Dollar General chain in US recalls sunglasses, toy cars

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Dollar General is the latest American company to recall unsafe Chinese-made products. All products affected by the recall contain “excessive amounts of lead” in the yellow paint.

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has just recalled “pull and release” toy cars, as well as yellow children’s size sunglasses.

Products affected are:

  • a four pack of Super Wheels (UPC #400016576344)
  • a two pack of Super Racer cars (UPC # 883788965002, 380000)
  • “Time to Play Every Day” Fashion Sunglasses (UPC #400007860896, 51,000 units)

The car toys were sold at the chain’s stores from April through October; the glasses were sold from March 25 through to October 2007.

Affected products should be taken from children immediately. Dollar General will provide full refunds on return.

The Goodlettsville, Tennessee-based price-point retailer chain had 8205 stores, as of June this year.

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The Importance Of Auto Service In Scottsdale

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byAlma Abell

In today’s world, having a car is almost a necessity because there are just so many places that we have to be. Without a reliable car, it can be really hard to get from point A to point B on a daily basis. That is why it is important to make sure that your vehicle is always well maintained. Even if your car seems to be running fine, it still needs to have the oil changed from time to time. Failure to maintain your car can lead to serious issues down the road. At AZ Auto Crafters, you can get the Auto Service in Scottsdale that you need when you need it.

Even if you do regular maintenance on your car, things can still go wrong from time to time – that is just part of owning a vehicle. However, most issues start out small can can stay that way if they are addressed right away. For instance, if you notice your car is leaking oil, it may be easily fixed if you take it in for Auto Service in Scottsdale right away. However, if you wait too long, you could end up with severe engine issues that are expensive and difficult to fix.

If you notice that your car is not running the way that it should, you should have it looked at right away. That way you can get the issue resolved while it is still a minor issue. Most minor issues are pretty affordable to fix and can also be fixed pretty quickly. You may think that you do not have the money to fix the problems right away, but if you wait too long you will definitely not have the money because it will cost a lot more.

Since we rely on our vehicles for so much, we need to keep them in as good of shape as we can. That means keeping the oil changed, getting regular tune ups, and making sure it is always running like new. There are plenty of people out there who are willing to give our cars that service that they need, so there is no excuse to not do it. Visit website for more information.

Interview: Danny O’Brien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

January’s second Interview of the Month was with Danny O’Brien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on 23 January in IRC.

The EFF is coming off a series of high-profile successes in their campaigns to educate the public, press, and policy makers regarding online rights in a digital world, and defending those rights in the legislature and the courtroom. Their settlement with Sony/BMG, the amazingly confused MGM v Grokster decision by the Supreme Court of the United States, and the disturbing cases surrounding Diebold have earned the advocacy organization considerable attention.

When asked if the EFF would be interested in a live interview in IRC by Wikinews, the answer was a nearly immediate yes, but just a little after Ricardo Lobo. With two such interesting interview candidates agreeing so quickly, it was hard to say no to either so schedules were juggled to have both. By chance, the timing worked out to have the EFF interview the day before the U.S. Senate schedule hearings concerning the Broadcast flag rule of the FCC, a form of digital rights management which the recording and movie industries have been lobbying hard for – and the EFF has been lobbying hard to prevent.

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UK PM Cameron and Scottish First Minister Salmond meet in Edinburgh

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Newly-appointed UK Prime Minister David Cameron today travelled north to Scotland to meet with the country’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, for the first time since the general election. According to The Scotsman, around 200 noisy protesters greeted the new PM, forcing security staff to take him into the devolved parliament via a back door.

Cameron’s Conservative Party have traditionally been unpopular in Scotland. They won just one out of 59 Scottish seats in the election, gaining around seventeen per cent of the vote. Prior to the meeting, Salmond told reporters he intended to press Cameron for greater Scottish financial independence from Westminster, including greater tax powers— something supported by the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives’ new coalition partners, and Danny Alexander the Lib Dem Scottish Secretary and on which Cameron has promised a cross-party commission.

