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The Nissan Has Leaf Sold Out Before Its Initial U.S Debut

By Jacqueline Star

The Nissan Leaf has managed to achieve the impossible; it sold out before even making its’ publicly debut in America. It’s not too difficult to see why; they hype surrounding this vehicle has been intense. During the annual NY marathon, it was none other than the Leaf which lead the entire Marathon, which is an event broadcasted in nations across the globe. U.S consumers are eager to obtain their own Leaf; over 13,000 automotive shoppers have already placed $99 deposits down on the vehicle.

In order to meet the needs of the huge demand, Nissan has equipped particular dealerships in Oregon California, Washington, Tennesee and Arizona with Level II charging stations. The vehicle will debut in these states initially due to the fact that they are part of the EV project which was started by a company called Ecotality and the US Department of energy in order to build public charging stations. AeroVironment is the company which will manufacture these stations. This is great news for consumers because the public stations will be able to charge up a vehicle in just 30 minutes while it takes 8 hours at home.

Oregon is one of the states that experts feel will be a viable market for electric cars. A public test drive was organized by Nissan in the city of Hillsboro which turned out to be an immense success. A plethora of people waited for their turn in order to get to get a close up look and test out the ride. Oregon is set to be one of the major test markets for electric vehicles and their charging stations.


Since the Leaf isn’t a traditional car, its engine is propelled by an electric motor. The motor is a 80 kw electric motor that’s powered by a lithium ion battery pack. The engine puts out a total of 107 hp and 207 lb feet of torque. One hundred miles is the distance the vehicle should last between charges but numerous factors such as driving technique, acceleration and traffic conditions all play a part in how far it can go before it needs a recharge. If you have an extremely long commute then the Leaf would probably not be a good choice.

The interior is roomy and comfortable since the battery resides on the floor under the seats. Enough space is to seat five individuals. The base model comes with come with a navigation system and works with Bluetooth smart phones. Other equipment includes keyless ignition, 16′ wheels, a tilt adjustable steering wheel, cruise control and an audio system featuring six speakers and a CD player. The SL adds in a solar panel and an optional rearview camera. Safety features include an airbag system, an Anti Lock Brake System and Traction Control.

The Leaf is priced competitively at around $33k although a federal tax credit of around seven thousand dollars can be applied. It’s rather exciting to be moving into a future which will include electric cars. Many of us have waited for the day when the electric vehicle would be a reality for most consumers and it looks like that day will come very soon.

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