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When Dental Extractions In Chicago Are Necessary

byAlma Abell

What most adults fear most about the dentist is the need for dental extractions in Chicago. A tooth extraction means that the dentist removes the tooth from your mouth. In many cases, it can be pulled out quickly, but in some cases it requires more effort. Your mouth will be numbed with a shot of Novocain, or you may be sedated before the procedure. However, most people wonder if an extraction is necessary or if there are other options.

Impacted Teeth

The main reason for a tooth extraction is that your tooth is impacted or infected. This means that the tooth in question is in such a position that it will erupt through the gums into another tooth, soft tissue or bone. Impaction typically occurs in wisdom teeth for adults, because all other teeth are fully grown. However, children can also have impacted teeth, which need to be dealt with immediately.

Wisdom Teeth

Typically, wisdom teeth are the biggest problems for adults. These teeth start coming in around the age of 21 and can take years to erupt fully. Most adults do not have enough room in their mouth for the teeth to come in entirely, meaning they could become impacted, decayed or infected. Once your wisdom teeth start to come in, it’s time to visit the dentist to ensure there won’t be problems.

Tooth Decay

Sometimes, dental extractions are necessary because of excessive tooth decay. Once your tooth has decayed enough, there isn’t much a filling can do. Sometimes a root canal is possible if the infection hasn’t gone too deep. Otherwise, an extraction will be necessary. Once the tooth has been pulled, you’ll need to consider whether to leave it alone or replace it with an implant, partial denture or bridge.

No Room

Teeth can shift over time, especially if you had trauma or wisdom teeth erupt. Whenever there is no room for all your teeth, an extraction could be necessary to relieve stress on other teeth and to make more room.


Currently, orthodontic options are available to help with many of the problems facing people, making an extraction unnecessary. Before, it was easier to remove the teeth that wouldn’t fit in the mouth, but newer technology is available that can help expand the mouth, making an extraction unnecessary.

Dental extractions in Chicago aren’t pleasant to think about, but may be necessary. Chicago Smile Design offers dentists that understand your worry and will do everything they can to prevent the need for extraction. Visit them today to learn more.

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