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Construction Accident Attorneys In Elizabeth Nj Can Help Victims Of Compressed Gas Related Accidents

byAlma Abell

Some construction jobs require compressed gas usage. Even though these gases are commonly used, they involve multiple hazards. Every year, numerous workers are injured because of compressed gas use, with many injuries arising due to negligence.

Dangers of Compressed Gases

Compressed gases are dangerous in a variety of ways. They can be explosive, combustible, corrosive, inert, poisonous or any combination thereof. Gases may be flammable, which presents an explosion or fire risk, and they can be toxic or reactive. This applies to gases that are normally harmless, like nitrogen.


Other Risks Associated With Compressed Gas Usage

The hazards mentioned above are associated with the gases themselves. Additionally, storage containers for compressed gases can be dangerous. Some examples of risks include those listed here.

* Compressed gases are typically held in highly pressurized, heavy containers. Because of their potential energy, it’s possible for such a container to become a fragmentation bomb or dangerous projectile.

* A damaged or cracked container can rupture or leak. If the container of compressed gas is leaking, there is a large risk of suffocation, poisoning, fire or explosion.

* A compressed gas container is often heavy and cumbersome. A poorly stored or improperly moved container can fall on a worker, causing serious or even fatal injuries.

How Can Workers Avoid Accidents With Compressed Gases?

Proper installation, design, maintenance and usage of containers and gases are vital to prevent serious accidents. If a container’s design contained a substantial defect that causes a construction accident involving serious injuries or death, Construction Accident Attorneys Elizabeth NJ may have a product liability claim against a manufacturer. If the employer did not ensure the proper use or maintenance of compressed gas containers, the victim may be able to file a legal claim. Click here for more details.

Does a Person Hurt in a Compressed Gas Construction Accident Need an Attorney?

A Construction Accident Attorneys Elizabeth NJ can help a victim determine who is responsible for their injuries. Construction lawyers can inform clients of their rights, responsibilities and legal remedies, and they can advise clients on potential legal options. By hiring an attorney with Harrell Smith & Williiams LLC in Elizabeth NJ, a client can determine whether someone is at fault for a construction accident.

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