Sea Water Solutions For Drinking, Gardening, Crops And More

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By Kevin Gianni

Renegade Water Secrets with John Hartman, CEO of OceanGrown Inc, manufacturer of OceanSolution, a mineral-rich sea solution.

Kevin: What are some of the conventional solutions that are being used on the crops in the field, and maybe take us through some of that agriculture change and then we’ll move into what OceanGrown’s OceanSolution can do.

John: Yeah, basically, just to throw down the gauntlet, there are congressional testimonies going back to the 1920’s and 30’s. I think the gentleman’s name was Thomas Beech. It’s on the internet. People can find it. But basically, he’s testifying before Congress that our soils have been ruined and that there are no more minerals in them to grow good food. Let’s just quickly run through agricultural practices. In the old days, they would rotate crops – well, let’s start in the very old days. In the very old days, we were nomadic and when a piece of ground was mined out, they would move on and so, constantly they would be moving and growing things in re-mineralized ground or an area that was able to re-mineralize either by annual flooding or natural soil bacteria and flora and fauna and whatnot, it was able to replenish itself. That’s how we got good soils in the first place.

Then we went on through the agricultural revolution and we started more intensive agriculture and we would rotate crops to try to mitigate the negatives of the new practices- we’d try to rotate through a crops like soybeans that will fix nitrogen and there would more friendly soil practices and we would let things go fallow one year. That’s how we used to do farming.

Then, at the end of the second World War when chemical agriculture really took hold in a very serious way, we went down from sort of having most minerals in the soil but in a haphazard way, to basically putting three elements back: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and they – not coincidentally – it’s also what they happen to have a lot of at the Second World War because it’s also what they made munitions with. They’re particularly incendiary components and quite dangerous. But anyway, they went to three elements, but let me stop it right here for a moment just to tell you one of Dr. Murray’s best stories. He has a bunch of them.

He used to do lectures and at the beginning of one particular lecture at a conference in 1976, he asked the farmers who were in front of him at an agricultural conference called Acres USA and they’re still in business today, still a great organization and a champion for good agriculture, but anyway, he asked farmers what their core business was and generally, what they said was ‘I’m a corn farmer,’ or ‘I’m a cattle farmer and I raise corn or cattle and I ship it to market.’ You’d get answers for about 10 minutes and he’d say, ‘Well, no, your core business is strip mining and that’s what you do because what you do is instead of dynamite, you use seeds to loosen the minerals from their holding matrix and then every year you harvest the cow or the corn and you ship them off your land with the minerals that they’ve collected from your land and you put back three things: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Now, it used to be 90 things when that was virgin soil, now you’re putting back three and every year some collection of 90 go off your property. So what you end up with is a completely depleted soil and food that has no particular food value anymore and if you wanted to put it back, how would you put it back, because you cannot make a matrix of a collection of all 90 elements. How would you put them back? How would you make them?’


Kevin: Right.

John: Well, it just happens that sea water, in a very reliable way and a un-duplicate-able way, has all 90 natural elements. Scientists have tried to make sea water unsuccessfully for years. They spent millions and millions of dollars trying to do it. Anyway, so that’s basically what a farmer does. He’s a strip miner and you have to put them back if you want to grow good food and basically, that’s what we do.

Kevin: Got you. Let’s talk a little about some of the studies that you’ve done with this OceanSolution, the sea water. I don’t want this to sound like a commercial for Ocean-Grown, because I do want to get some of the information out there just to kind of tweak people’s minds, but the fact is that you guys have done studies and it has worked, so it in some ways it is kind of a commercial. You know what I’m saying? Go ahead..

John: You know, in fairness, to make it non-commercial in nature, listen, we’re going to have lots of competitors. There already are competitors; there will be lots of competitors. They way we look at it is all those people are helping us get rid of toxic agriculture.

Kevin: Right.

John: And in 20 years there will only be sea water type agricultural systems in place and NPK will be gone because nobody will tolerate it.

