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Wearing Scrub Top And Pants Is Critical For Yourself}

Submitted by: Adam Christensen

Being a doctor is one of those jobs that goes beyond turning up, marking time and cashing your pay check at the end of the month. It requires absolute commitment and can be a truly exhausting job, and not all the endings are happy. However, it is still a job which attracts many people, and can be genuinely rewarding.

People do this job because it needs to be done and, if you are a good doctor, you can save lives, give people their quality of life back and help countless people turn themselves around. For fulfillment, there are few better jobs just as long as you don’t get unrealistic expectations about saving everyone and curing everything, and realise you do plenty as it is.

One would think that, given the important work a doctor does, that what is on the surface would not matter so much. Why does your external appearance come into the question when it’s your medical abilities that will really matter? Does it really make a difference what you wear so long as the patients are treated in the correct way?


The reason is that a patient needs to have confidence in their doctor. Simply put, if you enter a medical consulting room looking like you wash your scrub tops with dish water, patients will not be confident. In fact, psychologically there can be a serious negative effect from seeing a doctor who appears grubby or dirty in a hospital where reason dictates that everything should be clean.

Hygiene is of vital importance in a hospital. It is a chilling fact that people still to this day can die after sustaining relatively minor injuries as a result of bugs they have picked up in the hospital it is rare, but still possible. A great many doctors will go through their entire careers without actually seeing it happen or knowing anyone who has but this does not comfort some patients

The last thing that any doctor wants is for his or her patients to fear that an infection may come from the person giving care, so it is essential to present yourself in a clean and tidy fashion, and this entails wearing a clean and tidy scrub top. If you take pride in your appearance the patients are more likely to feel that they are getting the best treatment they can hope for.

Your scrub pants are also important, and need to be well fitted as well as clean. Of course what matters most is how you care for your patients and how you treat them, but they will be more responsive to a doctor who gives them confidence.

Make sure when you buy your scrubs pant that you get a pair which fit you well and are easy to keep clean you’re doing an important job out there. Why undersell yourself when the job you are doing could not be done by just anyone? Take care of how you look, and let your natural and learned abilities shine through.

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