Blue Badge Guides Fly The Flag For Liverpool’s World Heritage Status}

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Neil McDonaldWe spoke to a Blue Badge Tourist Guide about Liverpool – how it has stormed into the list of top cities in the world to visit and how the threat of losing World Heritage Status could affect its future prosperity.Merseyside’s major city is a magnet for tourists the world over. Popular with Indonesians is a trip to Anfiled and LFC, taking in the ground’s selfie trail, the smart new visitor centre and ‘disney-esque’ merchandise shop. Culture vultures flock to admire the biggest collection of listed buildings in Britain. And the ever popular Beatles are a particular draw for American visitors. Leading local Tour Guide, Claire Rider, told us:’As well as individual travellers and tour groups, the city has seen more than one hundred thousand cruise liner passengers during 2017.’At busy periods there are large parties of Spanish and Italian, among other nationalities of students. International visitors exploring the city in 2016 contributed to the region’s visitor economy that exceeded 4.3 billion. Claire, who is based in Liverpool, explains why this booming business is under threat:’We’re a city rich in maritime heritage, this has driven many ground breaking moments in history. For instance we had the first branch of the Bank of England outside London; the first American Embassy on foreign soil and the global cotton exchange is still in the city centre. Until people arrive here they often don’t realise the significance of the city to The British Empire over centuries. But for many others the UNESCO World Heritage Status communicates that simply and instantly.’During the last decade the number of day visitors has almost doubled. It’s no wonder the city’s tourism industry is twitchy at the thought of being downgraded. The chance of the city being struck off as a World Heritage site centres on a planning decision to transform 60 hectares of redundant docklands into 9,000 flats, offices and shops. The model for the scheme has been described by The Guardian newspaper as resembling a ‘row of gaudy crystal ornaments’.The same newspaper carried an interview with the mayor of Liverpool. It claims he has dismissed the anti-development campaigners as luddites and the UNESCO ‘certificate on the wall’ didn’t play a role in boosting the city’s prospects. Claire added:’The guiding qualification takes months and is a hefty financial commitment. The blue badge is the UK’s highest guiding endorsement. There are dozens of qualified guides in the city and many more tourist guides. Their continued employment is more secure with the UNESCO endorsement. To be qualified by The Institute of Tourist Guiding we have to learn about the entire UK. We’ve all been through that training, with the in depth knowledge acquired I can honestly say that if any city deserves the UNESCO accolade it’s Liverpool.’In July 2017 UNESCO officials gave Liverpool a stay of execution for up to 12 months. Campaigners are not resting on their laurels whilst the Mercantile City remains on the World Heritage ‘In Danger’ list. The entire situation does open up the debate on whether skyscrapers detract from the fact that the destination was a major trading centre for two centuries. Six sites were added to the World Heritage list in 2004 in recognition of their role in the growth of the British Empire.Some argue that in London the Shard and The Gherkin have been built close to World Heritage sites without threat to their status. But in contrast the 5bn worth of buildings planned for the Liverpool waterfront would occupy up to 600,000 square metres. The UNESCO officials will have to take a view on whether local planning officers are acting in the interests of local heritage. To put it into context other World Heritage sites across the globe include the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon and the pyramids in Egypt.Another proposed building that forms part of the proposals is a permanent cruise liner terminal. Nobody in the tourism industry would argue one is not required, but they may question at what cost. The plans are adjacent to Liverpool’s Three Graces and would entirely transform the skyline.Henrietta Billings, Director of SAVE Britain’s Heritage is quoted as saying:’This is a final warning shot for Liverpool and the British Government. International heritage status doesn’t just put LIverpool on the world stage, it brings cultural tourism, urban regeneration, and sustainable visitor attractions.’Billings went on to say losing the status would be an international embarrassment and hugely costly mistake. The current reprieve stands until 2018.

Claire Rider holds the highest UK endorsement for tourist guiding – The Blue Badge. Based in Liverpool, she shares her thoughts on the positive impact of tourism on the city and how the UNESCO World Heritage status underpins this. The city’s guides welcome visitors from across the world to show them the amazing architecture, history and culture. Many run day excursions and tours that take in The Lake District, North Wales, Ireland and The Isle of Man.

