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Need For Multi Channel Customer Interactions

Submitted by: Gnome Business Solutions

Modern life has impacted forcefully how the consumers interact with customers or suppliers of products and services. Factors such as time savings prevent movement, using voice and data technologies and other factors have forced companies to be very creative when you can interact with their customers.

Several decades ago the channel of interaction between the supplier and the customer is limited to personal communication and face. With the development of new technologies, it has been set in motion new mechanisms to maintain communication and close relationship with customers. For example, the development of speech technology, it began to use the phone as a valid channel to serve the customer and this in turn could take the initiative to contact their suppliers without having to go to site provider.

This generates the development in customer service by multiple techniques such as telemarketing, telesales, the lines of free care, call centers (call centers) and lately the Contact Center (Contact Center).

Began to rise to new mechanisms, based on the development of technology such as email, Internet, chat, and many more, they have definitely changed the way we interact with customers and suppliers, both in the work setting as in B2C the B2B.


So, today we talk about interaction channels, which is not only these mechanisms of contact between customers and suppliers that keep a permanent and fluid communication. Mechanisms that allow the customer have more choices when trying to contact a supplier or a company can combine the different channels to provide better service to its customers. From the point of view of competitiveness, the use of multiple channels of interaction between supplier and customer is a decisive factor in gaining market share.

Those companies that do not have the right mix of channels of interaction, their competitors will begin to gain market share, because the client feels better served with a Multi-channel strategy.

Let’s see what have been the main drivers of the importance of interaction in multi-channel customer relationships.

Given the above framework, we can define the Multi-channel Customer Interactions and strategy definition, implementation and coordination of the mechanisms used to maintain a comprehensive commercial communication between supplier and customer, who can fulfill customer expectations in right time and the experience that is consistently satisfying customer gets, no matter how, when and with whom the company contacts the customer.

Multi-channel interactions are to solve various situations that arise in the commercial communication between supplier and customer.

1. Organize communication systems through the implementation of mechanisms to develop more effective interactions for both the customer and the supplier.

2. Record the events in each of these interactions, with the primary objective of maintaining a consistent and comprehensive communication between supplier and customer. It is necessary to prevent the breakdown of communication and this can be achieved if there is a log of communications, which can be found in each of the interactions and enriched by the events of each interaction.

3. Maintain consistency in the quality of communication between supplier and customer, regardless of the change of actors and the situation which generated the event of communication or interaction.


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