Kevin: Right, which is great. Thank you for doing that.

John: Sure.

Kevin: So what are some of the studies? Let’s talk about the tomatoes and the wheat grass.

John: Yeah, well basically, Dr. Murray did a pile and they’re on our website. They’re really phenomenal. People kind of pooh-pooh it as old research, but you know it’s just phenomenal science no matter how you cut it. With the instrumentation he had at the time, a lot of this was done in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and 70’s. It just was phenomenal science, never to have been duplicated yet on that scope. I hope that we’ll have the opportunity, others will have the opportunity, but anyway, basically, everything from animal research to enzyme and amino acid research in all kinds of different crops, we personally have done wheat grass, green pepper, tomato studies and what’s interesting and we should talk about it is that every different fruit and vegetable and growing thing needs a different collection of elements and we don’t know them all because it’s very, very expensive research and we’re not geared that way yet. We hope to be some day, or find a lab that can do the quality research that’s required. But we hope to identify every fruit and vegetable’s number. What are well understood are tomatoes and grasses. Tomatoes pick up 56 elements out of the 90, always the same 56 and if they’re available. If they’re not available, it takes what it can and you can see why it doesn’t taste the same.

Now, grasses are interesting things and grasses, whether it is barley grass, wheat grass, Bermuda grass – they tend to pick up all 90 and it’s interesting because if you look at grazing animals, think about it – grazing animals have one thing in their diet. They have no diversity. There’s no diversity at all. They don’t get on ladders and pick fruit off orange trees. They just sit there and eat grass all day long and yet, they don’t have osteoporosis. In a natural environment, they really suffer from no diseases at all. Why is that? How can that be possible off of one input? And the answer is that grasses pick up all 90 elements. Ann Wigmore, a lot of your readers, I’m sure will know Ann Wigmore. She’s really the person who made wheat grass famous. She cured herself of multiple maladies just by eating grass that she grabbed out of her backyard when she was very, very sick and chewing on it. She went on to have a number of health institutes of which there’s some survivors of those institutes. One’s in Florida, one’s in Puerto Rico, there’s one in California. I believe there’s one in Michigan. They don’t go under her name anymore, I don’t believe, but they basically all follow the same regime which is based on wheat grass and the reason wheat grass, again, is because it picks up all 90 natural elements.

Now, those studies are on our website. But, again, if you grow grass with distilled water, it will have only the elements that it happened to have in its seed when it was planted. Distilled water has no elements and that’s really the definition of distilled water. It has no dissolved solids. So, basically you can do half a field with sea water elements and leave the other half natural or use NPK and cattle and buffalo are very hip nutritionists, if you will, and they’ll always move into the side that has the minerals because they can detect it. They know where to go and it’s often why you’ll see cattle and horses sticking their heads through fences. It’s because it hasn’t been mined out and so they know it’s more mineral rich outside the fence than it is inside the fence.

Kevin: Wow.

John: You see? That’s how intelligent animals are about nutrition. I wish we were.

About the Author: Kevin Gianni the host of “Renegade Health Show” – a fun and informative daily health show that is changing the perception of health across the world. He is an internationally known health advocate, author, and film consultant. He has helped thousands of people in over 85 countries though online health teleseminars on The Healthiest Year of Your Life. He is also the creator and co-author of “The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution.”


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Reducing Colon Cancer Risk With Diet

