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What Is A 10 Meter Radio?

Submitted by: David Thorson

For new and aspiring Ham radio operators, knowing what physical radio to buy can be a little confusing. There are many different types of radios like 2 meter hand held units, two way radios, and 10 meter radios. Let s explore what a 10 meter radio is and its capability.

10 meter radios are used to receive what is called the 10 meter band spectrum. It turns radio waves into a distinguishable pattern and allows you, the operator, to broadcast your voice. This form of communication has been in use for almost a full century and technological advances like the discovery of digital air waves have made Hamming a lot more accessible and useful to the operator.

There are different times of the day that your 10 meter will be more effective. Most 10 meters work well during day time hours, but in times like now when sun spots and solar flairs are plentiful your signal can reach places that you thought would otherwise not be accessible.


You need to obtain a license to operate a 10 meter radio. The US government program called the FCC provides these licenses for free to people that pass a simple test. There are several versions of these licenses that have different standards that have to be met to obtain them, but they are also free. These licenses graduate in privileges, and the more challenging license, called the Extra Class, allows the operator to broadcast over many airwaves. What it needs is a little studying and some effort.

Learning how to use your 10 meter is easy. Most come with clear instruction manuals, but you need to run into a trouble shooting issue, then you need to either contact the manufacturer or have a professional install your equipment.

You may also need to purchase a few accessories for your new radio. Many do not come with microphones, air fans, or mountable housings. You need to have a microphone in order to transmit. You may even choose to purchase a free standing microphone with a large button on the base that functions like the talk button on the handheld version.

Deciding to use a 10 meter and earning your license will also allow you to join ham radio operator clubs. Many of the clubs have a long history behind them and will provide you with a source of information that you probably wouldn t have considered before. Some members of these clubs have many years of experience in home brewing antennas, or even makeshift radios. Utilizing the information can provide you with your 10 meter radio launching point.

I know that starting out with any new hobby can be overwhelming at times, so you might want to start with CB radio. Unlike 10 meter or amateur radio CB radio does not require a license and the equipment is generally less expensive. You can get a portable handheld device to start with for under $100. This will allow you to get the feel of radio communication without the hassle of tuning a radio or buying expensive equipment.

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