The Nissan Has Leaf Sold Out Before Its Initial U.S Debut

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By Jacqueline Star

The Nissan Leaf has managed to achieve the impossible; it sold out before even making its’ publicly debut in America. It’s not too difficult to see why; they hype surrounding this vehicle has been intense. During the annual NY marathon, it was none other than the Leaf which lead the entire Marathon, which is an event broadcasted in nations across the globe. U.S consumers are eager to obtain their own Leaf; over 13,000 automotive shoppers have already placed $99 deposits down on the vehicle.

In order to meet the needs of the huge demand, Nissan has equipped particular dealerships in Oregon California, Washington, Tennesee and Arizona with Level II charging stations. The vehicle will debut in these states initially due to the fact that they are part of the EV project which was started by a company called Ecotality and the US Department of energy in order to build public charging stations. AeroVironment is the company which will manufacture these stations. This is great news for consumers because the public stations will be able to charge up a vehicle in just 30 minutes while it takes 8 hours at home.

Oregon is one of the states that experts feel will be a viable market for electric cars. A public test drive was organized by Nissan in the city of Hillsboro which turned out to be an immense success. A plethora of people waited for their turn in order to get to get a close up look and test out the ride. Oregon is set to be one of the major test markets for electric vehicles and their charging stations.


Since the Leaf isn’t a traditional car, its engine is propelled by an electric motor. The motor is a 80 kw electric motor that’s powered by a lithium ion battery pack. The engine puts out a total of 107 hp and 207 lb feet of torque. One hundred miles is the distance the vehicle should last between charges but numerous factors such as driving technique, acceleration and traffic conditions all play a part in how far it can go before it needs a recharge. If you have an extremely long commute then the Leaf would probably not be a good choice.

The interior is roomy and comfortable since the battery resides on the floor under the seats. Enough space is to seat five individuals. The base model comes with come with a navigation system and works with Bluetooth smart phones. Other equipment includes keyless ignition, 16′ wheels, a tilt adjustable steering wheel, cruise control and an audio system featuring six speakers and a CD player. The SL adds in a solar panel and an optional rearview camera. Safety features include an airbag system, an Anti Lock Brake System and Traction Control.

The Leaf is priced competitively at around $33k although a federal tax credit of around seven thousand dollars can be applied. It’s rather exciting to be moving into a future which will include electric cars. Many of us have waited for the day when the electric vehicle would be a reality for most consumers and it looks like that day will come very soon.

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What Is Included In Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance Cover

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Submitted by: Steve Skerry

Commonly there are three different levels of uninterruptible power supply maintenance cover contracts available.

Normally an annual service is the best way to check on the condition of your UPS power supply. This usually includes an engineer carrying out tests on the fans, filters and DC capacitors.

Multiple service visits can also be added if required and companies can even tailor-make a bespoke level of cover if more rapid response times are needed. More than one visit a year can prove invaluable as the engineer can spot a weakness in the system and replace parts which ensure the UPS power is always available when you need it.

A ‘basic’ UPS power device maintenance contract is the most popular type of contract. This is usually an upgrade or extension of the standard manufacturer’s warranty. It provides a basic agreement of 24 hours a day, seven days a week telephone support and a four to six hour on site response to emergency call-outs depending on location.


It also includes one or two preventative maintenance visits per annum during normal working hours. All parts are included if the unit is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

All parts are included if the unit is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty otherwise both parts and labour are charged at the standard schedule of rates excluding batteries, fans and filters.

The second type of uninterruptible power supply maintenance contract is ‘corrective’. This is an out of warranty contract that provides all the features of a basic agreement but also includes travel and labour costs for any call outs additional to the standard preventative visit. Parts are chargeable as required unless covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Again, this excludes batteries, fans and filters.

Then there is the ‘extensive’ UPS power supply maintenance programme that includes all the features of a ‘corrective’ agreement but also includes any parts required for any repair works carried out for the duration of the contract. Once more, this does excludes batteries, fans and filters.

