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What Is The Best Blender On The Market}

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There are always a ton of important features to examine when searching for kitchen blenders. A few of the most crucial ones are things such as capacity of the blender box, the real amount of rates of speed, and the charged power of the engine. You intend to take a look at consumer reviews and quality reviews also. Examining the worthiness and price of the blender is an excellent move to make also. Although much less commonly considered, below are a few other activities you should take a look at.

A Container Jar That Is Dishwasher Safe

Quite a bit can be saved by you of your time when you can use a dishwasher to completely clean your blender. Additionally it is very healthy because heat and drinking water pressure produced by most automated dishwashers can kill many parasites and disease leading to microbes.

Containers made of polycarbonate, glass, and plastic are generally dishwasher safe. Although not all are. And most of the best blenders, those with the top ratings, like Vitamix and Blendtec, have dishwasher safe containers. You even find that a lot of other blender parts are safe to go in the dishwasher as well, including the blade assembly. Before you load up your dishwasher with blender parts though, you need to consult your owner’s manual to make sure it’s OK.

A Warranty to Cover Breakage and Repai

A small home appliance with a lot of moving parts can be prone to breakage. Therefore it’s important to get a good warranty with your blender. Now if you get one of the highest quality, most expensive models, then you pretty much get what you pay for, which is a machine that will last many years. $400 for a top knotch blender is not uncommon. If you can’t spring for the $400 model right now and get a cheaper one, you may have some engine issues as time passes.

Therefore, having a guarantee that lasts at least a full year is essential. There are even some manufacturers that provide warranties that go from 5 to seven years. The guarantee should cover engine failure, splits in the box, and other problems that are not consequently of typical owner usage.

The Montel Williams Health

Master Blender even offers a 100 year warranty on their blender motor. When looking at warranties, you should also look at a couple consumer reviews as well. It’s good to check and see what kind of customer service experience owners may have had with the manufacturer when dealing with broken blenders. If the manufacturer is quick to respond to complaints and gets a new blender out right away, then that’s a really good sign.

A Fully Automated Time

An automatic timer is a fantastic feature you can find on many blenders. After the ingredients are blended as needed, the timer will stop the motor from running. It will then beep to let you know its done, similar to a microwave oven.

You can head off and do whatever you want while the timer is on and the blender is running, which saves you a lot of time. You won’t have to check and recheck the blender and stand by it to see if it’s finished yet.

In conjunction with the timer you find a number of preprogrammed settings often. You can hit one button, like milkshake, and the blender engine will start and stop when the mixture is blended to perfection.

Getting ingredients blended appropriately is pretty much idiot proof. Blending cycles will vary with the type of ingredients you are blending. Chunky salsa for example will blend for less time at a lower setting than will your smoothie.

By looking at these three blender features you can really save yourself a lot of time in the kitchen and make sure you get a great blender for your home.

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