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Flight Services Mexico, United States, Latin America, Europe, Airfare Flights, Air Travel Services}

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Flight Services Mexico, United States, Latin America, Europe, Airfare Flights, Air Travel Services


Jimena Sainz

Tourism industry has come a long way in recent times. The industry is very well associated with air travel service industry. In other words, both industries go hand in hand. Today, the air travel industry is on its pinnacle on terms of growth rate. Every day, the industry serve millions around the world. Mexicana Airlines is a forerunner in providing air travel services including Mexico flights service, flights to United States, Latin America flights promotion, flights to Europe including airfare and many such air travel services. The unique facility of providing low cost and affordable flight services differ the company from other flight service providers.

Europe Travel Promotion

Traveling the beautiful continent of Europe is a dream of many. The continent has lot to offer in terms of tourist destinations and beautiful scenic views. Europe travel promotion provides you an opportunity to have a deep insight of one of the largest continents. Air flight services provider offers cheap flights to London, air flights to Madrid and various parts of the continent at fairly affordable prices. Your search for air flights from Mexicana to Europe ends here. These flights to Europe include airfare and air travel services. The increase in the number of tourists and the massive development of Europe tourism industry proves that Europe is now continuously developing as a hub of tourism. If you are planning a trip with family or a corporate meeting in Europe, book your flight with leading airline service provider at competitive prices with the best modern fleet.

Canada Travel Promotion

Tourism is an increasingly developing field of Canada that supports small, mid and large scale business and provides employment to Canadians across the country. Eminent flight services provider offers flight services to Canada at cheap rates. You can fly to Chicago at any day and at any time through non stop flight services to Montreal . These low cost airline services are the fastest and easiest way to travel to Canada. Enjoying luxury with pride was never so easy. The Mexico airport covers around 50 destination out of which one is Canada. Due to ease of getting flights from any corner of the world for Canada, the tourism industry within the country has been at an utmost advantage. Canada travel promotion will guarantee fun and entertainment along with fully customized services.

Latin America Travel Promotion

Latin America, a region of America is one of the most preferred regions for tourism and travel. Latin America travel promotion includes cheap air flight services to various parts of Latin America from Mexicana. Air flights for Latin America includes affordable flight services including air flight to Brazil, air flight to Argentina, air flight to Sao Paulo and various such destinations. These flight services assure professional attention to each minute detail along with reservation service and accurate travel information. Other travel services for different tourist destinations include air flight to Buenos Aires, Brazil air flight and many such services. Fly to Latin America for a fun filled vacation full of excitement and beauty.

The air flight service industry is flooded with small, mid and large scale companies assuring professional services. However you must choose the best air flight services provider for international air flight services only after thorough research and consulting. Contact Mexicana Airlines for more details.

Mexicana Airlines is a leading provider of

air travel services


Mexico flights service

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For The Love Of Ink: You Deserve Quality Custom Tattoos

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byAlma Abell

If you’ve finally reached the decision to have some ink done, you shouldn’t rush out and have it done by the first tattoo artist you find. In fact, that is the worst thing you could possibly do. Before you have your first tattoo, or even your thirty-first tattoo, you should do some serious investigation of the local tattoo parlors. There are several issues that you should take into consideration before selecting an artist for your ink. Here are just a few of the things you should consider when looking for Quality Custom Tattoos.


Take a tour of the tattoo shops your considering. They should be clean and free of clutter. That means that the trash should be in receptacles and not on the floor. Artists should be wearing gloves. You should be able to see signs of safety precautions that are in place, such as rubbing alcohol at the work stations. If the you can see signs of dirt or unsanitary conditions, you should leave.


The tattoo artist you choose should have experience in the style you’re looking for. Different artists will have different styles and it’s important that the artist you choose is familiar with the style your looking for. This is particularly important when you’re looking for Quality Custom Tattoos.


Finally, look at the selection. Does the artist or parlor have a few designs that they try to sway you towards? If they do, find a a new shop. Tattoo shops, like Da Vinci Tattoo, should have the ability to cater to your desires, especially since your tattoo is going to be a permanent part of your body. If you have a design in mind, take a drawing or photograph with you. A quality tattoo artist, like the artists at Da Vinci Tattoo, will be able to bring your drawing to life.

Don’t take chances with a substandard tattoo artist. You want your tattoo to say something about you, and you want to be happy with it when the artist is done. Make sure it says exactly what you want by choosing a quality tattoo artist.