Make sure your electrician is always NEICEIC approved. This means they have the skills and experience to carry out all minor or major electrical works including installations and site surveys.

Site surveys are for customers that have already decided what UPS power supply they require for their application but would also like a UPS installation carried out.

The point of a site survey is to provide the customer with an accurate quotation for labour and materials and a scope of works for the UPS installation as well any other electrical works related to the UPS that the customer requires.

A site survey is essential prior to installation to ensure that there are no unexpected costs incurred by the customer once the UPS installation commences.

Site surveys are usually free of charge within normal working hours by most companies. These also ensure that there are no hidden surprises or unexpected costs during any stage of your power protection, selection, delivery or installation.

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5 Things You Should Know About Eye Floaters

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By Greg Garner

Medically termed as Myodesopsia, eye floaters are transparent deposits of various shapes and sizes in the vitreous humour. These specs float in front of the eye against a light background and may appear like insects. The problem is quite common and about 70% of people get affected with this syndrome in their lifetime. Surprisingly children as young as 9 years are diagnosed with having floaters.

Causes of Eye Floaters:Liquefactions in the vitreous jelly is the primary cause of eye floaters. Floaters are a very common problem among those who have crossed 50. As you age the collagen fibres embedded in the vitreous humour thickens causing these fragments to appear. Retinal detachment, presence of red blood cells and inflammation in the jelly caused by white blood cells are also some of the reasons for eye floaters. Posterior vitreous detachment and shrinkage of the vitreous jelly are prime causes for this irritating disorder.Uveitis, chronic yeast infections, hyalois artery regression, toxoplasmosis, sarcoidosis, allergiesinjuries and infection are some common reasons for this disorder.


Diagnosis of Eye Floaters:Ophthalmologists use slit lamps to diagnose eye floaters. Eye experts also dilate the pupils with eye drops and then scan the eye carefully with an ophthalmoscope. However further tests might be necessary if any other complications are detected.

Treatment with Medicines: Minor cases of eye floaters can be cured easily with anti-inflammatory medicines, antibiotic drops and herbal extracts. However for severe conditions surgery and laser treatments become necessary.

Surgical Procedures: Eye floaters can be annihilated by Virectomy. The procedure involves making three channels in the sclera. Through the first channel a saline is resupplied to the eye via a port, while the second channel is used to infuse a fiber optic source and the third channel is used to introduce a virector.

Laser Treatment: This is very effective treatment meted out to patients. Brief outbursts of laser liquidate the deposits. However some doctors advice against the treatment as damage to the eye is likely if proper procedural guidelines are not adhered to.

Diet for Floaters : Doctors advice patients to take magnesium-rich food to cure eye floaters. Caffeine intake must be restricted and fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C must be taken amply. These are lemon, broccoli and Kiwi. Chinese wolfberry is also an ancient herb which can give great results. Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices can arrest the disorder.

Eye floaters are undoubtedly annoying but most will vanish with time. Interestingly stubborn floaters which refuse to get cured can trigger a gamut of psychological disorders like depression, stress etc. The good news however is that most eye floater are not harmful. If so, then the best treatment according to some doctors is to ignore them completely and learn to live with them. Often also undiagnosed liver conditions to diabetes are responsible for the problem. If such is the case then curing these disorders can relieve you from floaters. For more information, head to other online articles about these issues.

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Starbucks Human Resource Management Policies

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Starbucks was originated by three coffee lovers, Gordon Bowker (Bowker), Jerry Baldwin (Baldwin), and Zev Siegl (Siegl). It was considered as one of the best companies around the globe. Starbucks is always concerned about its employees. It was one of the few corporations to provide extensive support to both full time workers as well as part time workers. It was always ensured at Starbucks that the workforce is encouraged which will in low employee turnover rate.

