The History Of The Diamond Wedding Ring

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The History of the Diamond Wedding Ring



It is known that diamond is the essence of love and the symbol of two surging into one. By playing a very important romantic role, it was said that the arrow is Cupid was made of the hardest object in nature diamond. After the prevalence for about hundreds of years, diamond is still dominating the very important role in romance.

The ring itself cannot find its origin due to the shape of circle which symbolizes the antique eternal love. Love story about the diamond wedding ring can be dated back to the Medieval; it was regarded as the most ideal token or evidence of marriage. Before the fifteenth century, diamond is the very precious item that only appeared in the royal and aristocratic wedding.

In 1475 in Italy, groom Constanzo Sforza sent a diamond ring to the bride Camilla d Aragona in their wedding and sent her a small piece of warm poem in which the brilliance was compared to the deep and eternal love for each other. Until the year of 1477, the first documented diamond ring appeared the one that Archduke Maximilian sent to his fiancee Mary of Burgundy.

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When it came to the Renaissance gradually, rings of the kind were inlaid in the gorgeous enamel carving with the delicate decoration. Gimmel ring consists of two circles which can be slide and open, emblems that is used to show the romance was carved the scripture, \”God has joined together, let not man put asunder.\” It later developed onto the ring that is used to show one s belief, which was called Fede in the shapes of two held hands to represent the utility of love, frequently there will be a heart-shaped diamond in the common part that two hands held tightly.

The focus of a ring transferred to the gem after 17th century, which had a reference to relatively simple and nature design; in 18th century, both the fact that new deposits was found in Brazil and the improvement of diamond cutting bring the diamond market prosperous and bright boom in the period. Rococo style wedding ring during the period is in the tendency of romantic style: double heart plus the arch, crown and fruits and birds of love, or spelt words with diamonds.

The concept that diamond is related with love has deeply rooted in the bottom of many people, which was triggered by the romance in the early 19th century and the passion of the Queen Victorian for jewelry.

Before Victorian s marriage, Albert sent her a single enamel diamond ring as the wedding gifts, which was a python-shaped item which symbolize protection and eternality. There was a period that shapes of heart and bow were very prevalent, as the speedy development of economic in the 19th century, elements of diamond became imbued with more continuity and modern design began increase furiously, such as the half circle inlaid diamond ring, tri-diamond ring, and the gypsy design which combines the diamond and the gold circle ring.

In the so-called good old days between the period of the late 19th century and the World War I, the prosperous, luxurious and leisure life generated another great time for diamond. New deposits found in South Africa, great development of the cutting technology bring ring the important characteristics being decorated with single diamond and inlaid with the prong setting method to let brilliance of the diamond released into extreme.

Till today, a diamond wedding ring is still the common expression of true love and eternality, perhaps in a more concentrated way; it is the most important part power of piety diamond and love in wedding in various areas in the world.

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Necklace Jewellery: Wear Different Types With A Variety Of Clothing}

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Submitted by: Karoline Watson

Have you been looking for the perfect necklace jewellery to wear to a very special occasion in your life? Or are you dying to own a necklace to pair with both your simple and sophisticated clothes? If you are searching for these jewellery charms for these reasons, then it is best to take a look at the wide array of options you have.

Amongst the many types of necklaces out there, you may already be familiar with those carved out of diamond, gold jewellery and fine silver jewellery. Yes, these three are said to be the most popular classes for these jewelry accessories. But apart from these categories, the jewels can also be classified further into the following.

The “choker” and the “princess” of necklace jewellery

A choker is best described by its specific length of around 14 inches. It is said to be a traditional, classy type of necklace. What makes this piece fascinating is the fact that it can lie flat on your necks yet look very sophisticated. They may lack the charm of pendants, but these jewellery charms can be relied upon no matter what occasion you are going to attend. Use it either with a cocktail dress or even with a simple, button-down shirt.

You also have princess necklaces to choose from. In contrary to chokers, these pieces can be worn with pendants. They can be worn with either high or low necklines or even crew shirts. This will surely make you look as elegant as you want to be even with a simple pair of shirt and jeans.

What about the opera and matinee necklace jewellery?

Just like the princess necklace, an opera necklace is best worn with either crew or high necklines. You can also wear them to various occasions from simple dining engagements with friends to formal occasions. These jewelry accessories are so versatile that you can create another unique look out of them by simply knotting them on their ends.

Matinee necklaces, on the other hand, are best worn with high neckline clothes. You can even use them whilst you are wearing your sundresses along the shore. They are of course perfect partners for evening gowns and other types of formal wear. With these pieces hanging on your neck, you will surely attract people who will have a glimpse of your elegance.

And then there is the rope necklace jewellery

The rope necklace is said to be as popular and as versatile as other types of necklaces. Since they are multi-strand chokers they can be transformed into other designs. But add to that, they can also be used as charm bracelets or even as multiple necklaces. If there is one such clothing that will make this necklace standout, that will be a backless dress. With a rope necklace on, you can simply leave some of its strands hanging on your shoulders.

Now that you have learned about the many types of necklace jewellery to wear in a variety of occasions, there is no reason to worry. You simply have to use some of the tips above and you can find a perfect elegant piece to match the type of clothing you are wearing to an event.

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Six Sigma Training Six Sigma Green Belt Courses, Six Sigma Black Belt Courses}

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Six Sigma Training-Six Sigma Green Belt Courses, Six Sigma Black Belt Courses


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Choose A Wedding Ring That Will Give You Joy For A Lifetime

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byAlma Abell

The moment a Wedding Ring is placed on a Bride’s finger is truly one of the awe inspiring parts of any ceremony. When a double ring ceremony is performed, it further signifies the devotion of a couple to each other for eternity. How your Wedding Ring is chosen can be as individual as the person who will wear it. Some couples enjoy picking out their rings together for their first official act as a couple. When they visit Harry C. Glinberg Jewelers they can take a look at their wide selection of rings and be certain that what they choose fits their personal style. In addition to the rings of varying metals and diamonds in traditional shapes, couples can also customize their rings so that their bands are uniquely their own. One look at the web pages dedicated online to will not only give you an idea of the latest versions of rings available in fine jewelry stores, but how your diamond can be cut to fit in your chosen arrangement.

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In addition to wedding bands and engagement rings, this fine jewelry shop also features gifts that are perfect for members of the wedding party. The lucky gentleman who serves as Best Man would be a great candidate for a men’s gold bracelet or watch. Friends or relatives asked to be Groomsmen would certainly appreciate receiving a silver tie-tac or money clip. Female members of the Bridal party will want to have a present as a heartfelt thanks for their work and participation in the wedding proceedings. The choice of a gold chain necklace or string of pearls can be worn along with their gowns at the ceremony and reception that same day.

Mothers and Grandmothers may already have bracelets that feature charms detailing major life events. A gold charm representing this special day is something they will cherish forever. As with the wedding rings themselves, most items can be engraved with your names or special message. This makes any piece of jewelry even more special for both the person giving the gift and the person to whom it has been tenderly presented to.