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7 Questions To Consider Before Selecting A Perfect Destination For Corporate Events}

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7 Questions to consider before selecting a perfect destination for corporate events



A meeting planner needs to take a lot of decisions before planning an event and this includes picking an appropriate meeting venue and hotel, selecting right beverage and food, sourcing proper transportation services and hiring best speakers. However, choosing the right destination is the biggest point and with so many cities, arriving at the right destination seems a daunting task. However, consider few key points that are the checklist and decide on.

1. What is of importance to the group? Your corporate event destination should be chosen considering your attendees. What do they like, a cheaper meal option or have a desire for gourmet restaurants. Do they like walking or just wish to be shuttled. Are they concerned about mainstream attractions or want a regional destination and do they prefer traveling to long distances. Give importance to the tastes and preferences of your attendees.

2. Will the group fit into the destination? No matter how popular a city is. It is very important to know if your corporate group will find the destination a good match. Check for the destination to fulfill these:

Is there enough physical spaces

Enough hotel rooms and sufficient square footage

Is it a great center of attention even in a small city

Now that you know the group, ask for yourself, if it is okay for the group to have the corporate event.

3. How to get around? Evaluate the capabilities of your attendees, will the city offer easy access, are there non-stop flights, transportation costs to the destination. Is there light rail or mass transit or do the attendees need to spend on cabs to reach the destination. Narrow your search and check on related amenities to make it a perfect destination.

4. What is the infrastructure? Many destinations claim to offer the best fit, whether you plan a hotel for in-house meeting or consider a convention facility. Understand the spaces of meeting arranged, do the layout work for the event, and are the hotel away from the convention center and do they connect with some walkways.

5. Is there enough things to do? Find out if the destination has lots to offer, is it fun, unique and interesting, do they have amenities away from the meeting space, including culture, restaurants, entertainment and outdoor activities. Is everything located conveniently from the property and are they within walking distance? Is the city safe on foot to explore, particularly in the evening hours?

6. Is it worth spending? Comprehend the overall cost and value of holding a meeting. Is this place the right destination or is it worth going to some affordable city less attractive, but may cost less.

What is your meeting ROI to that destination? consider the meeting attendees number to decide the tier of the city and considering affordable does not mean looking for cheap alternatives.

7. Does the destination have an appeal? The destination should have something that people would love to visit. The first tier cities offer broad appeal, while the second and third tiers have allure to fair share. Thus, research a destination, know its culture and ensure it is special and unique.

You can either choose to follow all these pointers or choose conference venues Torquayfor business events Surf CoastArticle Source:


Choosing Quality Nursing Homes In Topeka Ks

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The selection of a nursing home for a loved one is a very important decision. For a variety of reasons, family members must make the difficult decision of placing their mother, father, and other dear loved ones in a facility that promises to provide sufficient care. Although many nursing homes do provide exceptional care, it is important for individuals to take the time to select a nursing home that is capable of providing the care that their loved ones need on a consistent basis. Doing this will provide family members with a sense of relief that their older family members are well taken care of and, at the same time, are very comfortable in their chosen nursing home.

When considering nursing homes Topeka KS, asking around for recommendations is highly important. Most people are quick to share their personal experiences with regards to medical treatment for themselves or for a family member. Those who have had an experience in a particular nursing home would probably be more than willing to share their own experiences. If recommendations from other family members, friends and coworkers are not available, there are a number of consumer review websites where people share their personal experiences about various business, companies and organizations in their local area. This is a great resource to use to narrow down the choices for quality nursing homes.

Taking a tour of various nursing homes in Topeka KS is a necessary part of the nursing home selection process. Most people are interested in knowing about the condition of the nursing homes that they are considering for their loved ones. Taking a tour allows interested parties to determine what each prospective nursing home has to offer in terms of amenities, resources and medical assistance for their residents.

When touring nursing homes, it is very important to consider the treatment of the residents in order to select the best nursing homes in the area. While visiting nursing homes, keep an observant eye on the attentiveness of the medical staff. Are resident requests answered as promptly as possible or are residents frequently ignored? Do the residents look happy or is there an overwhelming feeling of despondency in the nursing home? Are the nursing home residents engaged by members of the nursing home staff? These are questions that should be answered truthfully so you can make the best decision.

Overall, the process of selecting nursing homes in Topeka KS requires a substantial amount of consideration to ensure that older loved ones are placed in facility where they will be cared for with compassion and attentiveness.

Are you trying to make a well informed decision about quality nursing homes in Topeka KS? If so, we can assist with the process. Visit for more information.