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Reducing Colon Cancer Risk With Diet by Steven A JohnsonColon cancer is very rare regions were peoples diet are mainly vegetables, and gain. It’s more common Western nations and the US where a large part of their diet is meat.A diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains help prevent colon cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends at least five servings of these foods each day.It’s very hard to determine exactly what components of a healthy diet are protective. Some research has zero in on several possible.Low Fats Dietary fats and colon cancer have clear links. Fats boost the body’s production of bile acids, which promote rapid cell growth.High fiber The indigestible part of plant-based foods, fiber moves food through the bowel quickly, reducing its contact with carcinogens and bile acids.Oat bran has little help in colon cancer risk. But, Wheat bran helps more then vegetables and fruit fiber.If you can get 25 grams of dietary fiber per day from vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grain cereals, and breads.Calcium studies show that calcium protects the colon by neutralizing bile acids and fatty acids. You should consume at least 1,000 Milligrams of calcium each and every day.Antioxidants not enough vitamin C and E and beta-carotene seem to increase the risk of colon cancer. You should eat a lot of fruits vegetables because these are the best sources of antioxidants.Exercise If you are not very active your chance of colon cancer increase. Physical activity reduces your risk by hastening the passage of waste through the body. It also stimulates blood flow to the colon. Try to stay as active as possible, do exercise at least 30 minutes a day.Natural Cleanse opens the door to weight control, healing and rejuvenation. Colon cleansing is the process of eliminating impacted waste from the colon, and clearing the colon to allow for proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. Colon cleansing can be a safe and valuable process for eliminating toxins from the body and restoring normal muscular activity in the colon.We all know that a, strong and well functioning colon is quintessential to maintaining the best possible health.Steven Johnson is committed to helping people maintain healthy and effective lifestyles. For more information on a fiber rich diet and other health supplements please visit his website Alternative Health Supplements.Article Source:

Using Shipping Services In Fort Myers Fl To Keep Items Free Of Damage

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When someone needs to move from one location to another, there will be a need to package up belongings for the ride to their new destination. If there are fragile items going to a new home, there will be concern about their well-being while in transit. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their breakables make it to their new home in one piece.

Use The Right Materials To Keep Items Protected


It is important to use plenty of layers of protection when wrapping items to be shipped or moved to a new location. Bubble wrap or pieces of foam can be placed around breakable items and secured into place with heavy-duty packing tape. The items can then be placed into boxes with a layer of foam peanuts along the bottom to help cushion the items should they shift in a truck or when being shipped. Foam peanuts can then be placed around the wrapped items for extra protection.

Call A Moving Service To Help With The Task

A moving service will be able to help with the packing of fragile items if desired. They will have the proper materials on hand to keep breakables intact. They will also know where to position items on a moving truck so they are at less of a risk of damage when in transit.

Hire A Shipping Service To Avoid Damage Of Items

To take the guesswork out of how to package items, consider using Shipping Services in Fort Myers FL to tend to the safety of personal belongings. They will have all of the supplies on hand needed to protect items from damage. Custom-made crates can be constructed for items that are large. They will also assist in the shipping of the materials so they reach their destination in a timely manner.

When a move is imminent, hiring the right shipping services in Fort Myers FL will give the mover the peace of mind needed that their items will arrive on time and without breaking. Click here to find out more about services offered and to get pricing information if desired.

Obesity Surgery Is Only For Severely Obese People

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Obesity Surgery Is Only For Severely Obese People



For 70-year-old Delhi resident Nimesh Shah, life took a new fit when he was able to go off unwanted problem diabetes i.e. most commonly known as sugar medication after 15 years. It also came as surprise to him. It was sort of a miracle or his effort to go to the doctor. And all this becomes possible because of simple and painless bariatric surgery, commonly known as weight reduction surgery or weight loss surgery.

He weighed less all of a sudden when he went for the treatment just around two months back. Earlier he used to weigh 130 kgs and two months after he shed around 20 kgs before he went for the procedure. Apart from getting relief from sugar he shed around 20 kilos. That s great for his health as well as for his life.


\”A next of kin of mine told me that the; obesity surgery in India will help answer a lot of problematic situation, and his health is much better now, There has been much improvement in his health. Earlier people used to opt for unwanted things to reduce weight. But today most of the people are opting for

gastric bypass surgery India

. It is the best method to lose weight without any complications left behind.