Starbucks realized at an early stage that employees play a very important role in the success and in generating sales revenue for the company. Therefore the company took every possible step to facilitate its employees and take good care of them by selecting the right people for the company. It has always showed confidence on its baristas and other staff members to a great extent in creating the ‘Starbucks Experience’ different from its competitors. The ultimate goal of the company was to pay attention on the hiring process. Starbucks hired people with the qualities of flexibility, reliability and the capability to work in a team. Starbucks has chosen the right kind of people and train them with the skills they would entail to perform their jobs proficiently. Starbucks invested significantly in employee training and managing the human resource policies. At Starbucks employees are provided to work in a great environment with dignity and respect for each other.

  • Recruitment and Selection Policy

Starbucks is one of the leading companies of the world, having a magnificent growth rate of 12% quarterly. It hires 200 new employees every single day which is undoubtedly a large number. The procedure of hiring includes selection of the right candidate, interviewing them and also asking them to taste the coffee and allowing them to write notes about it which is definitely appreciated. Starbucks also asks its recruiters and HR managers to send gifts or souvenirs to all the applicants whether they are hired or not, they should always be treated as a family of Starbucks The process of employment in Starbucks is precisely designed for the job that is needed to be filled. Starbucks provides a platform of diversity to its employees where they are eager to learn and develop opportunities for themselves. At Starbucks, the employees who cleared the interview session are given proper and professional training before final selection. According to a source Human Right Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index Rating, Starbucks earned a 100% rating for the 4th consecutive year.

  • Reward Policy

Employees at Starbucks are considered to be the most important assets for the company. A lot of free incentives are provided to the employees of Starbucks including free health care that also includes vision and dental care facilities. A special benefit for the employees who work more than 20 hours in three months are given free drinks, free coffee or tea every week. The salaries of employees are increased on the basis of their performance evaluation that are conducted twice in a year and are raised up to 5%. Company does not give any monetary bonuses to its employees but it gives a benefit of 30% discount on all the items that they buy from Starbucks. Green Apron concept in Starbucks provides a social and environmental responsibility of the individual employee through which they are awarded with the recognition cards and performance based points.

  • Employee’s Development Policy

Starbucks has designed a number of employee development training for its staff at all levels. All the training provided to the employees helps them to boost their skills and align themselves with the customer demands. Starbucks provides training programs to its employees that includes; customer handling techniques, coffee making workshops and customer care programs.

Most of the Starbucks workforceis below 20 years of age, and the incentives Starbucks is providing to its employees are all attractive and beneficial for them. All the policies that Starbucks has developed for its employees have a significant impact on their performance. The reason for Starbucks success is due to the substantial high performance of the organization as well as its employees. The effective HR policies of any company makes it prominent and leading just like Starbucks.

Approaches For Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

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Approaches For Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance


tai roylance

Air conditioning unit repair is important whenever this starts failing. Air conditioning service usually turns into a thing which everyone looks for during warm conditions. A deteriorating unit can produce an workplace or residence a dwelling nightmare otherwise repaired quickly. Ac fixes cost you enough money but it is advisable to repair it early since waiting around will simply create things stressful.

Just before searching for inexpensive air conditioning services, it\’s best that you just have a look yourself. Stuff that fall short with air conditioning unit are common along with a selection of these may be fixed on your part. Due to the fact your home is becoming very hot unexpectedly, doesn\’t necessarily suggest that your air conditioning unit will be defective. It is good to take a look in the thermostat initially. Thermostats which are outdated design have option which may be aimed in off from cool to this least hefty touch. Electronic digital thermostats have the same kind of difficulties for malfunctioning power source. These issues are often resolved by decreasing the thermostat. If replacing the thermostat will not help then the issue may be having a blown fuse or even a tripped circuit breaker. Triggered breakers need to be totally reset and blown fuses could be changed easily. If you feel the issue prevails and also you could not deal with this then you may demand an electric specialist to examine this. An added very common condition is always that out of door units have the inclination to freeze. In such cases you need to retain the product off for a few hours so that it could thaw. This process generally resolves issue. Damage problems could end up being remedied without having the assistance of experts.


