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Invisalign Orthodontia Tutorial What You Need To Know}

Invisalign Orthodontia Tutorial What You Need to Know


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If you are looking for a way to correct crooked teeth discreetly look no further, Invisalign is just that. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses a series of plastic aligners that are clear. If you are considering getting the Invisalign procedure learn more about what happens before, during and after the procedure. This knowledge will help you decide whether or not Invisalign is for you.


Before you can correct crooked teeth using the Invisalign system your dentist needs to examine your teeth. They will use a computer and a bite impression to create your Invisalign braces. The Invisalign brace are custom made so you will not get your first retainer for the series until your second visit.


When your Invisalign custom aligners come in from the dental laboratory you will go back to the dentist to get your first one. The first aligner in your Invisalign series is fitted to your current teeth configuration. After that each aligner is slightly different and designed to gently guide your teeth into their proper place.

The amount of Invisalign aligners that you need will depend upon the severity of your bite. The average number of aligners is between 18 to 30. All of the Invisalign aligners are removable, and they are each worn for about two weeks at a time. You will only get one aligner at a time from your dentist and you will return every two to three weeks for your next aligner and a check on your progress.


Overall, the Invisalign procedure takes the same amount of time to correct crooked teeth as traditional braces do. When proper adherence to the Invisalign system is met the results are just as reliable as traditional orthodontia. When you are finished your dentist may recommend that you wear a retainer at night to maintain the results you have achieved.


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Invisalign Orthodontia Tutorial What You Need to Know }

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