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Welcome To The World Of Designer Nursing And Medical Scrubs}

Submitted by: Seomul Evans

Our society, and indeed the whole world, admire and respect the medical profession. We look to our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to cure us of disease, give us comfort and hope during times of crisis, and support us in our search for good physical and mental health. It is important that our nurses live up to this noble deed, and it is also vital that they present themselves well to inspire comfort and confidence from patients. They must look as if they are competent and caring, while at the same time be comfortable themselves. Nursing scrubs and other medical uniforms can help do just that.

At one time in our history, every nurse wore pure white from head to toe. A white hat, a white dress or skirt and top, white tights, and white shoes were typical fare for medical professionals. In fact, if you ask anyone who is about thirty years old or older what a nurse looks like, he or she is probably going to describe that ubiquitous figure in all white from the little cap down. Ask a youngster, though, and he or she might describe the nice lady with the cute little pictures of lollipops on her shirt. That is because the more comfortable, more stylish, more practical nursing scrub however is replacing that old-fashioned nursing uniform. White is so pass. So yesterday. So out. If white button-up medical uniforms are out, you might be asking yourself what is in? Well, designer scrubs are in.

Todays scrubs come in a variety of styles and colors to fit any mood, any size person, men and women alike, and any area of the hospital or any type of doctors office. You can find scrubs that come in any color, and you can mix and match them as you see fit. You can find patterns in just about anything that interests you or to promote any kind of emotions you like from cheerfulness to somber professionalism. Scrubs can have peace signs for the hippy in us all, flowers for the nurses who may like gardening in her spare time, or golden retrievers for the animal lover or medical professional who works in a veterinary office. The choices are limitless.


It is not difficult to find these scrubs, either. All you have to do is go online. There are thousands of online stores that carry scrub tops, scrub hats, scrub pants, and complete scrub sets. If you are a small person, there is sure to be a size to fit you. If you are larger than average, you will be able to find your size, too. Is your favorite color pink because it brings out your facial features? Fine, search for a pink scrub. Do you like blue because it makes your eyes pop? Okay, no problem, go online and find blue scrubs in any number of sizes and styles.

Are you a surgery nurse? No need to worry, todays scrubs are hygienic. They distribute moisture (sweat) and are easily maintained. Just thrown them on, toss them off, and put them in the washer and dryer. Todays scrubs are so convenient and so stylish as well. Do you have a tiny waist? Maybe you might like your nursing scrubs to have strings that tie in the back or a little elastic at the waistline. No problem, they exist and can be easily purchased online. Do you sometimes feel a little bloated? That is no problem, either; you may decide that drawstring scrub bottoms are best for you. Are you young and are used to wearing your pants below you waistline? Okay, todays new medical scrubs offer the new below-the-waist waistlines, too.

No mater what your preference, from wild and crazy designs and colors, to tradition subdued greens and blues, from simple v-necklines to a mandarin collar, from elastic to drawstring, there is a scrub to suit you, your profession, and lifestyle, and your personality.

Most online scrub sites offer you the chance to return your scrubs if you are not satisfied, so check the return policy before you buy, then buy with confidence. Some sites offer free shipping and will ship to either your billing address or another address of your choosing. If you can find free shipping, that is even better. Even if you cant find the scrubs you want at a site that offers free shipping, there are usually reasonable shipping rates, and even when you add in the cost of mailing your scrubs to you, it can cost less than buying your scrubs at the local medical uniform supply store.

So, let your personality shine. Express yourself. Enjoy wearing scrubs that make you and your patients feel happy, or simply radiate a sense of professionalism like no other and let your scrubs help you do it.

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