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Top Five Core Strengthening Exercises For Women

By Daniel Clay

The abdominal muscles are referred to as the core muscles since they are central to all the basic activities performed by you. And as women are more fallible to bone and joint disorders than men, it is important for them to concentrate on strengthening the core muscles. However, it is not necessary for them to attend a boot camp to learn these simple exercises. Simple exercises that you could do at home to strengthen your abdominal muscles are listed below.


Crunches strengthen the lower, middle and the upper abdominal muscles and hence are considered as one of the best core exercises. Crunches tighten the abdomen muscles and also help you strengthen the various muscles of the abdomen, simultaneously. Interesting variants of crunches have been recommended to enable you to easily strengthen the different sectors of the abdominal muscles. They include the basic crunches, bi-cycle crunches, oblique crunches and the vertical leg crunches.

Drawing In

Another simple core exercise that helps you in reinforcing the abdomen is the drawing-in exercise. This easy exercise is more of a breathing exercise, wherein you suck in the stomach muscles and hold on for few seconds. This exercise is to be repeated a few times for better results.


Plank exercises

The plank exercise in addition to strengthening the abdominal muscle strengthens the back too. This is like doing your push-ups, but here you additionally contract your stomach when the body is raised from the ground level. You are advised to hold on to the contracted position for nearly 30-60 seconds and repeat the exercise about five times, initially.

Side bends

Yet another uncomplicated exercise that you could do with just a dumb-bell is the side bends. By holding a dumb-bell in one hand, here you bend from one side to another simultaneously lowering the dumb=bell to knee height. By repeating the exercise till you feel comfortable, you strengthen your core muscles.

Holding sit-up

The holding sit-up is essentially for the lower abs and is another non-strenuous exercise that results in strengthening of your core muscles. However this is not recommended for women with weak back, as the condition could be aggravated as you raise your shoulder from the ground-level to sitting position.

Tips for abdominal exercises

It is important however to do the exercises regularly to reap the rewards of the exercise. You would not feel the positive effect of the exercises if you do not do these core exercises at least five times a week. But instead of doing every exercise on each day of the week you may choose three to four exercises for every day. You may repeat the exercises a few times at short intervals, without unduly straining yourself.

Apart from the top five core exercises listed above, there are few other equally good exercises that women may have in their repertoire. Exercises like alternate toe-touching, floor cycling, medicinal ball sit-ups, weighted curls with medicinal balls and reverse crunches could be tried out too in rotation. By rotating the effective exercises, you ensure that your exercise schedules do not go stale, but remains entertaining and lively.

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