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What You Should Know About Auto Insurance

byAlma Abell

The Traverse City, MI drivers auto insurance need can get a little complicated when you are shopping around. Here are some important details you should know about to help you better understand your options.

Best Price Never Equals Best Coverage


With so many commercials bragging about offering the best possible price for your auto insurance it is hard not to be tempted to opt for the lowest possible rates. However as with any product or services the lowest price is usually lower for a reason. Do not get drawn in by your monthly payments without giving serious consideration to the coverage you are receiving. We all need to save money where we can. However car insurance is not a good place to save if it means it will cost you down the road. With this in mind make sure you have the highest deductible in hand with higher liability coverage. Lower monthly rates usually mean you are getting a lower deductible and poor liability coverage. If you are interested in the dollars and cents of it all consider that it will be more affordable to pay $500 to cover damages from an accident compared to the cost of paying for personal injury. Discuss the costs of each option and make sure you are saving as much as you think. You will probably be surprised at how little the difference is especially when you consider the alternative of what you will have to pay out in the case of an accident. Last but not least you have to have insurance that applies to individual injuries. Often insurance offers a lump sum and this is then divided by each person injured in an accident.

The Best Deals

Really the best way to get deals on your auto insurance in Traverse City, MI is to look at what qualifies drivers for lower rates. A clean driving record as well as a good credit rating will help you get better rates. Drive safe and you will reap the benefits on your insurance rates. As well a safe car, a short commute and better security for your car will all keep premiums lower.

Rental Vehicle

One thing many car owners overlook is whether or not they will get a rental vehicle should their car require work following an accident. If you depend on your car to get to and from work make sure you are given a rental vehicle in your policy.

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