\”Nearly 80- 90% percent of diabetes is related to fatness. Obesity is also the following biggest cause of cancer after smoking . Do not worry as

weight loss surgery in Delhi

does not cost you more than 2 to 3 lakhs, the surgery has occurred as a major respite for many, actually retrogressive type-II diabetes in most patients. Thus, this surgery is coming up as an effective cure for the people suffering from diabetes. It is for sure way to get cured from unwanted disease.

India has the world\’s largest populace of diabetics, followed by China with 43.2 million people and by 2030 it is expected to grow more and more if people do not become aware of their responsibility. It is one of the major concerns for premature illness and even for the sudden death. If you think that you are obese then get your body mass index (BMI) checked. It will easily identify your body mass level and will let you know if you are the victim of obesity. It will easily identify by calculating and dividing your weight by measuring the square of your height and will give the definite level of the obesity you are suffering from.

Contact Atul Peters who has been operating successful

obesity surgery in India

since long time. Get in touch with him and solve your problem of obesity.

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What Is The Best Blender On The Market}

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Submitted by: Noel Abramson

There are always a ton of important features to examine when searching for kitchen blenders. A few of the most crucial ones are things such as capacity of the blender box, the real amount of rates of speed, and the charged power of the engine. You intend to take a look at consumer reviews and quality reviews also. Examining the worthiness and price of the blender is an excellent move to make also. Although much less commonly considered, below are a few other activities you should take a look at.

A Container Jar That Is Dishwasher Safe

Quite a bit can be saved by you of your time when you can use a dishwasher to completely clean your blender. Additionally it is very healthy because heat and drinking water pressure produced by most automated dishwashers can kill many parasites and disease leading to microbes.

Containers made of polycarbonate, glass, and plastic are generally dishwasher safe. Although not all are. And most of the best blenders, those with the top ratings, like Vitamix and Blendtec, have dishwasher safe containers. You even find that a lot of other blender parts are safe to go in the dishwasher as well, including the blade assembly. Before you load up your dishwasher with blender parts though, you need to consult your owner’s manual to make sure it’s OK.

A Warranty to Cover Breakage and Repai

A small home appliance with a lot of moving parts can be prone to breakage. Therefore it’s important to get a good warranty with your blender. Now if you get one of the highest quality, most expensive models, then you pretty much get what you pay for, which is a machine that will last many years. $400 for a top knotch blender is not uncommon. If you can’t spring for the $400 model right now and get a cheaper one, you may have some engine issues as time passes.

Therefore, having a guarantee that lasts at least a full year is essential. There are even some manufacturers that provide warranties that go from 5 to seven years. The guarantee should cover engine failure, splits in the box, and other problems that are not consequently of typical owner usage.

The Montel Williams Health

Master Blender even offers a 100 year warranty on their blender motor. When looking at warranties, you should also look at a couple consumer reviews as well. It’s good to check and see what kind of customer service experience owners may have had with the manufacturer when dealing with broken blenders. If the manufacturer is quick to respond to complaints and gets a new blender out right away, then that’s a really good sign.

A Fully Automated Time

An automatic timer is a fantastic feature you can find on many blenders. After the ingredients are blended as needed, the timer will stop the motor from running. It will then beep to let you know its done, similar to a microwave oven.

You can head off and do whatever you want while the timer is on and the blender is running, which saves you a lot of time. You won’t have to check and recheck the blender and stand by it to see if it’s finished yet.

In conjunction with the timer you find a number of preprogrammed settings often. You can hit one button, like milkshake, and the blender engine will start and stop when the mixture is blended to perfection.

Getting ingredients blended appropriately is pretty much idiot proof. Blending cycles will vary with the type of ingredients you are blending. Chunky salsa for example will blend for less time at a lower setting than will your smoothie.

By looking at these three blender features you can really save yourself a lot of time in the kitchen and make sure you get a great blender for your home.

