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Looking At The Various Luxury Eyeglass Frames In Manhattan, New York


The wearing of eyeglasses is not the dread it was back in the middle 20th century. People are actually proud to be wearing glasses now, and make a fashion statement in doing so. Eyeglass wear is a booming business, in fact, as manufacturers are making luxury eyewear for consumers. An optician sells luxury Eyeglass Frames in Manhattan, New York. The choices which are available to customers at the store are numerous enough for everyone to find something unique to him or her. Here are some of these eyeglass wear choices available to customers.

1. Lots of people like to go for the horn frame look. The horn frame look stems from Germany, with each horn featuring its own unique colors. The frames are lightweight and comfortable for the wearer.2. The Oliver Goldsmith spectacles have been around since 1926. The company strove to offer spectacles that would be purchased by the upper echelon of society. The spectacles made a come back in the early 2000’s as “vintage wear.” The company has maintained its standards of quality, elegance and comfort.3. Another outstanding brand of eyeglass wear is made by Gold and Wood. This company has the distinction of selecting fine woods, buffalo horn and gold to make its signature eyeglass wear. The company goes through great lengths to be environmentally and socially responsible in the use of items to make the eyeglass wear.4. Beausoleil Eyewear began in 1987 in a Parisian shop, using genuine turtle shell and buffalo horn to handcraft the frames. These eyeglass frames are still made with the traditional craftsmanship used in the company’s beginning.

Charlotte Jones Opticians have been providing a wide range of luxury eyewear solutions for customers in the Manhattan, New York area for over 10 years. Premium brands of eyeglass wear are offered at the store. All of the frames have the distinction of being hand made. Charlotte Jones is an optometrist as well as optician who offers styles from Britain and Africa, promising elegance and unique design. She believes the eyeglass frames should reflect your personality as well as your mood. If you are looking for luxury Eyeglass Frames in Manhattan, New York, visit the website for more information.

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