It’s Easy To Make A Custom Dorm Room

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It’s Easy To Make A Custom Dorm Room


Amanda J Greene

Heading to college reveals a world of exciting new experiences, one of them being life in a dormitory. Virtually every college student views their small dorm room as a chance to express their individuality. With a good imagination, any bleak, empty dorm room is convenient to turn into a student’s haven and retreat. By using hot glue guns, double-sided tape, scissors and bulk reams of material in a favorite print, students can customize their dorm room to suit their fashion.


In small spaces, furniture should fill more than one need, doing double-duty. A small apartment sized refrigerator that sits on the floor makes the perfect base for a microwave oven. By stacking them, it doubles as a small table. On top, there is room for a carousel that holds plates, silverware and cups. Kitchen supply stores are wonderful for convenience and storage ideas that keep things neat and hidden.

Any fabric store will have a section with discounted reams of material in assorted fabrics, prints and colors. Remnants are very inexpensive, and can pull a dorm room together by having a central design and color scheme. For example, an animal print would look awesome with a few green plants and posters on the walls of jungle animals. Wall sized murals are also a great way to create more space visually. Murals stick to the wall by static-cling, making them perfect for dorm rooms where painting the walls is off limits.

A lot of dorm room necessities, such as small wastebaskets and throw pillows, are on sale in out-of-season colors. Later, cut out the appropriate shape in the fabric that was picked and use the hot glue gun to cover the item, or just add borders along selected edges. Customize a plain lampshade, wastebasket, and edges of bookshelf’s, window frames, light switch covers or anywhere else to produce a themed dorm room. The idea is to have several pieces of the chosen fabric as a highlight in each place in the room. For areas unsuitable for hot gluing, use double-sided sticky tape, this is inexpensive at office supply retailers.

Add several lamps that give off soft lighting, and then turn on in different combinations to create the feeling of different spaces. For a finished look, avoid unframed posters. Mirrors and mirror tiles also add the illusion of more space. Moreover, always avoid cluttering with too many knick-knacks, by alternating them in and out of storage.

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It’s Easy To Make A Custom Dorm Room

An Assessment Of Penalties That A Drug Crime Law Firm Can Provide

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In Illinois, drug charges are punished according to the type of drug that is in the accused’s possession. The quantity also defines the severity of the penalties applied. The information below provides some details about the penalties for these infractions that can be assessed by a drug crime law firm.


Convictions for Marijuana Possession

A conviction of quantities between 2,000 and 5,000 grams and possession of any quantity over 5,000 grams incur fines of no more than $25,000. The conviction for between 500 and 2,000 grams is no more than five years in prison and a fine that doesn’t exceed $25,000. However, the lower quantities lead to 7 years in prison, while quantities over 5,000 grams lead to 15 years in prison.

Penalties for Prescription Forgery

The fines for any defendant convicted of prescription forgery is a maximum of $100,000. The sentence for this first offense is no more than three years in prison. The next conviction presents a $200,000 fine. The prison sentence ranges up to five years.

In Illinois, defendants charged with drug crimes are sentenced to prison if the infraction qualifies as a felony. These penalties can present them with difficulties when applying for jobs. They can also prevent them from acquiring federal student loans for college. Individuals who need legal assistance from a drug crime law firm should visit today.

Free Online Medical Transcription Course

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There are many courses that are available if you choose to do online medical transcription. The reason is because the subject of medical transcription is vast and would not be covered in one course.

Online medical transcription courses can be taken at the convenience of the learner as well as their comfort. The online medical transcription courses can be done right from your home, therefore wasting time in going somewhere to learn it is not at all on the list. You can choose the time you wish to learn the course and just get started!

The online medical transcription that you do is highly recognized as the institutes offering these courses are affiliated with reputed institutes. There are online schools that provide you with the institutes that offer these courses and you can obtain a degree by just learning from your home. The only work that you are required to undertake is browsing the net and selecting the appropriate course for yourself.

The online school that is supposed to be good offers courses that are similar to the courses that are offered at regular schools. The courses that are available are for medical terminology, ethics, anatomy and physiology. Yet, there are other courses that offer training to teach the laboratory tests and the medical procedures and even the transcription of the format.

Learning to transcript is very important as the use of medical terminology is used and it takes time for a person to understand the same and therefore you have to get used to the terms as well as the abbreviations used. It is time consuming to understand the terms but than once you master the art, it definitely pays off.

The online medical transcription courses are crystal clear and do not make any false promises. They teach whatever they mention in the syllabus at the time of selection of the course. There are online medical transcription schools that even promise their students a placement once they finish out with the selected course with them. Therefore some schools online are more tempting than others as they offer direct job placement too.

You must prepare yourself before applying for any of the courses online as this requires a lot of patience and commitment. If you are the person who is sure that you want to become a transcriptionist then you should register yourself at the earliest.

The aim of any Online medical transcription institute is to provide with the best training possible, just like any regular school, therefore they would also like their students to be serious, confident and willing to perform the best.