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Types Of Folding Doors

By John Schofield

Folding doors are special types of door that slide and fold to open and close instead of traditional doors which swing to open and close. Folding doors are advantageous to use on places with small space or when you want more open space near your doorway. There are basically 2 main types of folding doors. These 2 types of folding doors are bifold doors and accordion doors.

Bifold Doors and Accordion Folding Doors

The more common type of folding door is the bifold door. This kind of folding door is used in a lot of households today. Bifold doors are great to use in small spaces. They are a great substitute to traditional swinging doors which may not fit too well in tight spaces. Bifold doors are most commonly used in places like the laundry area and closets. Additionally, bifold doors are great also in rooms when you want a separator.


Bifold doors are basically 2 small doors which are connected with a hinge. These doors are installed using a sliding a track so you can slide and fold them open. You can install one set of bifold doors so that you slide them in side to open them or you can install 2 bifold doors in the same doorway and slide them opposite each other to fully open them up.

The other type of folding door is the accordion door. The main difference with the bifold and the accordion type folding door is that the accordion folding door has several panels that fold. Accordion doors do not use as much space as bifold doors. The material of accordion doors is also a lot thinner to allow them to fold easily. More or less, the accordion doors can be used just the same way you can use the bifold doors. Its all mostly a matter of your personal taste.

There are many different types of bifold doors. Some are made of glass and are ideal for bifold doors that lead outside. These are great for the outside as they provide a spacious feel to your home. These kinds of doors can also bring in more light into your house than any kind of window. Another advantage of this kind of door is that it brings in some fresh air and lets you easily access the outside.

Getting Creative with Folding Doors

If you want to really beautify your home you can make use of folding doors. Folding doors dont necessarily have to be used on doorways. Some things you may want to try with folding doors are the use of such doors for book cases. You can also use folding doors for closets and it can also be used to hide other things. You can use them to conceal wall safes, televisions, clothing and more.

Also, you can have these doors conceal certain areas and things. Folding doors have a lot of applications and possibilities. All you have to do is get creative. Folding doors are a nice addition to the household whether for passage or for decoration.

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