Football: Paris Saint-Germain pays world record €222m to sign Neymar

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Yesterday, French capital football club Paris Saint-Germain triggered a €222 million (about US$263m, £198m) buyout clause of Brazilian winger Neymar to sign him from FC Barcelona, making him the most expensive footballer of all time by breaking the previous fee record of Paul Pogba’s transfer from Juventus FC to Manchester United. Neymar signed a five year contract with Paris SG which runs until June 2022.

25-year-old Neymar made his professional debut for Santos FC in January 2009, netting 138 goals in 229 matches. He was signed by FC Barcelona in 2013. Since then, Neymar has scored 105 goals and provided 80 assists in 186 games for Barça. In four seasons at Camp Nou, Neymar won two LaLiga titles, three Copa del Rey trophies, and one each of Champions League trophy Supercopa de España. Neymar was part of Barcelona’s treble winning squad in 2014–15, and finished third in 2015’s FIFA Ballon d’Or. Neymar made an international debut at the age of eighteen. He has scored 52 goals in 77 games for Brazil.

I am extremely happy to join Paris St Germain.

Paris SG’s Qatari president Nasser Al-Khelaifi said, “Today, with the arrival of Neymar Jr, I am convinced that we will come even closer, with the support of our faithful fans, to realizing our greatest dreams”.

After penning a five-year contract, Neymar said, “I am extremely happy to join Paris Saint-Germain. Since I arrived in Europe, the club has always been one of the most competitive and most ambitious. And the biggest challenge, what most motivated me to join my new teammates, is to help the club to conquer the titles that their fans want.”

Neymar’s lawyer submitted a check of €222m to deposit Neymar’s buy-out clause at LaLiga’s headquarters, but it was rejected. LaLiga officials issued an official statement, which read, “We can confirm that the player’s lawyers came to the La Liga offices this morning to deposit the clause and that it has been rejected.[…] That’s all the information we are giving out at this moment.”

Later, Neymar’s legal representative delivered the check to FC Barcelona. A statement from Barcelona confirmed they received the payment and Neymar was no longer contracted to the club. The statement read, “On Thursday afternoon Neymar Jr’s legal representatives visited in person the Club’s offices and made the payment of 222 million euros in the player’s name with regards to the unilateral termination of the contract that united both parties.” ((es))Spanish language: ?Esta tarde, representantes legales de Neymar Jr. se han personado en las oficinas del Club y han hecho efectivo, en nombre del jugador, el pago de 222 millones de euros, en concepto de indemnización por la rescisión unilateral y sin causa del contrato que unía a ambas partes. It also said, “the Club will pass on to UEFA the details of the above operation so that they can determine the disciplinary responsibilities that may arise from this case.” ((es))Spanish language: ?el Club trasladará a la UEFA los detalles de esta operación para que depuren las responsabilidades disciplinarias que puedan derivarse de este caso. Financial fair play rules prevents European clubs from spending more than €30 million from their earnings. Paris SG was fined by UEFA in 2014 for violating financial fair play rules.

Manchester United’s manager José Mourinho, who spent about €105 million last season to sign Paul Pogba, and a reported fee of €75 million to sign Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku from Everton FC this season, said, “Expensive are the ones who get into a certain level without a certain quality. For £200m, I don’t think [Neymar] is expensive. […] I think he’s expensive in the fact that now you are going to have more players at £100m, you are going have more players at £80m and more players at £60m. And I think that’s the problem. […] So I think the problem is not Neymar, I think the problem is the consequences of Neymar.”

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp said, “I thought Fair Play was made so that situations like that can’t happen. That’s more of a suggestion than a real rule.”

French club Lille director general Marc Ingla, who had once served as Barça’s vice-president said, “It’s a blow for Barcelona. Neymar is an accelerator to this bright future of Ligue 1. The young talent pool we have here is the best in Europe. For sure we can still compete with PSG. Once you get on the pitch it’s 11 v 11 and all the transfer fees and salaries narrow a bit.”