Nevertheless, when none of the options would work, you will require energy effecdtive air conditioner servicing. It is advisable to replace outdated models rather than to repair these, since the option is likely to be short term and this is actually a lot more pricey. Replacing the failing air conditioning unit is more suitable instead of getting air conditioning support all year round. More recent models could be more efficient and may easily cool the environment quicker. It will likely be unlikely that they will will need air conditioning unit repair service in a while. These newest models tend to be inexpensive and as the owner you ought to know of the cost of energy will be throughout summer time season. If you would like general purpose cooling for your residence then you definitely ought to decide break up systems and also zoning. They are energy-efficient and also perfect for houses. Evaporative air conditioning may be excellent option for this which have minimal humidness degrees. It\’s extremely power efficient and also rarely requires ac repairs. Living inside the cool area, the central air system isn\’t a excellent option when it comes to economic system. It is better to get window devices and never suffer any hefty charge.

Air conditioner servicing could be important because of the climate of certain areas. For instance: those who reside in Greensboro require air conditioner support because of their climate. Usually individuals are not comfortable handling fixes by themselves so it is far better to obtain the assistance of professionals when your ac failures.

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Treatment For Acne And Pimples Treating Them Cheap And Natural

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Acne and pimples can affect anyone irrespective of gender, cultural background or ethnicity. Skin conditions such as these usually start to affect an individual at puberty, usually resolving in time as the person ages. However, pimples and acne can appear in anyone past their teenage years. In fact, the occasional pimple or even full-blown acne may even appear in people in their 30s and 40s. Although there are medications which can be used as treatment for acne and pimples, you can also get natural alternatives, all of which are actually proven effective. Find out more on how these treatment methods can help.

Acne and pimples are certainly not a modern affliction. Comedones have likely been around as long as humans developed pores that produced sebum or oil. To combat the discomfort and stop potential infection, natural treatments were applied. Sulfur, for instance, was commonly used by ancient Greeks as well as Egyptians for treating acne.

There are many benefits to using natural alternatives. For one, many of these have a long history and they are known to work in healing the skin. The effects of these treatments were identified many years back and have been used since. Continued usage of these treatments could only imply that indeed, they still work.


Natural acne and pimples treatment methods also give attention to prevention and not simply cure. Natural treatment methods encourage the improvement of overall health. This brings about the elimination of toxins from the body, an action that also helps clear the skin pores, control the production of sebum and prevent the formation of pimples that lead to acne. Additionally, natural treatments are easy to find and significantly cheaper to use. Most natural treatments are available in the home, in the garden or pantry or on grocery shelves. Most anti-acne and pimple formulations cost only a few cents to make but can be as effective as the more expensive commercial creams and solutions.

What are the disadvantages? Not everybody will respond favorably to a natural treatment, especially if the main cause of the skin problem is a disease or a condition. Natural treatments will also fail to treat skin conditions that resulted from the use of certain drugs and medications. Severe forms of acne such as cystic acne may not respond to natural treatments, so a more intensive treatment may be necessary.

Natural treatments also work best if used consistently and over a period of time. It might take some time to heal skin lesions, something which people who are in a big hurry may not appreciate.

What about other alternative treatments? There are other alternative treatments which can be used to enhance the appearance and texture of the skin. These are excellent options for people looking for a natural yet highly effective approach, the kind that improves the body’s ability to heal itself. Again, the main drawback with this type of approach is that it requires time.

Should you consider a natural acne and pimples treatment? A natural treatment for acne and pimples is a good option for individuals who wish to avoid harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. Additionally it is recommended for individuals that prefer a gentle, more holistic approach. If you prefer a gradual change and would like a treatment that you can customize to your needs, then a natural and holistic approach may be right for you.

Forex Money Trading Accumulation And Distribution

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The forex money trading market works in a very methodological way. Once you understand the method, there is no stopping you from gaining invaluable investment profits. Studying how the market works is very simple. From constant studying, you will find the following.

