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Magnetic Generator Viable Home Electricity Generators Or Not?

By Creztor Tessel

When it comes to the subject of creating your own home electricity, there are several ways you can do it but none can compare to a magnetic generator. Magnetic power generators aren’t the only way home owners can create home electricity, but it is one of the newer methods available and very few people have even heard of them. Instead, more common alternative solutions have been solar power and wind power which have been around for some time. These two are extremely well known, but they have failed to promise the kind of energy savings that home owners had originally wished for. There are many factors about solar power and wind power that are the key to why the majority of houses around the world have not adopted them and will not adopt them anywhere in the near future.

The concept of using the sun to create electricity has been with us for around 30 years. However, to this day most houses don’t use solar power to create home electricity. In fact, the most popular use of the sun has been in solar water heaters and not for actual home energy creation. Just why has solar power failed to deliver on the promises people had hoped for? The two main reasons why solar power is not a viable home electricity solution are the setup costs and the savings a home owner stands to gain. The biggest deterrent solar power has for most people is the setup cost. Unlike magnetic generators which are cheap to setup and get going, solar power can set back a home possibly several thousands of dollars. The reason for this is that solar technology is expensive. It is true that costs of solar panels have come down over the years, but they are still beyond what most people would call affordable. The second problem with solar power is that the low energy savings mean a house may possibly have to use solar power for twenty to thirty years before they saw any reasonable return and broke even on the installation costs. This means you may have to wait more than twenty years before you start to actually save money. These are two of the main reasons solar power has failed and where magnetic generators shine.


Magnetic generators, unlike solar power, don’t cost the earth to install. The setup costs of a magnetic generator are extremely low and this is one of the many reasons it is extremely efficient at creating home electricity. The parts that are required to make a magnetic power generator are so cheap that you can have your own one up and running for around $100 USD. This price tag is more than enough to make many people seriously consider using these generators to make their own home electricity, especially when compared to the cost of solar power. Another benefit of having low cost parts is that repairing and keeping your generator in optimal condition is very inexpensive. Replacing parts is easy and very cheap to do, meaning ongoing costs are low and you won’t be hit with any unexpected large expenses. These two reasons make a powerful combination and allow home owners to see real savings for a very low price on their home power bill.

Solar and wind power seem like good ideas at making home electricity, but the truth is they won’t deliver on their so called promised savings. Magnetic generators, however, allow anyone to start making home electricity for a fraction of the cost and do deliver real savings on your home power bill. They are easy to setup and install and extremely cheap to keep running. This makes magnetic power generators an excellent home energy solution for anyone.

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