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Quick Pointers On Strategic Media Planning

byAlma Abell

In business there are many “Ps” such as “prior preparation prevents poor performance,” or more importantly “product, price, place, promotion.” At any rate, the “Ps”, as life would have it, are all at the core of any marketing strategy. With the world of marketing changing – evolving at rapid speed, the only thing that remains constant throughout the marketing genre aside from the “Ps” is the need for a solid plan that infuses strategy and includes all forms of media, or, in short, strategic media planning. If you are unsure of what that includes, fret not, because here are a few tips to better illustrate the most crucial aspects as well as how to put the plan into action.

Tactical vs. Strategic Media PlanningTraditional vs. Nouveau, tactical vs. strategic – both are in a sense integrated approaches while simultaneously being distinctly different. In this case, to infuse a plan with strategy is to take into consideration the long term business objectives by analyzing brand awareness, and any correlation between that and brand building and consumer response in order to gain more customers. Tactical planning is centered around immediate timespans, budgets, and consumer response time. Most companies only take into consideration tactical planning strategies when it comes to different forms of media. What can give you a competitive edge is if you focused on honing your overall media strategy.

The Competitive EdgeTo create the competitive edge is the aim of every business and marketer in the world. In order to do this swiftly and effectively, an effective action plan must be in place. This plan should include all forms of media in order to better leverage your product and, most of all, your brand. Crafting a more competitive edge with your media plan means understanding that majority of businesses are focused solely on creating short term campaigns that provide immediate results. Taking the time out to craft a media strategy that focuses on the long term will give you the edge that you seek. This will allow you to create a pitch perfect media campaign that will include a sustainable relationship with your target consumer.

Considering a media plan from a different perspective is important. It will give you an edge in the marketplace that will easily trump the competition. The key to your success resides in your strategy surrounding media infusion. For more information on strategic media planning, visit Telmar.com.

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