International participants showcase different industry cultures at 2008 Taipei Game Show

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Friday, January 25, 2008

B2B Trade Area of Taipei Game Show, criticized by trade buyers last year, but accompanied with 2008 Taiwan Digital Content Forum, moved to the second floor at Taipei World Trade Center for world-wide participants with a better exchange atmosphere this year.

Not only local OBMs (Softstar Entertainment, Soft-World International Corp., International Games System Corp., …, etc.) but also companies from New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea showcased different specialists with multiple styles. Especially on South Korea, participated members from G? Trade Show (Game Show & Trade, All-Round, aka Gstar) showcased gaming industry of South Korea and the G? upcoming at this November with brochures.

In the 2-days Digital Content Forum, world-class experts not only shared industry experiences, members from Taiwan Gaming Industry Association also discussed and forecasted marketing models for gaming industry. With participations from governmental, industrial, and academical executives world-wide, this forum helps them gained precious experiences of digital content industry from several countries.

According to the Taipei Computer Association, the show and forum organizer, the digital content industry in Taiwan was apparently grown up recent years as Minister of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China Steve Ruey-long Chen said at Opening Ceremony yesterday. Without R&Ds from cyber-gaming, and basic conceptions from policies and copyright issues, this (digital content) industry will be fallen down in Taiwan. If this industry wanted to be grown up in sustainability, gaming OBMs in Taiwan should independently produce different and unique games and change market style to market brands and games to the world.

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2008 COMPUTEX Taipei: Three awards, One target

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Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 COMPUTEX Taipei, the largest trade fair since its inception in 1982, featured several seminars and forums, expansions on show spaces to TWTC Nangang, great transformations for theme pavilions, and WiMAX Taipei Expo, mainly promoted by Taipei Computer Association (TCA). Besides of ICT industry, “design” progressively became the critical factor for the future of the other industries. To promote innovative “Made In Taiwan” products, pavilions from “Best Choice of COMPUTEX”, “Taiwan Excellence Awards”, and newly-set “Design and Innovation (d & i) Award of COMPUTEX”, demonstrated the power of Taiwan’s designs in 2008 COMPUTEX Taipei.

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Reports say body of missing US soldier found in Iraq

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Reports say that the body of a United States soldier has been found in the Euphrates River in Iraq and that it is the body of one of three U.S. soldiers who were believed to be taken captive by Iraqi insurgents on May 12.

The U.S. military has not confirmed that the body is that of a U.S. soldier, but it does confirm that the body is in the custody of the U.S. military.

“We are in possession of the body. We have not identified the body. We will give the truth to the families first,” said U.S. military in Iraq public affairs officer, Maj. Webster Wright who also added that internet connections in the area have been cut off to stop the spreading of rumors about the body.

Iraqi civilians found the body and immediately called Iraqi Police who then called the U.S. military. The body is reported to have two bullet holes in the head, one in the chest, and is dressed in a U.S. military uniform. Reports also say that the body had a tattoo on the left hand or arm of the unidentified remains.

A patrol boat police officer, who claims to have seen the body, told Reuters that the head showed signs of torture. Also, he deemed that deceased was killed about a week ago.

On Monday May 12, a patrol of U.S. soldiers were attacked and at least 4 were killed along with one Iraqi soldier. Three others were believed to have been kidnapped. The body was found in the town of Musayyib by Iraqi Police about 40 miles south of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

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Yahoo! snaps up Flickr

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Portal and search company Yahoo! has purchased Ludicorp Research and Development Ltd., the private corporation which owns the photo sharing site Flickr.The news was officially disclosed in a Sunday posting to the corporation’s staff blog and is credited to Caterina Fake, Flickr’s vice president of marketing and community. The posting announced the sale, but did not disclose details of the deal. In a report by Silicon.Com, Yahoo! spokeswoman Joanna Stevens confirmed the deal on Sunday but also did not disclose the terms.

Both Fake and Stevens said Flickr will remain independent. Stevens added that Flickr’s employees will relocate to the Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale, California later this year.

Rumors of the sale have been circulating amongst bloggers for some time, though neither company would confirm or deny the rumored sale. Other rumors had Google or AOL as Flickr’s probable suitor.

Flickr allows users to upload pictures from their computers, digital cameras, or camera phones to a personal website where they can display them, engage in photo blogging and create photo albums. The graphics may be licensed under a variety copyright license schemes including public domain, and photo owners can be easily contacted through the website.

Yahoo! had earlier announced Yahoo! 360°, a blogging service with sharing privileges and integration with other Yahoo! services such as internet broadcasting and instant messaging.

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Edmund White on writing, incest, life and Larry Kramer

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

What you are about to read is an American life as lived by renowned author Edmund White. His life has been a crossroads, the fulcrum of high-brow Classicism and low-brow Brett Easton Ellisism. It is not for the faint. He has been the toast of the literary elite in New York, London and Paris, befriending artistic luminaries such as Salman Rushdie and Sir Ian McKellen while writing about a family where he was jealous his sister was having sex with his father as he fought off his mother’s amorous pursuit.

The fact is, Edmund White exists. His life exists. To the casual reader, they may find it disquieting that someone like his father existed in 1950’s America and that White’s work is the progeny of his intimate effort to understand his own experience.

Wikinews reporter David Shankbone understood that an interview with Edmund White, who is professor of creative writing at Princeton University, who wrote the seminal biography of Jean Genet, and who no longer can keep track of how many sex partners he has encountered, meant nothing would be off limits. Nothing was. Late in the interview they were joined by his partner Michael Caroll, who discussed White’s enduring feud with influential writer and activist Larry Kramer.

