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Compare Whole Life Vs Term Insurance Before Making A Choice

Submitted by: David J. Livingston

You have to be aware of the insurance market trends and consider the basics before choosing a policy which fits in with your needs. It is not such a difficult task if one is willing to devote sufficient time and energy to finding out the right kind of policy. One must understand the implications of finding the right policy or going in with something which does not suit you. It can potentially compromise the future of your dependents of your death.

Your knowledge of calculating amount of coverage and life expectancy would be helpful in finding your way out fro a maze of policies you are usually presented with in a search for the best. You need not bother much about the features of the policy which do not promise good results but it is only possible if you know how to weigh them properly. You can look for life insurance quote on line and start comparing them for all its worth. However, it is important to know which aspects are crucial for promising a positive outcome of the policy.

Low insurance rates are one thing every insurance buyer is looking for and the insurer knows it as well. Making use of this knowledge, he might offer you something which is very attractive in terms of insurance rates and features but does not assure the right amount of coverage or other factors. It is only best to leave such policies to their own fate and look for options which can deliver proper results. You can start by calculating your amount of coverage with the help of online estimation tools.


These tools consider your level of income, investments, liabilities, assets and expenses to work out your amount of coverage. In principle, this amount of coverage should take care of the needs of your dependents at the outcome of your policy. Without the right amount of coverage, even a low cost life insurance policy is not of much use because it would not be able to meet the needs of your dependents. You also need to consider the number and age of family members at the time of buying the policy.

It would help determine if they would be earning by the outcome of the policy and what would they need to survive financially. You can also take into account special needs by including life expectamncy in the equation and projecting the needs of your dependents at the outcome of the policy based on their number and age at the time of buying the policy. Knowing your life expectancy would also help you choose the right term duration for your policy.

Life expectancy depends on your age and health condition along with other factors which can help you in a number of ways to choose the right policy. There are also tools to calculate the life expectancy but it is important to know that if you choose wrong term duration you may end up paying more. Choice of term duration largely depends on your life expectancy but you also need to consider choice of whole life vs term insurance. This is because in whole life insurance there is no limited term duration like term life.

It would offer you the advantage of insurance benefit without worrying about the term duration whereas in term life option you have to keep an eye on term duration. If you survive term duration, it would mean that your insurance benefits are denied. Apart from these factors, you also need to concentrate on life expectancy. This is because life expectancy is not only about term duration but also about getting the best benefits on your policy. Your health factors matter in deciding what kind of insurance rates you can get on your policy.

You have to appear for a medical exam before buying insurance which helps determine what kind of life expectancy you have. This life expectancy is then used to fix insurance rates for your policy. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, you may not get lower insurance rates. If you have a medical condition, you may find it very difficult to get cost-effective insurance rates. You can then opt for no medical exam term life insurance which promises higher insurance rates on your policy.

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