The market moves and accumulates to a certain area and stays there for a while; once it has accumulated enough, it moves ahead for a few minutes and then starts distributions. And then moves over to accumulations of funds again. This is basically how the market works. If you are interested in day trading, then this could not be profitable enough and not a very wise investment bet, especially when accumulation and distribution work. In day trading, when the market moves out a bit off the accumulation area, you could stand in danger of your profits being cut short.

Most traders’ advice against day trading since there is not much profit making, the accumulation could move in a zig zag manner, not leaving behind enough profits for its traders.

If you really want to make profits in the forex market, make sure that you wait till accumulation period is over and still distribution begins and wait for reverse when the market has a short term 2-10 days of trading.

Most traders find that shot term trading with accumulation and distribution methods in the forex market is highly beneficial. However, you will still need to study well about the forex market trends so that you base your own trading tactics on it.

Forex money trading requires that the individual choose his own style of trading that they are comfortable with. In the mean time, they can get a lot of advice from big players in the trading market. However, it is best that they make their own scheme, depending on their schedule and comfort.

Avoiding Virtual Assistant Performance Pitfalls – Part Ii

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In my last article, Virtual Assistant-Hiring Pitfalls we explored the common hot water items companies face when hiring virtual assistants and how to avoid them. Now it’s time to talk about possible performance pitfalls and how we can protect ourselves and the virtual assistant when hiring.What’s really most important when hiring a virtual assistant is doing your due-diligence before you make the hire. Just like anyone else, virtual assistants come with their own personality, life issues, and family situations. Making sure they mesh with what you need are paramount to ensuring smooth sailing after you’ve finally agreed to work with the VA.

Virtual Houdini – The Virtual Assistant Disappearing Act

Yes, it can happen. Back when you worked in the retro bricks-and-mortar world, how often did someone simply not show up for work? They quit, right? Unfortunately this can happen with virtual assistants as well. Perhaps not as often as in the bricks-and-mortar world but it does happen.

Why do virtual assistants quit, disappear, and move on? They do, for the same reasons they quit, disappear, and move on in the bricks-and-mortar world. Maybe they needed more money. Maybe they became ill and could no longer work. Maybe a better offer came along. Maybe they didn’t like the work. You can’t entirely avoid the situation itself but there are things you can do to minimize the damage if and when it does. Protecting yourself ahead of time for when it does and realizing that it could happen is your best defense.

  • Online files. Not only does putting your files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) online facilitate working virtually, but it also protects you if and when a virtual assistant leaves. Simply change the passwords then she’s locked out and you don’t lose any files or have to go hunting them down. Check out or speak with your website administrator about putting your files up via ftp.
  • Pay withholding. Why not put something in your contract with the virtual assistant that says you reserve the right to withhold pay until work files are returned?
  • Passwords. As soon as a virtual worker leaves or is let go, remember to change your passwords on everything he or she had access to!

What I Say Versus What I Can Do


Would you hire someone to watch your children just because they say they’re capable of doing so? I didn’t think so. Then why would you hire a virtual assistant (or anyone for that matter) without first finding out what they can do and if they can do what they say they can do? I recommend several steps be taken to test a new virtual assistant contractor before contracting with them. These steps are modeled after our own company’s interviewing process, which has evolved over the years. It’s a lot of work on your part but very worthwhile. If you don’t want to take all of these steps then look for a good virtual staffing agency, like Team Double-ClickSM who does all of the work for you.However, be absolutely sure that you send the virtual assistant a 1099 Miscellaneous Income tax form (in lieu of a W2, which employees only receive) each year.