Cameron had been seeking what he called a “fresh start” to restore ties between the parliaments at Westminster and Hollyrood. In addition to meeting the first minister, Cameron also met with the sixteen Conservatives currently sitting in the devolved Scottish Parliament.

After the meeting, both Salmond and Cameron agreed that the conversation had been “positive and constructive” and Cameron pledged a mutual “respect agenda” which would see him address the devolved Scottish parliament every year if invited and, in return, MSPs would appear before Commons committees in Westminster.

Cameron outlined part of his spending plans in preparation for an emergency budget, scheduled for fifty days after the election. He announced that no cuts would be made to the £30 billion annual budget for Scotland though that £6 billion in spending cuts would have to be made— something likely to cause controversy in Cameron’s coalition government. However, both Cameron and Salmond anticipate that cuts may need to be made in subsequent years.

At a conference, Salmond said the talks had been “positive, constructive, detailed and substantive. I prefer a ‘respect agenda’ to a ‘disrespect agenda’.” He added that “[h]ow we judge the outcome of that agenda will be based on the policy options the Westminster government pursues, not just the words”. At the same conference, Cameron told reporters “I believe, and Danny [Alexander] believes, that we should be pursuing the Calman agenda, and that that is a much greater degree of fiscal autonomy for Scotland.”

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British TV presenter Rico Daniels tells Wikinews about being ‘The Salvager’

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rico Daniels is a British TV presenter living in France who is known for his two television series — The Salvager — whilst he still lived in the UK and then Le Salvager after he moved to France. Rico has been in a variety of jobs but his passion is now his profession – he turns unwanted ‘junk’ into unusual pieces of furniture. Rico’s creations and the methods used to fabricate them are the subject of the Salvager shows.

Rico spoke to Wikinews in January about his inspiration and early life, future plans, other hobbies and more. Read on for the full exclusive interview, published for the first time:

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Apartments For Sale In La Manga Spain

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By Michael J Lee

There are various new properties that one can buy in Spain ranging from villas, apartments, flats to the investment property that is available for sale in Spain. These properties for sale suit all kinds of budget and requirements for every person. There are several apartments for sale in Spain including cities Costa Blanca, Mallorca, Costa del Sol, Bellalux, La manga, Tenerife and Ibiza.

Specifications of the apartment for sale

The apartments for sale in Spain are available in every corner of the country. They are built with their own individual charm and character, each having varied amenities. One can cite the example of La Manga apartment that is available for sale. This is located in the picturesque Costa Claida nestled between the long coast of the lagoon and crystal blue water of the Mediterranean. These apartments are located in the natural rolling hills or dramatic natural landscapes. They have well stocked garden and have first class sporting facilities that is tailored for every person.

YouTube Preview Image

Apartments for sale in Spain

The apartments for sale in Spain are built in safe communities and are built in Andalucian style homes. These apartments for sale have the most modern transport links, have well maintained roads and are connected to the airport in easy vicinity. Buying an apartment in Spain is a great investment decision for anyone. They require less maintenance than larger villas which are equipped with private gardens and pools. One has complete access to community pool and green areas with purchasing these apartments. Investment in these apartments is becoming a very popular option for foreign tourists and there is much variety in style and location.

The apartments that are available for sale are desirable rental properties and one can rent them for holiday accommodation. These apartments range from one bedroom studio apartment to three bedroom luxurious apartments. These can comfortably accommodate up to 6 to 7 persons. The apartments that are available for sale in Spain are perfect for buyers with a small budget. One can enjoy all the facilities and beauty of Spain with purchase of these apartments as it is less expensive option than buying a villa.

Cost to buying an apartment

If one has decided to buy an apartment in Spain, he has to consider several financial implications which are in addition to the cost of buying the property. He is required to pay the sports right fee and community fee that goes towards the preservation and upkeep of the community where one buys the apartment. The high standards are always kept upheld with purchasing the apartment in Spain.

