Still no action in standoff in Ontario town

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Seven weeks after citizens of the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve repossessed land near Caledonia, Ontario, on February 28, the Ontario Provincial Police, who have authority from a court to arrest the protesters for contempt of court, have yet to act.

On April 11, more than 50 police cruisers, two paddy wagons, and several vans gathered outside an abandoned school on Unity Road in Caledonia. However, reports from last night are that visible police presence is minimal, with just a few police cruisers parked down the road from the protest site.

Before the site was blocked, Henco Industries had begun construction on 10 luxury homes out of a total of 71 scheduled to be built as part of the $6 million Douglas Creek Estates subdivision.

The tract of land under dispute was registered as a land claim by the Six Nations Band Council in 1987 but its status has yet to be settled. The land originally made up part of a large land grant given in 1784 to the Six Nations for services rendered during the American War of Independence. The government and the developer claim that the Six Nations surrendered title in 1841, but the Band disputes this.

The protesters are demanding a nation-to-nation dialogue with the Canadian government and continue to call for a peaceful resolution. Some protesters, however, have stated that if the OPP forcefully try to remove them, they will defend their land with force.

“If they break the peace, we’ll do what we have to do,” said protester Dick Hill. “Things are very tense. We are trying to defend our lands, which were taken from us. Every time we try to stand up for who we are and what we are, they come and drag us away.”

An injunction was issued to the development company a month ago that allowed for the protesters to be removed. Police have not enforced the injunction.

However, David Ramsay, Ontario’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister, said that the province was going to have a meeting with both protesters and developers in an attempt to address their concerns.

“This is a very serious situation. I have to be very hopeful that we’re going to see a peaceful end to this situation. We think we can resolve this by negotiating, and by talking so that’s what we’re doing,” added Ramsay.

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The Ultimate Bill Payment Destination

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The world is transforming and so is India. The people of India are learning that they are now armed with one of the most convenient resources on earth, which is the Internet. The web has empowered the people in such a way that they not only seek convenience in their daily activities with the help of the web but can also make a living through the technological marvel. Making payments is a routine activity of life. People pay utility and recreation bills month on month and they have to follow various methods for making the payments. Some go to agents, some go to payment offices and others pay through various websites. Whatever the mode may be, the inevitability is that the payment needs to be made. In the process of making payments some people seek the help of a DTH bill payment agent or a phone recharge agent or someone who can help with the payment of the gas bill. On the other hand there are those who have a knack with the utility payments and help their entire neighbourhood in having the payments made. Such people should seek a way to be able to become an ultimate bill payment destination and start making money out of the task.

People hardly find the time out of their busy schedules to stand in lines to make payments or surf to a payment website. These people either have to rush on the due date or they end up paying more than their due. For such people, it makes sense to approach an agent who can be a one stop solution for all booking, payment and bill desk needs. Since technology in India has advanced to a new high, it is now possible for anyone with a computer system or even a smart phone and internet access, to become a payment agent and help people out with their phone and DTH bills or their bookings in trains, flights and buses. An opportunity to work with government transportation agencies and some major names in the telecom, DTH and gas industries may become a dream come true for those who have it in them to take a new approach towards making a living. Becoming an railway ticket agent for payments and bookings is a career opportunity that has an extremely wide scope. This is seen in the fact that hordes of people get in touch with agents to make rush hour train, flight and bus bookings. Others approach an agent for having their payments done so that all the payment worries can simply get transferred to an agent. With such seekers of convenience and comfort, it is not difficult to make a good career out of being an agent.

Seven sentenced to death for Jordanian suicide attacks

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Jordan’s State Security Court has sentenced seven people to be executed for their involvement in the 2005 Amman bombings, on Thursday, September 21. A failed female suicide bomber was the only defendant in custody, all others were tried in-absentia.

All seven were found guilty of conspiracy to carry out terrorist acts causing death and destruction, and illegal possession of weapons and explosives.

Sajida al-Rishawi, 39, was the only person in custody. She was arrested when she tried to hide with the family of her sister’s husband.

Mrs. al-Rishawi confessed to the attacks on television four days after the attacks. She described her attempts to detonate an explosives on her belt.

However she pleaded not guilty and claimed the confessions were extracted through torture but had no evidence of this.

Prosecutors say she tried to blow herself up with her husband, Ali al-Shamari, at the Radisson SAS hotel.

Her lawyer, Hussein al-Masri, argued that she only married her husband Ali Hussein al-Shimeri a day before coming to Jordan and was forced to wear the belt hours before the attack.

“She expected either the death sentence or to be sent back to Iraq,” Mr. al-Masri said.

“She refused to give me her family address in Iraq because she did not want them to be harmed. So neither her family nor the party that sent her helped us present any evidence that might help her case.”

He said that he would appeal against the verdict. Judicial sources say that the verdict can be appealed at the Court of Cassation.