  1. Job posting. In your case you’ll either need to make a posting on a job board, such as,, or Craig’s List. Or you can search those boards for virtual assistants looking for work.
  2. Typing test. You want to know your new virtual assistant can type…accurately, right? Send him or her to and ask for the results back. Look for a high level of accuracy coupled with high speed.
  3. Computer skills test. Again, you want to know your virtual assistant can use Word and Excel. Send her to, ask her to take the free Word and Excel (and any others you want to know about) tests and send you the scores.
  4. First interview. Agree on a time and date for the first telephone interview. Then give the potential virtual assistant your number and have her call you. Have your questions ready. Did she show up on time? Did she answer your questions to your satisfaction? Do her skills still fit?
  5. Work personality. You simply must know if the person you are about to contract is honest, has a high level of integrity, is a team player, and so on. We recommend, where you can ask the potential virtual assistant to take such a test. Now this one costs a few bucks. It’s up to you whether you want to pay for it or require the virtual assistant to pay for it. Just remember – if you ask her to pay for it and you don’t hire her she’s not going to be a happy camper.
  6. Second Interview. The cool thing about Total Testing’s work personality tests is that they give you another set of questions to ask the candidate during a second interview. Have a friend, spouse, or colleague interview this person the second time. Compare notes. How does each of you feel about this person? Will she work out?
  7. Contract. If you’re ready to contract this person it’s time to pull out the non-compete, non-disclosure contract we discussed in the last article. Send it to the virtual assistant for review and signing. Be absolutely sure this is signed before putting him or her to work.
  8. EIN and W9. We also discussed, in the last article, requiring the contractor to obtain a (free) EIN (employer identification number) to further protect you from possible employer/employee claims later on down the road. Now’s the time to ask for this, along with a completed W9 form.

This is the abbreviated version of our process. We throw in a few things like setting up a company email account, and we have a review process, which each virtual assistant goes through. A team of three HR pros discuss each candidate and determine if a contract will be offered. Because we’re a staffing agency, your screening process will look a little different from ours.

Give Me All You Got

Never send a virtual worker a ton of materials (letterheads, envelopes, brochures, etc.). It’s just a safeguard. While it is very rare that someone would leave and not return those materials to you, if they did, how much money would you have tied up in replacing all of those expensive printed materials? It’s just better not to do it in the first place. Send a virtual worker slightly more than what they need to perform the task at hand.

The Five Finger Discount – Identity Theft/Credit Card Number Theft

One of our clients’ biggest concerns has always been identity theft and credit card number theft. In all the years we’ve been staffing virtually, we’ve never seen this happen. It may be that the work personality profile is weeding out the people who might be tempted and our HR department is further ferreting out those who are less-than-desirable, but the other half of it is the contractor mentality of a virtual assistant as opposed to the employee mentality of an…employee!

You can minimize your risk by not giving out your credit card information to a virtual assistant. If you need to give the virtual assistant a credit card number for ordering products or services on your behalf, get a separate card that is used for nothing but items the virtual assistant orders for you. It’s much easier to check over your bill for erroneous charges this way.

Hours Availability

When hiring a virtual assistant, not only do you need to make sure their skills and abilities mesh with you and your business, but you must also be sure the virtual assistant has enough time to take care of your needs. Very simply ask the potential virtual assistant how many other clients she has, how many hours per week she is working, and how many hours she has to devote to you. Does it work with what you need? If not, move on.

The Rate

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never bought something without first knowing what it was going to cost. Important questions to ask before contracting a virtual assistant:

  1. What is the rate per hour?
  2. Are there different rates for different tasks?
  3. If so what are they?
  4. Do you round to the nearest hour or the nearest minute? To the nearest minute is the most desirable.
  5. Is there a start up fee?
  6. If so, how much?
  7. Is there a termination fee?
  8. If so, how much?
  9. Is there a minimum usage?
  10. If so, how much?
  11. Can you work within my budget? In other words, if I can only afford 10 hours per week, what happens when you’ve reached 10 hours? How is that handled?
  12. What are your future plans? How long do you intend to be a virtual assistant? Is this a career for you or a short-term venture for some extra cash?

My philosophy when hiring anyone, virtual assistants included, is to hire slowly and fire quickly. Trust your gut. If you don’t feel that a virtual assistant is working out, let her go immediately and don’t look back. Your gut is probably right. But do take your time hiring. Go through the paces to determine if he or she is the best fit for YOU; it’ll minimize the risk that he or she won’t work out for you later.