Guide regarding buying property One can get free guides regarding apartment for sale in Spain from various sources. There is full list of communities which offer apartments that are available in numerous shops and can be searched online. There are several websites which give information regarding the apartments for sale in Spain. This is wonderful news for people searching for good apartments in Spain.

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Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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British TV presenter Rico Daniels tells Wikinews about being ‘The Salvager’

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rico Daniels is a British TV presenter living in France who is known for his two television series — The Salvager — whilst he still lived in the UK and then Le Salvager after he moved to France. Rico has been in a variety of jobs but his passion is now his profession – he turns unwanted ‘junk’ into unusual pieces of furniture. Rico’s creations and the methods used to fabricate them are the subject of the Salvager shows.

Rico spoke to Wikinews in January about his inspiration and early life, future plans, other hobbies and more. Read on for the full exclusive interview, published for the first time:

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Wikinews interviews India’s first female Paralympic medalist Deepa Malik

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wikinews on Sunday interviewed Deepa Malik, India’s first female Paralympic medalist, who won the silver medal in the Women’s Shot Put F53 event finals, at the 2016 Summer Paralympics being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Malik lost the gold medal to Bahrain’s Fatema Nedham, who had the best throw 4.76 metres, setting a new regional record in paralympic women’s shot put.

Arriving in Rio, Malik had initial trouble due to the airline losing her luggage; it didn’t all arrive until three days later: clothes, opening ceremony outfit and equipment including competition belts.

In early August there was a possibly that Malik might lose her spot on the Indian team going to Rio, with fellow female para athlete Karam Jyoti challenging Malik’s selection and the Sport’s Authority of Indian’s selection process at the High Court of Delhi. The high court ruled against the plaintiff.

Both of these events occurred against the wider backdrop of the Paralympic Committee of India being suspended by the International Paralympic Committee. The Sports Authority of India took final authority over the Paralympic Committee of India for sending a team to Rio, with agreement from the International Paralympic Committee; this arrangement allowed India to compete under their own flag at the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

((Wikinews)) Congratulations on your result.

Deepa Malik: Thank you so much.

((WN)) Even though you are currently waiting in terms of the end result of the protest.

DM: Absolutely, but I’m happy with my performance, I’m happy that I could improve and I could prove myself, there were a lot of questions back home on my selection and on my hard work. My single-minded focus that I had put into this journey of being a Paralympian. Well, I am just so anxious about the results.

((WN)) So how much did the court case and KLM losing your luggage impact on your preparations and your result today?

DM: Yes, but I’m happy that my husband was my coach here, and, so, I had huge moral support in terms of keeping my mind and everything in peace. Most of the equipment was available in the gym, we had to alter the training a bit like the throw days couldn’t happen, so we instead exercised. No, I think that is what sports teaches you, you can’t live on excuses, I never lived on excuses.

((WN)) You work around things.

DM: Yes, that’s what we do, that’s what a sportsman is suppose to do, rise again, and then fall and rise, and run, and I did exactly that.

((WN)) What message should other Indian women take away from your participation and result in Rio?

DM: This is going to be the first female medal that India would have ever won in Paralympics and as it is I’m working aggressively towards transforming this entire concept of empowerment for the women, especially the women in disabilities in my country. So I’m really happy that this medal give my voice more value, more strength, and I’ll be able to impact even more, though on the ninth of September the Prime Minister’s jury has awarded me with the award of Women Transforming India, I’m so happy that within three days of getting that award, I have added another feather to it and proved that yes this journey of ability beyond disability. And not just disability, this is a universal message that if women put their minds to their dreams they can balance it; age, gender, disability, is all a state of mind. If you put your passion and hard work, you can get it, and in the Indian scenario were they say infrastructure is a challenge, women participation that are taboo, religiously and psychologically, disabilities taken as a curse, dependability[?] increases because of lack of infrastructure, well, time to get rid of the excuses. We have to start erasing the excuses and believe your own self and that’s the message I’m carrying with all the activities that I do whether it is car rallying, motorbiking or swimming across a river, every record or every unique activity that I’ve undertaken and just below paralysis has been aimed at changing the stereotypical image of a women and also a women in disability. ?