Before the official announcement of the agreement, yesterday, Arsenal’s manager Arsène Wenger also remarked about the financial fair play and said, “Once a country owns a club, everything is possible. It becomes very difficult to respect the financial fair play because you can have different ways or different interests for a country to have such a big player to represent [that] country. It can’t justify the investments and looks unusual for the game. That’s why I always [support] football living with its own resources. You don’t look at the numbers in their absolute value anymore. Football has been for a long time out of normal society and the numbers are like the NBA in basketball, so it’s not comparable to normal life anymore. Those are the numbers. It was already out of context of society, so after it just becomes a bit extra. You cannot calculate what it brings in anymore, it’s just a number.”

On Wednesday, Neymar’s Lionel Messi posted on Instagram: “It was a great pleasure to have shared all these years with you, friend @neymarjr [Neymar]. I wish you good luck in this new stage of your life. See you tomorrow” ((es))Spanish language: ?Fue un placer enorme haber compartido todos estos años con vos, amigo @neymarjr [Neymar]. Te deseo mucha suerte en esta nueva etapa de tu vida. Nos vemos Tkm.

Barcelona’s striker Luis Suárez dedicated an Instagram post for Neymar after Lionel Messi, and said, ” My friend i wish you the best in everything that comes!!! Also thank you for your support, for everything that i learned with you and for the unique moments that we spent together!!!! Keep like this and never change love you little bro” ((es))Spanish language: ?Amigo desearte todo lo mejor en lo que viene!!! También agradecerte todo el cariño que me diste, por lo que aprendí contigo y por los momentos únicos que pasamos!!!! Seguí así y no cambies nunca te quiero hermanito.

Neymar has been assigned number 10 jersey.


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  • 23 June 2018: Algeria blocks internet across nation to prevent cheating in diploma exams
  • 19 May 2018: Principal, teacher arrested for allegedly whipping two students late for school in Ayetoro, Nigeria
  • 25 April 2018: India: Jammu and Kashmir government orders private tuitions to shut down for 90 days
  • 26 January 2018: United States: Two dead in Kentucky high school shooting
  • 20 October 2017: Arrangement of light receptors in the eye may cause dyslexia, scientists say
  • 21 January 2016: Detroit teachers stage sickout to protest working conditions as Obama visits
  • 28 October 2015: Time magazine names Ahmed Mohamed to ‘Most Influential Teens of 2015’
  • 23 October 2015: Masked man kills two in sword attack at Swedish school
  • 4 October 2015: Several dead in Oregon college shootings
  • 22 September 2015: Texas student Ahmed Mohamed inspires social movement

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Culture of creativity features at Furnal Equinox 2018

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Visual art, fabric art, photography, performance, dance, virtual reality, and music were all the subject of sessions at Furnal Equinox 2018, a conference held from March 16 to 18 at Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle. Canada’s largest furry convention by attendance, the annual event offers dozens of subculture-specific programs.

The convention’s communications and public relations coordinator for the event, Ronnie, describes furries as “people that enjoy arts and culture centred around animals and animal-themed topics, essentially. Furnal Equinox in particular, we like to celebrate in a very visual and very […] artistic nature, where we have lots of arts and performances and crafts that go on, and people celebrate with lots of socialisation involved.”

Of the attendees, Ronnie told Wikinews “they come from all walks of life. They are people of all ages, sizes, all sorts of backgrounds, and they come together under one mutual interest, which is their love for animal culture.”

“Programming at Furnal Equinox involves[…] a lot of informational panels, so you can find out about topics from art and how to draw, or how to visually incorporate different elements into your artworks. You can also find panels that teach you how to write better, be a better fiction author for example,” explained the event representative.

At one panel Wikinews attended, members of its all-volunteer organising committee spoke of the year-long process of planning the event, and their reasons for committing such a significant amount of their time. Said one panelist, “if you’re happy, we’re happy.”

The largest hub of activity at the convention was a dealer’s room; nicknamed the “Dealer’s Den”, giving it an anthropomorphic twist. Vendors were selling original visual art, wearables like faux fur tails or ears, or things like jewellery or soap with motifs that would interest attendees.

The back area of the room was dedicated to a charity auction, with proceeds benefiting Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. According to the convention website, the charity is “dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned farmed animals. Their goal is to provide a safe, life-long home for all of their residents, and to educate the public about the true nature of farmed animals through tours, volunteer programs, and community outreach.”