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Mobility Scooter Or Wheelchair Make The Right Choice

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Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair – Make the Right Choice


davidson photosMobility Scooter or Wheelchair – Make the Right Choice

\\r\\n\\r\\nMobility scooters and wheelchairs are mobility devices which all add ease to the life of physically challenged individuals. They all provide medical support and comfort in one or more ways. But overall, the main benefit mobility equipment gives is the chance for handicapped persons such as those with disabilities or the elderly to move freely again, both indoors and outdoors. If you are physically limited due to age or a medical condition, you may be thinking about getting a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Is it better to get the former or the latter? Before making any purchases, consider the points mentioned below to make the right choice.\\r\\n\\r\\nYour Physical Condition\\r\\nThis is the foremost thing you need to consider when getting a mobility scooter or wheelchair for yourself or even for a loved one. What kind of disability do you have? Which parts of your body need support? Which of your body parts can still function well without any physical support? Do you have or do you lack upper body strength? And is your physical disability limiting your outdoor or indoor activities or is it limiting both? \\r\\nWheelchairs have more models which provide support for the upper body, head and feet. Some models also have special features for extra support and can be navigated with only a joystick. On the other hand, mobility scooters have designs requiring some upper body strength and stamina with the torso kept in an upright position for steering movements. These questions and details will provide you with an initial idea on which type of mobility equipment is more suited for your needs and the comfort you require.\\r\\n\\r\\nYour Purpose\\r\\nIt is obvious that mobility scooters and wheelchairs are meant to help handicapped persons to get around and live independently again even if in a small way. But every person has his or her own aspirations and functions to accomplish with mobility equipment. Think about the following: Will the equipment be used for indoor tasks only; for outdoor adventures only; or for both purposes? Are there restrictions inside your home if your equipment is intended for indoor use? Will you be staying in the equipment for almost the whole day? If it is to be used on the road, what kind of terrain or pavement will it be driven in? Will it be engaged in driving around curbs and/or up hills?\\r\\nMost models of mobility scooters can be navigated through different kinds of surfaces, even rough terrain. There are also models which can be assembled and disassembled so they can be brought if travel is required. But wheelchairs are more easily foldable and require less storage space however, more care is called for when it is to be driven on rough pavements. \\r\\nCost and insurance coverage are other factors to consider when purchasing mobility equipment so think about these points deeply before making any investment. After all, making the right choice is crucial for you to have a problem free mobility future.\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n

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for more information about Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs.\\r\\nVisit for more information about Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs.\\r\\n

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O.J. Simpson lawyer, Cochran, dead at 67

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Johnnie Cochran, U.S. lawyer famous for getting O.J. Simpson acquitted of murder charges in the 1990s, died Tuesday afternoon in his home in Los Angeles, California. He had been suffering from complications of an inoperable brain tumor.

“The family of Attorney Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. and members of The Cochran Firm are deeply saddened by the passing,” his family said in a statement to the press. “The world has lost not only a legendary attorney, but an outstanding humanitarian.”

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New method of displaying time patented

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

An American inventor has patented a pair of new time formats with a footprint less than 50% of that of conventional four-digit time. The more unusual of the two new formats, called “TWELV”, dispenses with numerals altogether. In place of clock hands or digits, the new clock uses color to convey the hour and a moon image to convey the minute, which moon slowly grows throughout the course of an hour from a narrow crescent to a full-fledged circle.

The second and more approachable of the new formats retains numerical digits to indicate the minute but uses colors to convey the hour.

Early critics question whether the aesthetic benefits of the moon-clock will be sufficient to encourage users to learn the color-based time-telling system. However, the size advantages of the new system may make it particularly suitable for mobile applications, particularly cell phones, wearable computers, and head-mounted displays.

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How To Start An E Commerce Site

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This gives a very obvious advantageto those who operate e-commerce websites, as it means more business for them.However,there are certain things that you need to do before you even start buildingyour web store.Here are some of them:Think of The Merchandise that You Will beSelling There are a variety of things that you can sell online.Think about whatyou want to sell.For example, you can build a store that sells clothing andaccessories.Or you could create one which sells mobile phones.It is notrecommended to start a variety store which sells pretty much everything, suchas dog sweaters and car headlights at the same time.According to many BostonInternet Marketingexperts, such a site would be very difficult to market.If youwant to sell different categories of products, you can create more than onee-commerce site.Get a Source for Your Merchandise You would obviously need toget suppliers for the merchandise that you intend to sell.However, thanks tothe internet, these are relatively easy to find.There are plenty of websitessuch as where you can find wholesalers that carry various items forsale.They offer very low prices if you buy in bulk, which allows you to make adecent profit.Get all The Necessary Services to Power Your Store The firstthing that you will need for your web store would be a web hosting provider.Itis recommended that you take a close look at all available web hosting optionsfor your site.You would also need a payment processor as well as a shoppingcart interface.However, many payment processors provide complete e-commercescripts that take care of all aspects of the checkout process.Think of How YouWill Market Your Web Store One of the most common ways of marketing ane-commerce site would be to use search engine optimization.A Boston SEOcompanycan help you make your website rise through rankings on various search engines.Ofcourse, SEO is not the only way to get the word out about your site.Since doingSEO the right way is a rather time consuming process, you should also employother methods to market your site in the meantime. It is possible for you touse social media marketing, pay per click advertising as well as media buyingto get some good quality traffic to your e-commerce website.You may take theinitiative of handling the marketing by yourselfFind Article, or you cansimplify things by hiring a Digital Marketing Agency to do things for you.