((WN)) Will you and your daughter both be trying to represent India at the 2020 Games in Tokyo?

DM: I’m very sure about myself, but my daughter, though, she’s a Paralympian, yes, which again was considered a huge taboo in my society that oh my god both the mother and the daughter both have a physical disability, what is going to happen to these two, but we did good and she is working as a youth council representative in the Commonwealth countries, for the Paralympics specially, and her work though her foundation called Wheeling Happiness has earned her the young leader award from the Queen of England, so I guess her focus is now shifting to more on community service and empowering others and not just herself. And she is leaving on first of October to Loughborough to do her PhD doctorate programme in disability sports psychology, I’m very sure Loughborough is going to give her a huge amount of sports [inaudible] but how much time she going to decide to devote to sports and studies is her decision entirely. That’s her dream, her journey. 

((WN)) How helpful was the Sports Authority of India in preparing and supporting your Rio ambitions??

DM: I think 100 per cent, because the biggest challenge we have back home is a customised training, or the infrastructure for that matter, so we were given the ability and the funds to train the way we wanted to train, and the funds were huge which were given to us, out accommodation, food, diet, physical therapist, psychologist, trainer, gym, everything was paid for, and customised, you want it and they give it. So I guess this was easy financially this time, because every expenses was taken care of, my husband could also take a sabbatical from his job and join my journey, and having him twenty-four seven and coaching me because he himself is an athlete, and have the best diet and counselling. I think it’s worked wonders, so I give shout out and a huge applaud.

((WN)) How important was it for you to have a carer in Rio?

DM: Yes, again we really have to appreciate the sports authority of India and also Paralympic Committee of India, which is going to start to function post-Rio in India. They were very very quick, they were very very adamant in giving the wheelchair people escorts. And I need help twenty four seven, I’m just below paralysed so it was really huge, emotionally, mentally, psychically training-wise, every way I think the situation was perfect.

((WN)) Thank you for your time.

DM: Thank you.
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Using Edible Adhesive For Beautiful Baking Results

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Edible adhesive is one of the main secret weapons that experienced cake decorators use. This nifty and handy tool can be used to affix decorations to the cake without the need for tooth picks, floral wire, or other more clumsy attachment tools. Whether you are trying to get your cake decorated for a family function or you are selling the cake professionally, you can find that edible adhesive can give your cake the professional finish you are going for.

Affix decorations easily

No matter what types of decorations you would like to create on your cake, you will need to find a way to get them to stick on. Many experienced bakers choose to go the old fashioned route and make their own glue. This type of glue is usually made out of sugar and is called sugar glue. However if it isn’t mixed properly, the baker risks having all of the cake decorations fall off especially if the weather is warm and humid. A safer and more reliable alternative is to use edible adhesive.

Placing the edible adhesive

Prior to using the edible adhesive, you will want to have all of your supplies assembled. Make certain that the work space is clean and clear and ready for you to work at. You can place down a silicone baking mat in order to roll out your sheet of fondant. You can also select the fondant cutters you will be using to create your cut outs. After cutting out the desired shapes and designs out of your fondant, you will then be ready to use the edible adhesive to affix your decorations to your cake.

Edible adhesive is an amazing tool that can be used to create spectacular finishes for your cake. If you have a lot of experience with cake decorating but typically make your own sugar glue, it may be time to give edible adhesive a try for easier cake decorating results.

At, you can find an extensive selection of the best baking supplies such as edible adhesive. Visit them online to learn more and place your order at