Split into groups, some attendees played “Fursuit Games” in front of an audience, like trying to toss a ball into a garbage can. The activity made harder, of course, by the limited dexterity and vision the most of the costumes entail.

Science minister visits Australia’s newest nuclear reactor, receives nuclear power report

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Australian Minister for Education, Science and Training, Julie Bishop visited the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation in Lucas Heights, New South Wales today. The purpose of her visit was to inspect progress on Australia’s newest nuclear research reactor – OPAL. Whilst at the facility, she received a report on the economics and safety of a nuclear power industry in Australia.

OPAL, which stands for Open Pool Australian Light water reactor is expected to become fully operational by early 2007 and is in its final stage of development.

The reactor, which will replace Australia’s sole nuclear reactor – HIFAR will be used to research microbiology, biotechnology and gene therapy in addition to the production of agents used in nuclear medicine.

The report presented to Ms Bishop at ANSTO was written by Professor John Gittus and discussed the economics and safety of nuclear energy in Australia.

The major conclusion of the study was that new generation nuclear power plants would be as competitive as newer types of coal power plants in Australia. The report also found that nuclear energy is “the safest, most secure way of generating electricity with greater price stability in comparison to gas or coal power generation” according to Ms Bishop.

Prof Gittus’ report found that when the cost of environmental damage and carbon dioxide emissions from coal or gas fired power stations were considered, nuclear power becomes more attractive.

Speaking on the report, Ms Bishop said she wishes for an evidence-based debate about nuclear energy in Australia. “I welcome this report as a useful contribution to what I hope will be an evidence-based debate about nuclear power in Australia. The debate must focus on the facts and not be biased by emotion.” she said.

Benefits Of Hiring An Nys Worker’s Comp In Rochester Ny

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byAlma Abell

If you have been injured during work and the injuries or damages are keeping you away from work, you should start thinking about getting compensated for the inconvenience and the forgone salary. In most companies, employers set up a fund that allows workers to get a compensation insurance package. As long as an employee is signed up with this plan, they aren’t allowed to press tort charges.

However, you should hire an NYS Worker’s Comp in Rochester NY to help with the tort case if:

* Your employee does not have a compensation package for you

* The payments have been delayed because they claim that your injury does not fit the criteria for compensation.

Benefits of getting a lawyer

There are many benefits that come from hiring a competent lawyer for this process. Here are some of these benefits:

* They will help you find the right doctor to help inspect and give a report about the nature of you injuries. Note that you can only get compensation after you have successfully proven that your injuries have prevented you from engaging in any gainful activity for the period that you have been out of work.

* They will help in negotiating with the insurer so that you can get compensation. They will represent you at the appeal board and make sure that you have received the compensation you deserve.

* In most cases, insurers like making a settlement before the actual trial. However, if the insurer still refuses to settle out of court, the lawyer will have to take the case to trial. This way, they will help gather and present the evidence in a manner that convinces judge and jury to grant you the compensation.

* The lawyers are also there to ensure that you do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. They make use of the medical records and other damages that you may have suffered to determine how much money you are supposed to ask for as compensation.

These are the things that you are supposed to consider carefully before hiring an NYS Worker’s Comp in Rochester NY. In case you want to hire a competent lawyer for your case, visit.

Egyptians protest against President despite ban

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005Hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets of cities across Egypt to protest against a possible fifth term of President Hosni Mubarak.

Activists are campaigning to prevent Mubarak from gaining another term after 24 years in power. They are also calling for his son Gamal not to stand in elections in September and also that reforms are made to the country’s constitution.

Hundreds of Kifaya (“Enough”) protesters were met by thousands of riot police in Cairo and were prevented from reaching the parliament buildings. Protests in Alexandria were called off after security forces sealed off all routes in to the area of the planned protest. People later said that the police allowed a pro-Mubarak rally shortly afterwards.

The security chief of Cairo has stated that the police will no longer tolerate such protests. He is quoted by BBC News as saying “If we are getting to the stage of getting used to violating [the rules], then the principle is that legal regulations must be implemented.” Street demonstrations have been illegal since laws were enacted after the 1981 assassination of President Anwar Sadat.