About the Author: Welcome to my Blender Reviews & Best Blenders Kitchen Site! (e.g



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It’s Easy To Make A Custom Dorm Room

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It’s Easy To Make A Custom Dorm Room


Amanda J Greene

Heading to college reveals a world of exciting new experiences, one of them being life in a dormitory. Virtually every college student views their small dorm room as a chance to express their individuality. With a good imagination, any bleak, empty dorm room is convenient to turn into a student’s haven and retreat. By using hot glue guns, double-sided tape, scissors and bulk reams of material in a favorite print, students can customize their dorm room to suit their fashion.


In small spaces, furniture should fill more than one need, doing double-duty. A small apartment sized refrigerator that sits on the floor makes the perfect base for a microwave oven. By stacking them, it doubles as a small table. On top, there is room for a carousel that holds plates, silverware and cups. Kitchen supply stores are wonderful for convenience and storage ideas that keep things neat and hidden.

Any fabric store will have a section with discounted reams of material in assorted fabrics, prints and colors. Remnants are very inexpensive, and can pull a dorm room together by having a central design and color scheme. For example, an animal print would look awesome with a few green plants and posters on the walls of jungle animals. Wall sized murals are also a great way to create more space visually. Murals stick to the wall by static-cling, making them perfect for dorm rooms where painting the walls is off limits.

A lot of dorm room necessities, such as small wastebaskets and throw pillows, are on sale in out-of-season colors. Later, cut out the appropriate shape in the fabric that was picked and use the hot glue gun to cover the item, or just add borders along selected edges. Customize a plain lampshade, wastebasket, and edges of bookshelf’s, window frames, light switch covers or anywhere else to produce a themed dorm room. The idea is to have several pieces of the chosen fabric as a highlight in each place in the room. For areas unsuitable for hot gluing, use double-sided sticky tape, this is inexpensive at office supply retailers.

Add several lamps that give off soft lighting, and then turn on in different combinations to create the feeling of different spaces. For a finished look, avoid unframed posters. Mirrors and mirror tiles also add the illusion of more space. Moreover, always avoid cluttering with too many knick-knacks, by alternating them in and out of storage.

When your kid is starting to college very soon you will be needing some dorm room bedding for their room. A fantastic site to help with your search is

, they are a leading supplier for all things for the new home away from home.

has professionals to help you should you need them.

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It’s Easy To Make A Custom Dorm Room

Effective Herniated Disc Treatment With Amazing Results!

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By Verona Raymond

Your herniated disc relief may be easier than you think with proven non-invasive herniated disc treatment.

Our body was really made in order to take care of itself. Scientists as well as individuals are constantly amazed by how well it performs, considering some of the things that we put it through. That doesn’t mean, however, that it is never going to give us a problem. A good example of this is if we have a difficulty with our back. This typically shows up in the way of a herniated disc and if you are experiencing this kind of pain, looking for a herniated disc treatment is probably foremost on your mind.


The spinal cord is encased within bones that are known as vertebrae. These vertebrae were meant to move independently of each other and this gives us the range of movement that we enjoy instead of having our back rigid all of the time. In between each of these vertebrae is a small spongy piece of tissue that is known as a disk. These not only help to absorb some of the shock that is experienced by our spine because of our regular movements, they also help to keep it flexible. If one of those disks should happen to get damaged in some way or another, however, it can cause a lot of pain for an individual, to say the least.

There are several different types of herniated disc treatments which you may need to choose from. Unfortunately, it is going to depend on us as an individual as well as the level of injury that we experience in order for us to decide on which one will work the best for us. The simple fact of the matter is, a herniated disc treatment that works for one person may simply not work for another or may even make things worse.

If you are seeking a medical herniated disc treatment, you would probably be relieved to find out that surgery is only recommended in about 10% of the cases. Typically, you will be told to get some rest and you may be given some medication in order to help with inflammation and to cope with the pain. You also will probably be instructed on the proper way to take care of your back so that it does not recur again in the future.

Many people seek an effective herniated disc treatment that they can do at home. There are plenty of people who have experienced some relief from their herniated disc by using these treatments, such as ice and heat therapy. There are also a variety of different stretching exercises that can help you with the initial pain that you’re feeling and decrease the possibility of a recurrence in the future. The same can also be said about lumbar stabilization exercises and certain aerobic exercises that can be done, depending on the severity of your pain. It is also very important for you to strengthen your back muscles whenever you are able, to keep lower back pain from returning in the future.

