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Oven Safety In The Home

Oven safety in the home


Kate Owen

Oven safety and cooker safety are vitally important for every family and every home, but especially if you have children in your household. Modern ovens and cookers offer a range of features to keep your family safe despite the high temperatures and fuel used to power the appliances.

Stop gas leakages:

Always ensure your gas appliance is fitted by a certified gas safety registered engineer. It is not worth risking the lives of your family by saving a couple of pounds and doing a DIY job.


Flame safety device (FSD) – this is used in gas cookers to cut out the flow of gas in the event of the flame being extinguished. This prevents the possibility of a gas leak which can be incredibly dangerous – especially if you ignite the hobs later on. If you live in a multiple occupancy building such as an apartment block it is a legal requirement that you have an flame safety device on your cooker to protect other residents.

Prevent burns:

Double glass oven doors – oven safety extends to the heat of the appliance, and the heat it achieves during operation. Ovens with single glass panels in the door can become extremely hot when you’re cooking and as they are at floor level they are often located within easy reach of children and toddlers. Should your child touch the hot oven door they will get hurt. If your oven is placed somewhere your children have access to it is wise to invest in a model with double glass doors. This ensures the outer pane is kept cool and children are kept safe.


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electric double oven has air cooled doors for extra peace of mind. A fan circulates cool air around the outside of the oven ensuring that the appliance and the surrounding furniture are kept cool while you are cooking.

Keep children out of the kitchen – if possible you should keep young children out of the kitchen when you are cooking as spillages and burns can easily take place. It only takes a second for curious hands to tug on a table cloth, electrical wire or pan handle and cause a serious accident. If your children are in the kitchen make sure any pan handles aren’t dangling over the side of the oven.

Hire an electrician:

You can’t just plug in an electric oven, they need to be hard-wired into the electricity supply, so make sure you get a qualified workman to do this.

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