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Why Many Patients Choose Dental Implants In Grove City Pa

byAlma Abell

Various oral diseases, such as Periodontal disease and diabetes, may cause tooth decay, tooth loss and bone decay. To replace these teeth, the patient will normally have several options available to them, although the options usually depend on the overall health of the oral cavity. A consultation with an oral surgeon will help to narrow down the choices and help the patient choose the best option for their lifestyle. The options available may consist of dentures, a flipper, a bridge or an implant.


Most patients select dental implants because they last a lifetime whereas the other options may need replacing every three to five years. The implant also does not move and is held in place by the actual jaw bone. The other options are held in place by applying force to the adjacent teeth or gum. Because the implants are not applying pressure to the other teeth or gum, possible damage to the surrounding teeth are prevented. The implants are also known to appear more natural than the alternatives and allow the patient to chew, talk and eat however they normally eat.

For a patient considering Dental Implants in Grove City PA, a board certified oral surgeon should be selected for the procedure. The surgeon should have years of experience and provide all options to the patient clearly so the patient may select their best option. When a patient receives the Dental Implants in Grove City PA, the patient will leave the dental office with the implant in place and a temporary crown or bridge. The bone is allowed to grow around the implant for at least eight weeks. The time-frame for bone regrowth will depend on the oral health of the patient.

During this bone regrowth period, the patient will visit the surgeon that completed the initial Dental Implants in Grove City PA for oral check-ups. This is done in order to check the progress of the regrowth and the health of the oral cavity. Once the desired amount of bone regrowth is completed, the oral surgeon will then fit the patient for the permanent crown which will fit on top of the implant. After completion of the Dental Implants in Grove City PA, the patient usually feels the replacement as a normal tooth.

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