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Painting Contractors Have Certain Techniques To Save Time And Improve The Finish

byAlma Abell

Technology changes at a very rapid pace, we most certainly see this is domestic appliances, communication, automobiles, etc; if even has an impact on exterior painting contractors. The methods used to apply the base cost and finish coat have changed, so has the coating materials. Having an understanding of the new techniques and new products that are available for professional painters helps the average homeowner to understand better what is needed to get the best and the longest lasting exterior paint job.

The sprayer:


In the past exterior painting contractors did everything with a brush and roller, today, although these basic tools are still used extensively, it is the introduction of sprayers that have had the biggest impact on the business. A power sprayer, either powered by electricity or compressed air has numerous advantages for the painter and you, the homeowner.

Save time: The biggest reason behind the rapid increase in the use of sprayers is time savings. It is almost impossible to compare painting the exterior of a house with a sprayer compared to the traditional brush and roller approach. It makes the completion of an exterior painting job a matter of days rather than weeks and they finished results are better. Don’t think for a minute that using a sprayer means sacrificing quality, it is rather the opposite; the finished surface is smoother, the coat is more uniform and there are fewer runs and surface blemishes.

Save money: The use of sprayers by exterior painting contractors not only saves time, it saves money. To do a proper job using brushes and rollers might take several weeks, when the job is done using a sprayer this becomes several days. The time savings is considerable, when the contractor uses a sprayer he does not have to dedicate as many painters to the job, this saves him and you money in labor.

No matter how good the contractor is, brushes will still be used. All the trim around the doors and windows as well as the gutters and downspouts are still best when done by hand. A power sprayer is fast, however, no power sprayer will ever be as accurate as professional exterior painting contractors. Hand painting is also a must when a certain spot or a certain area on the surface needs the benefit of a second primer coat to fight previous water damage or wood deterioration of some sort.

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