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Head Of The Class Top 10 Public Relations Firms Of 2016}

Head of the Class – Top 10 Public Relations Firms of 2016


Kevin Rothman

The world of Public Relations is in a major state of development now more than ever with so many booming businesses taking advantage of the industrys services. With Public Relations becoming the most powerful tool in society media-communications complex, here is a look at some of the top firms providing excellent service to businesses with result-orientated natures:


Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR

1. Locations: New York City, San Francisco, UK and Canada

2. Established in 2005, Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR Firm (BPM-PR) leads the list as the Top PR Firm for 2016. It is a full service global PR firm with an extreme media reach. The team has truly developed a name within the Public Relations industry for perfection, professionalism, and excellence in helping to grow names, brands and businesses around the country as well as on an international level. They have divisions for a wide range of industries from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, experts, authors, corporate communications, political PR, social media and more.


Inkhouse Public Relations

1. Locations: Boston and San Francisco

2. InkHouse is a public relations and social content agency serving a range of innovative clients from emerging startups to Fortune 500 companies. We have no patience for one-size-fits-all approaches ” and too much respect for our clients to suggest them. Instead, we apply customized, creative thinking to each client, ensuring that they get the kind of results that move the needle for their business.


Blaze PR

1. Locations: Santa Monica and Santa Barbara

2.Blaze is the go-to partner for lifestyle brands hungry for a real piece of the market share. We reveal the relevant story, serve with relish to key influencers, satiate consumer cravings, and savor in our client wins.



1. Location: New York City

2. Since 2003, New York City-based 5W Public Relations (5W) has worked with world-class and emerging brands, corporations, consumer companies, technology companies of all shapes and sizes, healthcare interests, regional businesses, non-profits, and high profile individuals to help them achieve their strategic public relations and marketing objectives across a broad range of interests.


Coyne PR

1. Locations: New York City and New Jersey

2. Coyne Public Relations agency consistently displays the knowledge and creativity that has made it one of the fastest-growing independent agencies. For 25 years, Coyne PR has been raising the profile of brands with impactful campaigns, cause marketing programs, sponsorship activation and crisis management.



1. Locations: Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Canada, Europe, CIS, Latin America, United States


Dan Edelman

planted the seed for a new kind of company one that would redefine the role of public relations. Sixty-four years later, we continue to push the boundaries of what PR can do. Grounded by our core values and strengthened by our independence, we help clients communicate, engage and build relationships with their stakeholders.


Zeno Group

1. Locations: New York City, Chicago, California, Australia, Canada, Brasil, Singapore, Paris, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, and UK

2. A Global, Integrated Communications Agency, Born from PR. Were an agency ideally built for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Mid-sized, yet global. Audaciously creative, yet pragmatic in applying our thinking. Relentless in chasing results that drive business value.


Taylor PR

1. Locations: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Charlotte and Austin

2. In 2004, after 20 years of building a legacy in sports, lifestyle and entertainment public relations, Taylor introduced a bold new vision that aligned the company exclusively with a select roster of category leading consumer brands. That vision helped drive the transformation of Taylor from a tactical publicity shop to a brand counselor and public relations partner for Allstate, Capital One, Diageo, Nestle-Purina, Nike, NASCAR, and Procter & Gamble, among others.


Hunter PR

1. Locations:> New York City and London

2. Hunter Public Relations is an award-winning consumer products public relations firm with offices in New York and London and a strategic footprint in markets across North America. Beginning with

research-driven consumer insights

, Hunter PR executes strategic public relations programs that build equity, increase engagement and drive measurable business results for branded consumer products and services. We use a powerful blend of

traditional publicity


social & digital media

outreach, strategic partnerships and influencer seeding to reach the hearts, minds and spirits of target consumers.

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