School on Australia’s Sunshine Coast makes staff redundant, requests they apply for ‘new’ jobs

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This article’s primary contributor, Patrick Gillett, is an alumnus of Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wikinews has obtained a list of middle management teaching staff allegedly made redundant, or laid off due to restructuring, by Sunshine Coast Grammar School (SCGS), in Queensland, Australia. Sources say that those staff have been told that they can apply for new positions that have opened up.

The list, published on the SCGS alumni Facebook page, contains the names of twenty-two staff members, eight of which taught this article’s primary contributor. Seventeen positions are reportedly being opened up by the private Christian school, eight of which seem to significantly overlap the old ones.

The changes are, apparently, designed to get teachers back into the classroom. “We are not cutting subject choices and extracurricular activities, but retaining a student-driven curriculum that integrates with the new Australian Curriculum, in keeping with our commitment to teaching and learning opportunities,” said headmaster Nigel Fairbairn.

Fairbairn could not guarantee that any of the staff would be given a position in 2011. “That will depend on how many people on that list apply for new positions of responsibility and are successful,” he said.

“The Head of the School cannot guarantee the 21 staff a job at the School in the future, with many of the positions being advertised to external applicants,” said Terry Burke, secretary for the Independent Education Union of Australia Queensland branch (Queensland Independent Education Union, QIEU).

“There has been little or no consultation with affected staff, who should not have to reapply for their jobs,” he said. “Most of the proposed restructuring is highly questionable and places at risk the high quality education at the School.”

Some former students responded angrily to the news.

Four of the affected teachers “were the backbone of the school when [controversy surrounded founding headmaster John Burgess] happened,” a former prefect (student leader) said. “They got it through that crisis and this is the thanks they get.”

“People are angry and shocked,” they continued. “I am aware of at least 10 families who have said they will pull their children out of the school – it’s that bad.”

The student body has not ruled out protesting the schools plans. “It’s getting to that stage,” the former prefect said. “People are trying to look at it in an intelligent way but there is so much anger out there.”

Wikinews understands that Fairbairn attracted criticism when he was a head teacher in Christchurch, New Zealand, where a former student claimed that Fairbairn “replaced the open and welcoming culture … with the tyrannical and oppressive one.”

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Toothpaste fills cavities without drilling

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

A paste containing synthetic tooth enamel can seal small cavities without drilling. Kazue Yamagishi and colleagues at the FAP Dental Institute in Tokyo say that the paste can repair small cavities in 15 minutes.

Currently, fillers don’t stick to such small cavities so dentists must drill bigger holes. Hydroxyapatite crystals, of which natural enamel is made, bond with teeth to repair tiny areas of damage.

Yamagishi and colleagues have tested their paste on a lower premolar tooth that showed early signs of decay. They found that the synthetic enamel merged with the natural enamel. The synthetic enamel also appears to make teeth stronger which will improve resistance to future decay. As with drilling, however, there is still the potential for pain: The paste is strongly acidic to encourage crystal growth and causes inflammation if it touches the gums.

The paste is reported in the journal Nature.

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Home Loan An Indispensable Finance For Housing Purposes

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Home Loan An Indispensable Finance for Housing Purposes


finance India

The subjective nature of a home loan in India ends with financial solution that it gives to the needy people. In fact, the subjective use of this loan always entails buying new home/flat or land or refinancing or improving existing homes.

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Whatever your home related monetary hassle, the home loan will help you remove the hassle like financial hardship to a larger extent (more than 85% finance is available as housing loans in India). Banks or housing finance companies are aplenty in this country. They are ready to offer you as much loan as you can demand on the ground of your income and individual eligibility. The importance of housing loan or finance relates to outstanding solution of its monetary finance. That means, for any individual borrower with a great monetary need, this type of financial help matters significantly well and worthwhile. Considering huge costs involved in buying new home or considering huge financial investment in home construction, it is not possible to opt for such huge financial investment alone. Many people dont have so much money and hence go for housing loan to get rid of that monetary problem. However, there are also people who resort to home loan for the purpose of evading tax liability as a way to minimize the tax liability from the perspective of Income Tax Act in India. Borrowing a housing finance might be surely your individual perspective and it should be. Those who resort to this type of financial assistance without consideration, it is futile to opt for such monetary assistance. Though no one can deny exigency of it during the time of need, however few considerations right before borrowing the loan will save your grace in future. For instance, it wont cost you penny if you consider your needs, banks home loan eligibility (such as your age, income and credit history, credit score etc). It is also notable that documents submitted by you are subsequently verified by your banks field agent. Make sure that the documents are not erroneous statement of your creditworthiness. Many home loan applications are rejected on the ground of these circumstantial factors. At last, choose a bank with good market reputation. There are many banks that lend housing finance to suitable applicants. Use the Internet and find the closest bank of your resident. But before choosing a bank, make sure you have properly compared home loan offers of few banks in India like sbi, icici, hdfc etc. This will help you know choose an affordable housing loan for your

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Home Loan


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