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Services To Expect From Cosmetic Dentistry Kalamazoo Mi

byAlma Abell

Almost everyone has some kind of cosmetic dental issue they would like to address, because not everyone was born with perfect teeth. Cosmetic dental services encompass issues that are voluntary and issues that are necessary. Cosmetic Dentistry Kalamazoo MI services include implants, dental bonding, teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, and gum contouring. The following will briefly discuss these services.

* Initial exam – Before you can have any cosmetic work done on your teeth, your dentist has to examine your teeth and mouth. They check for tooth and gum disease and any anomalies that might cause you to be unable to have the procedure or treatment done.


* Implants – Dental implants are prosthetic teeth. They can be made to replace a solitary tooth, several teeth, or a whole mouthful of teeth. A titanium post in implanted into the jawbone, an abutment is attached to the post, and a porcelain cap is placed over the abutment.

* Bonding – Dental bonding is the process of mixing a substance, much like enamel, that matches your tooth color and is applied to the surface of a tooth. It can be sculpted to fill in a crack, gap, or other tooth damage. It is allowed to dry and harden before the dentist polishes it so it looks natural.

* Whitening – Dental whitening is one of the most common forms of cosmetic dentistry you will encounter. Cosmetic Dentistry Kalamazoo MI can include tooth whitening so you can enjoy a whiter, brighter smile free from stains and discolorations.

* Veneers – Veneers are very thin, porcelain pieces used to cover up problem teeth. Unlike caps or crowns, your tooth does not have to be ground down to a nub for their application. They cover gaps, broken teeth, cracked teeth, uneven teeth, and discolored teeth that do not respond to the whitening process.

* Contouring – Gum contouring is done when the gum line is uneven, too low, or too high. It helps you show off your beautiful teeth. Click here for more details.

Cosmetic dentistry is a service not commonly covered by traditional insurance. Most of the costs involved in cosmetic procedures are out of pocket expenses to the patient. Dentists usually offer a payment plan through their office or a separate entity so you can afford to have a procedure done and make payments. Stephanie M Busch – Abbate DDS PLC offers cosmetic dental treatments and services.

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