About the Author: Verona Raymond gets effective results when dealing with herniated disc pain. Learn her secret to eliminate herniated disc pain entirely and get her action plan toward immediate relief. To receive your own action plan, visit:


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A Peek Into The World Of Hi Tech Litigation Support

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By Karen Unger

At the heart of any legal undertaking is the mass of data that legal professionals need to perform their jobs. The demanding task of acquiring and organizing the documents that comprise this data is known as litigation support. It’s a task that requires a high level or organizational ability and a painstaking attention to detail. And with these documents increasingly in electronic form, litigation support professionals need IT skills as well as legal and organisational expertise.

Computers have revolutionized virtually all the professions. One area where IT has made a particularly huge impact is in the legal field.

The legal system runs on information and especially demands impeccable documentation with accuracy, security, integrity, speed and efficiency that only computers can provide. Managing this documentation is a critcal and the specialized field of litigation support services have emerged to handle this vital task. So what exactly do they do?

Litigation Support is defined as any operation involving human and mechanical systems to process information for use by attorneys or expert consultants in preparation for a lawsuit or a trial. In other words, a litigation support firm should offer any service that provides the legal professional with the data he needs to carry out his assignment.


And in this day and age a major part of such documentation is likely to be in electronic form and stored on a computer system. The retrieval and authentication of such documents is a field in itself one of vital importance to a successful legal undertaking.

The range of services offered by litigation support firms range from clerical activities such as the scanning, imaging, and indexing of documents to sophisticated activities such as electronic discovery and computer forensics.

Litigation support often uses the allied fields of electronic discovery and computer forensics. These are essentially the same thing

– the retrieval of data from computer systems for a specific puspose.

The difference is just in the reason for the retrivel; electronic discovery is for general purposes while computer forensics is when the retrieved information is for use in a law suit or in a court of law.

Electronic discovery or forensic investigations could involve recovering hidden, damaged or corrupted files. Or perhaps decrypting password-protected or encrypted files, as well as recovering emails, chat data and other forms of online communication.

Litigation support is a relatively new field but it’s evolving rapidly. The legal system depends on accurate and documented information in order to function so it’s essential to have professonals take charge of this task. And with data security becoming increasingly important in this wired world, the field of computer forensics is one that has to develop accordingly.

About the Author: Karen Unger founded, American Document Management. in 1989. She is an expert on imaging, document management and litigation support.


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Flight Services Mexico, United States, Latin America, Europe, Airfare Flights, Air Travel Services}

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Flight Services Mexico, United States, Latin America, Europe, Airfare Flights, Air Travel Services


Jimena Sainz

Tourism industry has come a long way in recent times. The industry is very well associated with air travel service industry. In other words, both industries go hand in hand. Today, the air travel industry is on its pinnacle on terms of growth rate. Every day, the industry serve millions around the world. Mexicana Airlines is a forerunner in providing air travel services including Mexico flights service, flights to United States, Latin America flights promotion, flights to Europe including airfare and many such air travel services. The unique facility of providing low cost and affordable flight services differ the company from other flight service providers.

Europe Travel Promotion

Traveling the beautiful continent of Europe is a dream of many. The continent has lot to offer in terms of tourist destinations and beautiful scenic views. Europe travel promotion provides you an opportunity to have a deep insight of one of the largest continents. Air flight services provider offers cheap flights to London, air flights to Madrid and various parts of the continent at fairly affordable prices. Your search for air flights from Mexicana to Europe ends here. These flights to Europe include airfare and air travel services. The increase in the number of tourists and the massive development of Europe tourism industry proves that Europe is now continuously developing as a hub of tourism. If you are planning a trip with family or a corporate meeting in Europe, book your flight with leading airline service provider at competitive prices with the best modern fleet.