One leader of Kifaya was reported as saying the large deployment of security personnel had turned Cairo into “a military zone”.

Study observes masturbation and other sexual trends among US teens

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A recently published nationwide survey of US teenagers indicates boys tend to masturbate more — and start younger — than girls. It also finds boys who masturbate are more likely to engage in safe sex than boys who don’t.

Dr. Cynthia L. Robbins, the study’s lead author from Indiana University in Indianapolis, spoke of the need for the academic community to focus more on masturbation. “Many adolescent boys and girls masturbate, and among sexually active teens masturbation is associated with other sexual behaviors and condom use. It is important to recognize that masturbation is an important and normal component of adolescent sexual development.”

The survey, named the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB), was supported by Church & Dwight, which makes Trojan condoms. A representative nationwide sample of 820 teens 14–17 years old participated in the study with parental permission. The findings were published Monday in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Male and female respondents were asked to note how frequently they masturbated in the past three months, the past year, and throughout their lifetime. They were also asked to recall whether they masturbated alone or with a partner, and also how often they used condoms.

Nearly three-fourths of boys reported having masturbated, compared to only less than half of girls. About half of boys reported masturbating twice or more per week, also higher than the 23 percent of girls. Masturbation rates for both genders increased along with age, though only boys were more likely to report having “recently” engaged in the activity as they grew older.

Among adolescents who engage in oral or vaginal sex, boys who masturbate were eight times more likely to use a condom than boys who don’t. A similar correlation was not observed for girls.

The researchers who conducted the study urge more open and educational discussion of this highly stigmatized topic. “The findings of this study together with existing publications on masturbation should be used by health care providers to inform, educate and reassure adolescents about masturbation to provide competent and comprehensive sexuality education in the clinical setting”.

DR Congo: Train crash kills more than 30 in Lualaba province

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A train derailed on Sunday and fell into a ravine where it caught fire, according to Radio Okapi, in Buyofwe, Lualaba Province, southern Democratic Republic of the Congo. By varying reports 33 or more people were killed.

The train, with cargo including tanks of flammable fuel, was traveling from the country’s second-largest city of Lubumbashi to the town of Luena. After the thirteen-carriage train derailed and fell into the ravine, Associated Press reported, eleven carriages caught fire.

Early on, the Minister of Mines, Jean-Marie Tshizainga, confirmed eight deaths in the crash, according to Radio Okapi. By one report, the dead and injured, who suffered severe burns, were stowaways. The chief medical officer of Lubudi Territory told Radio Okapi about 30 injured people had been taken to hospital, while others were waiting to be transported. The provincial governor, Richard Muyej Mangez, said the number of dead likely would rise.

All major American TV networks show charity concert for Katrina victims

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

On Friday, all six major American television networks; ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, WB, and UPN, along with most PBS stations, united in a rare show of solidarity to air a one hour charity concert called Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast.

The concert aired live at 8pm in the Eastern time zone and 7pm in the Central time zone and on tape-delay in the Mountain and Pacific time zones. It was also shown on the Internet and many cable networks such as USA, Bravo and G4.

The show was produced by Joel Gallen, the same man behind the September 11th tribute concert America: A Tribute to Heroes. The show was not censored for political statements but was for obscenities. Gallen did not expect any political statements. Last week, rapper Kayne West made a remark on an NBC charity show A Concert for Hurricane Relief, in which West claimed that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”, which caused controversy.

The concert began with Randy Newman singing “Louisana 1927.” Throughout the concert there were notable acts, such U2 performing “One” with Mary. J Blige. Another moment was Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood and the house band from The Late Show with David Letterman doing a cover of John Fogerty’s “Who’ll Stop The Rain”.

Donations were being solicited for the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Telecom company AT&T provided toll-free calling and 10 call centers for the event and MCI provided volunteers from their call centers.

BET also held a charity concert called S.O.S (Saving OurSelves), a half-hour before cutting to the main one.

MTV, MTV Overdrive, VH1 and CMT will air a charity show Saturday called ReAct Now: Music & Relief.