, if you get the best dentist around you can be almost sure of some after hour s service in an emergency. When choosing a dentist it is a good idea to ask them if they will work after hours.

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You might also ask them if and how they treat children, if you have a family. Not all dentists have a good manner with children and it is bad enough going to them without being made to feel bad through their lack of empathy. You can usually tell if a dental clinic is child-friendly by looking around the waiting room. If there are books and toys for children to play with you can be sure the dentist is happy to take on kids. Some dentists make a check-up something to be feared and hated, but others have the knack of putting their patients right at ease.

Some dentists even have great pictures on the ceiling so that the child can look at them instead of only thinking about what is happening in their mouth. It is a good way to distract them and make them feel a little happier to be lying back in that chair. Most dentists in Broadway will offer your child many ways to be distracted.

You may want to consider dentists in Ultimo if you live in that area. It is always wise to seek a dentist in your own area so that you can get there quickly and easily and get home again with no trouble if you are feeling horrible after a visit. Most people don t feel like tackling heavy traffic if they have just had an extraction or some large fillings. Once you choose the right dentist you will find that getting dental work done is no longer the painful experience that you once dreaded.

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When Dental Extractions In Chicago Are Necessary

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byAlma Abell

What most adults fear most about the dentist is the need for dental extractions in Chicago. A tooth extraction means that the dentist removes the tooth from your mouth. In many cases, it can be pulled out quickly, but in some cases it requires more effort. Your mouth will be numbed with a shot of Novocain, or you may be sedated before the procedure. However, most people wonder if an extraction is necessary or if there are other options.

Impacted Teeth

The main reason for a tooth extraction is that your tooth is impacted or infected. This means that the tooth in question is in such a position that it will erupt through the gums into another tooth, soft tissue or bone. Impaction typically occurs in wisdom teeth for adults, because all other teeth are fully grown. However, children can also have impacted teeth, which need to be dealt with immediately.

Wisdom Teeth

Typically, wisdom teeth are the biggest problems for adults. These teeth start coming in around the age of 21 and can take years to erupt fully. Most adults do not have enough room in their mouth for the teeth to come in entirely, meaning they could become impacted, decayed or infected. Once your wisdom teeth start to come in, it’s time to visit the dentist to ensure there won’t be problems.

Tooth Decay

Sometimes, dental extractions are necessary because of excessive tooth decay. Once your tooth has decayed enough, there isn’t much a filling can do. Sometimes a root canal is possible if the infection hasn’t gone too deep. Otherwise, an extraction will be necessary. Once the tooth has been pulled, you’ll need to consider whether to leave it alone or replace it with an implant, partial denture or bridge.

No Room

Teeth can shift over time, especially if you had trauma or wisdom teeth erupt. Whenever there is no room for all your teeth, an extraction could be necessary to relieve stress on other teeth and to make more room.


Currently, orthodontic options are available to help with many of the problems facing people, making an extraction unnecessary. Before, it was easier to remove the teeth that wouldn’t fit in the mouth, but newer technology is available that can help expand the mouth, making an extraction unnecessary.

Dental extractions in Chicago aren’t pleasant to think about, but may be necessary. Chicago Smile Design offers dentists that understand your worry and will do everything they can to prevent the need for extraction. Visit them today to learn more.