Note: Please look for another article in this series titled “Avoiding Virtual Assistant Performance Pitfalls”.

Team Double-ClickSM provides virtual assistance for small and home-based businesses. Visit Team Double Click’s Web site at or phone 888.827.9129. Click to receive your free report, 101 Ways To Work With A Virtual Assistant.

How To Be An Indispensable Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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Submitted by: Dharminder Kumar

Today a high number of real estate professionals have a Real Estate Virtual Assistant as part of their team. This makes the Real Estate VA industry an increasingly competitive one. If you are a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who wants to find ways to serve your client better so as to become indispensable to them, here are a few tips:

1.Know your client s business inside and out. It is not enough to just know your job and do it well; familiarize yourself with all aspects of your client s business so you can find more ways to help them run it more smoothly and efficiently. Learn about real estate trends and developments especially in the area your client serves so you can suggest ways for them to stay ahead of the game. They will appreciate your effort in going the extra mile.

2.Take ownership of your work. Perform each task you are assigned as if you were the business owner; with the right mindset, you can give each task your 100% and the result will be a higher quality of work and increased productivity. Be protective of your client s business; look out for its best interest as if it were your own.


3.Be a person of integrity. Most people have to start at the bottom when entering a new profession, and the same may be true for you. However, prove yourself to be trustworthy and reliable with even the most mundane tasks and as time goes by your client will gain the confidence to entrust you with more important and critical tasks. Establish yourself as someone they can trust and on whom they can depend, and this may lead to great career growth opportunities for you.

4.Never stop learning. Develop a thirst for knowledge and the desire to continuously improve. You may think you are already a good employee who does their work well, but there are always new ways to do old tasks better, faster, more cost-effectively or more efficiently. Push yourself to keep learning and to stay competitive; this will not only benefit your client but yourself as well, as this is one great way to keep your job fresh and never boring.

5.Maintain a good working relationship with your client. Despite the fact that you work remotely and do not see your client face to face on a daily basis, with constant communication you can establish a healthy working relationship with them. Keep in touch with them regularly through email or by phone make sure you are always on the same page. Establish rapport simply by wishing them a good day or telling them to enjoy their weekend before you sign off at the end of the day.

These are just a few tips you can practice to become a better Real Estate Virtual Assistant. There are many more things you can do to become indispensable to your client, but start with some of the above and you are off to a great start.

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How Is Wearable Devices Revolutionizing Medical Io T?

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Wearable devices are the center of attraction for every discussion that aims to define innovation in IoT. The wearable medical devices market is expected to reach USD 14.41 Billion by 2022 from USD 5.31 Billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 18.3% during the forecast period (Source). Technology has enabled users to monitor their health indicators constantly and significantly reduce preventive and monitoring costs. Wearable devices are chosen for this task and are one of the most efficient integrations to telemedicine and telehealth besides the mobile. This article will explore some of this realm’s important aspects.

Let’s Know Wearable Devices Better

The most relevant definition of wearable electronics is the “devices that can be worn or mated with the human skin to constantly and closely monitor an individual’s activities without interrupting user’s motions.”

Today, the range of wearable systems, including micro-sensors, seamlessly integrate into various industries such as textiles, consumer electronics, automatic watches, belt-worn personal computers, and glasses. Due to this, they are now designed to cater to a broader spectrum of applications.

The combination of wearable and health monitoring systems aims to minimize wearable devices’ size, measure vital signs, and send secure and reliable data using smartphones. Hence, one of the obvious applications of wearable systems is monitoring the physiological parameters in the mobile environment.