Canada Travel Promotion

Tourism is an increasingly developing field of Canada that supports small, mid and large scale business and provides employment to Canadians across the country. Eminent flight services provider offers flight services to Canada at cheap rates. You can fly to Chicago at any day and at any time through non stop flight services to Montreal . These low cost airline services are the fastest and easiest way to travel to Canada. Enjoying luxury with pride was never so easy. The Mexico airport covers around 50 destination out of which one is Canada. Due to ease of getting flights from any corner of the world for Canada, the tourism industry within the country has been at an utmost advantage. Canada travel promotion will guarantee fun and entertainment along with fully customized services.

Latin America Travel Promotion

Latin America, a region of America is one of the most preferred regions for tourism and travel. Latin America travel promotion includes cheap air flight services to various parts of Latin America from Mexicana. Air flights for Latin America includes affordable flight services including air flight to Brazil, air flight to Argentina, air flight to Sao Paulo and various such destinations. These flight services assure professional attention to each minute detail along with reservation service and accurate travel information. Other travel services for different tourist destinations include air flight to Buenos Aires, Brazil air flight and many such services. Fly to Latin America for a fun filled vacation full of excitement and beauty.

The air flight service industry is flooded with small, mid and large scale companies assuring professional services. However you must choose the best air flight services provider for international air flight services only after thorough research and consulting. Contact Mexicana Airlines for more details.

Mexicana Airlines is a leading provider of

air travel services


Mexico flights service

, flights to United States, Latin America flights service and many such airline services to various destinations.

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Cotton Capri Pants Are Ideal Pants To Wear To A Summer Outing

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June, 2015 byadmin

Whether you are 24 years old or 60, pants that define a summer-casual look that is as classic as it is appealing can be translated into one distinctive design – the capris. Most women can wear the fashion that falls at the calf, except, perhaps, women who are short and overweight by about 20 pounds.

A Popular Piece of Apparel

Summer cotton Capri pants, also known as crop pants, capris, clam diggers and three-quarter pants, may end at the calf or knee but usually fall at the calf. The slim-line pants are widely popular casual wear, not only in the U.S. but also throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

The Designer of the Capri Style

The pants were the design brainchild of Sonja de Lennart, who introduced the pant style in 1948. Before that time, in 1945, Sonja had designed a wide belt and broad-swinging skirt that were paired with a hat and loose and comfortable blouse. The designer apparel was part of her Capri collection line. She liked the name Capri as it expressed her and her family’s love of the island of Capri.

The Island of Capri

The island of Capri itself is located on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a part of the Italian region of Campania. The main town on the isle is also known as Capri. The town and island have been a holiday resort since Ancient Roman times. Well-known on the island are a sea stack made of limestone that extends over the sea, also referred to as the Faraglioni.

Introducing the Look

Sonja replaced the wide-legged pant style, typical of the 40s, with Capri pants to emphasize a more flattering and feminine look. Her three-quarter length Capri pant style featured a fashionable short slit on each side of the Capri design.

Not Always a Summer Style

Find the more cotton Capri pants today are thought of as a summer pant style, the design was originally introduced for both summer and winter wear, with winter capris longer in length. In 1949, Mady Rahl, a German actress, showed off the Capri style pant for summer while Erni Mangold, an Austrian actress, revealed the new Capri pant look for winter.

A ‘50s Fashion Favorite

The Capri style was really launched in the ‘50s when the pants were featured wear for Audrey Hepburn in the movies “Roman Holiday” (1952) and “Sabrina” (1954). Other actresses that wore the fashionable pants included Doris Day, Katharine Hepburn, Kim Novak, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Popular in the ‘60s Too

The figure-flattering pant sparked a mild bit of controversy when Mary Tyler Moore, in her role as Laura Petrie, wore the fashion on the Dick Van Dyke Show in the ‘60s. The pants were also worn by Grace Kelly, who actually donned the fashion on the isle of Capri.