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Sun Protection For Yard Work With Straw Hats

By Penelope Morgan

Skin protection has become a major issue these days, irrespective of the region you inhabit. Europeans and Americans are no longer taking a risk when it comes to providing adequate protection for their skin, a reason being skin cancer.

Skin cancer might be a direct result of the rising UV index these days, and thus, your skin needs to be guarded against the sun at all times. This would not have caused as much worry as it did fifteen years ago, but now that the sun is stronger, people need to sit up and take notice.

It is a plain fact that skin cancer is on a rise these days, and it mostly affects those who are under thirty five years of age and spend most of their time traveling or out in the sun. Dermatologists have always insisted upon the use of a good sunscreen lotion while venturing out in the sun. Most people hold the belief that skin cancer will result only if your skin suffers from bad sunburns. Well, that myth has been exploded. You can suffer from skin cancer without any visible symptoms of sunburns. Change your habits right now, if you do not want your life to take a downturn soon!


In this article, I will try and give you a few tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and cut down on the risk of skin cancer. All you need to do is get into a habit of using certain preventive measures:

1.Apply a good sun-block every morning before leaving the house. Make sure all your family members, including the kids rub sunscreen over their face and hands- or any other visible region. That includes your neck, your ears and shoulders.

2.Wear straw hats. It is essential to cover up your head- it not only protects your hair from being sun bleached, it will also help keep your face in the shade. Whether you are just out for a walk or pottering about in the garden- a sun hat is a must for everybody. A hat with a wide brim will prevent pre mature wrinkling, as well as prevent freckles from appearing on your face, neck and shoulders. These hats are mostly popular in countries that are closer to the equator, and are easily available.

Remember, therefore, to always don a stylish hat, preferably of straw before going out to work on your yard or elsewhere. A hat constructed of breathable fibers that will allow your perspiration to dry up will suit you better in humid weather. You could also choose to wear a hat that has an upturned brim. These days, there are hats that are lined with RayosanTM- this unique fabric absorbs most of the harmful UV radiations of the sun, allowing only a little to pass through to your skin. In fact recent research has revealed that around 99% of harmful UV rays are absorbed by this fabric.

Moreover, it is easy to clean straw hats: you would need nothing more than water and some mild detergent! As for proper storage of the hat, ensure that the brim doesn’t lose its shape by keeping it in an upside down manner.

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