Application of Wearable Devices in Healthcare

The busy world has led to a life that focuses on shuttling between various tasks. This has caused most of us to ignore one of the most important aspects of our lives, “health and fitness.” A simple health checkup by the doctor requires a plethora of medical examinations followed by prescriptions and treatments that consume a great deal of time. This is probably the most potent reason people only visit a doctor when suffering from illness. The very attitude paves ways to find alternatives, such as a device that can be worn on the body and has the potential to monitor the user’s health in real-time, constantly. These devices should also provide the users and the medical practitioner with insight into various health parameters. Wearables are generally aimed at fulfilling these objectives in the healthcare ecosystem.

  • 56% of the Americans use some kind of wearable technology.
  • 88% of the physicians want patients to monitor their health parameters at home
  • 35% of the employers use medical wearable technology to improve the quality of wellness programs and lower health insurance costs.
  • Wearable technology drops hospital costs by 16% over 5 years

Some other applications of wearables IoT in healthcare can be listed as follows.

1. Motion Tracking

Human movement tracking has various valuable applications in sports, medical, and other branches of studies. These applications include fall risk assessment, qualifying sports exercises, analyzing people’s habits, and monitoring them. Wearable trackers are gaining worldwide popularity for their ability to accomplish all these tasks, aid users in performing their daily workouts and help them manage their activity at the tip of their fingers. They also keep the users abreast of their daily motions like distance walked, which enables them to keep track of their activities and ensure a healthy life.

2. Vital Sign Monitoring

This is one of the most crucial applications of IoT in medicine. Constant monitoring has enabled adequate healthcare for patients. More than half of the wearable users believe that technology has improved mental health. Making smart use of complex algorithms and their analysis, wearables foster better medical attention and care for patients in remote areas or places that stay aloof from immediate medical help. Remote patient monitoring saves the healthcare system $200 billion over 25 years. Many wearable devices have been implemented to measure critical elements in the healthcare monitoring ecosystem. These devices include names like an electrocardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement, skin temperature regulators, etc., and mark the efforts of wearable devices to provide multi-task vital signs measurement.

3. Improve Patient Experience

Seamless connection between the devices has enabled patients to control room temperature and electronics and even communicate with loved ones or call medical assistance with a few clicks. Even the medical practitioners can access the patient’s information on the go through the cloud availability. This has, in turn, facilitated the patients and the medical aids to relish a great user experience.

Challenges Faced by Wearables for medical IoT

IoT devices should be empowered with easy-to-use and robust application access. Worldwide, researchers have proposed multiple platforms and structures that have formed the base of commercial devices available for bio-medical parameter measurement. However, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed. Here are the four key capabilities that are missing from the leading platforms.

1. Simple and Secure Connectivity

A good IoT platform should enable easy connection of devices and perform device management functions on three levels data collection, data transmission to the hub, and permanent storage of observation values to the medical station. The steps should be carried out most securely to ensure accurate data transmission and to protect the data. For this, encryption is necessary.

2. Power Consumption

Power consumption is one of the most crucial things to provide the user with easy device management and long-term, uninterrupted monitoring. These factors can be correlated to the number of parameters being monitored, code efficiency, data packaging, encryption, and compression.

3. Wearability

Wearable devices are specifically designed for biomedical monitoring. This, in turn, assists individuals in living long and healthy lives. This point is more significant when elderly people are using the devices. Therefore, such devices must be easy to use and carry and offer users comfort. These requirements can be easily overcome by making light, small, and well-structured devices that can be used for a long duration.

4. Risk Associated with Data Loss

While the data is being transferred from the collecting element, microcontroller, to the smartphone or cloud storage, there are chances of disconnection that might lead to data loss. A safe health monitoring system must ensure to overcome this shortcoming. One of the potential solutions to this is temporary data saving in the microcontroller.


Wearable devices have been gaining worldwide popularity in diverse fields, including sports and fitness to health monitoring. It has enabled individual tracking of the number of parameters in their living or working environment. The IoT devices and wearables are here to stay. Their popularity and usage are expected to surge significantly over the next few years. As the Giants take it to the forefront of IoT development services It is evident that IoT and wearables will form a major part of the healthcare industry.