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Can You Get Hard To Find Ammo At A Pawn Shop In Saint Joseph, Mo?

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byAlma Abell

If you have a firearm that requires some kind of ammunition that is not easy to find or if you are looking for a specific type of ammunition that serves a particular purpose, you need to look somewhere that specializes in that sort of thing. You might not think it, but a pawn shop is a great place to find hard-to-find ammunition. It is a great place because people often take their old firearms and ammunition to sell when they don’t need them anymore. Furthermore, some firearms stores liquidate their assets that way when they need to restructure.

Rare Calibers

There are two types of hard-to-find ammunition; there are rare calibers and there are rare types of ammunition. A rare caliber is usually one that is an old type of rifle or handgun. Some of them have come back into favor as of late; the .45-70 government is an example. It is not nearly as difficult to find as it used to be. You can still get a better deal on .45-70 at a pawn shop in Saint Joseph, MO than you would at a store. The ammunition that they sell is often a little bit older and thus less expensive.

You can find other rare calibers at American Gold Mine Pawn. For example, you can sometimes find the original .52 caliber rounds for a Sharps rifle. Many reproductions have been chambered for .45-70, but the authentic versions still use the .52 caliber round.

Specific Ammunition

You can also find some specific types of ammunition at a pawn shop. For example, if you have an older firearm, you might need a black powder round instead of the smokeless powder round. These rounds pack less pressure and thus put less stress on your firearm. These are just a few of the types of rounds that you can find at such a shop.

Ed Sheeran wins Song of Year Grammy for Thinking Out Loud

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Yesterday, UK singer Ed Sheeran won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for his song Thinking Out Loud from his album × ahead of Kendrick Lamar’s Alright; Wiz Khalifa’s, featuring Charlie Puth, See You Again; Little Big Town’s Girl Crush; and Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. Girl Crush won the Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

Welsh singer Amy Wadge co-wrote the song. Sheeran during the ceremony said they wrote the song on a couch in his house. In remarks to the Western Mail, Wadge said the album was already complete when they wrote the song.

Thinking out Loud remained #2 on Billboard Hot 100 for almost two months, and topped the UK rankings last year. Its video song has 969 Million YouTube views and has more than four million likes. The song also won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

US singer Stevie Wonder announced the winner for the Song of the Year, and the envelope was written in Braille script. He joked about it saying “You can’t read it, you can’t read Braille!”

Along with Ed Sheeran’s first Grammy, Canadians The Weeknd and Justin Bieber won Grammy awards for the first time.

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This is the category for John Lasseter, a US animator and film director.

Refresh this list to see the latest articles.

  • 11 September 2009: Timothy Dalton to voice a character in Toy Story 3
  • 12 February 2007: Cars big winner as 34th Annual Annie Awards handed out
  • 25 January 2006: Disney buys Pixar

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At 2015 Toyota/Save Mart 350 (Image: Sarah Stierch)

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Branding professionals in Taiwan promoted on the “Smiling Curve” in the “2007 Taiwan Brands’ Trend Forum”

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

As “Brand International Promotion Association” and “Taiwan Excellent Manufacturers‘ Association” merged to “Taiwan Excellent Brand Association” (TEBA), “2007 Taiwan Brands’ Trend Forum”, with the slogan of “Winning Global Economic with Taiwan Brands”, held yesterday and invited professionals from governmental, financial, and IT industries to share experiences on marketing MIT (Made in Taiwan) brands and encourage MIT brands market to the world by innovations.

Newly-elected Chairman of TEBA Andy Tzu-jen Hsieh remarked in the opening: “A product with MIT brand didn’t mean ‘cheap’ but ‘value’ of its good quality.” With Hsieh’s words, Minister of Economic Affairs of Taiwan Steve Ruey-long Chen echoed and said: “Self-made (MIT) brands were progressively refined with its innovations, R&D, and new ideas. Lots of good MIT brands became notable world-wide in the presence. But it’s uncertain to determine success or failure when a company manages its brand because companies with small-business scale were grown up. A brand needs a long-period management to keep it in a good image.”

Many participants and local media focused on the keynote speech by the founder of Multitech Stan Shih. He compared brands trend between Taiwan and other world-wide countries with The World Is Flat and proved the trend of optimization on global companies with his “Smiling Curve” theory. “We (the public) should determine a brand good or failure by its quality, nature, and notability but not its scale.” Shih said and stressed, “Companies with MIT brands (OBMs) can’t always be ODMs or OEMs because some (people) often confused on conceptions and basis of ‘Branding Taiwan’ and ‘Taiwan Brands’. If a company need a good brand, it (a brand) should has its (brand owner’s) creations and management strategies to mark it into the world in a good position.”

“The brand trends in Taiwan is from ODM in the past to OEM commonly in the presence. But after some products by MIT companies were presented to the public, lots of MIT brands became world-class brands such as BenQ, Giant, Acer so that Taiwan can enter into the OBMs’ era. If Taiwan can still be in the OBMs’ era, the global market competitiveness and world-wide media exposure of MIT brands will be improved. ‘OBMs in Taiwan’ will help companies from several industries keep their headquarters retain in Taiwan.” Tracy Chun-fang Hsu (Vice Director-general of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of R.O.C.) mentioned in the forum.

Before the Panel Discussion, Jerry Wang (Vice Chairman of BenQ) corrected the difference between “Values” and “Value” with some quotes from Wikipedia. He said: “Value of a brand include values and consumers’ value. A factor who determine consumers to buy a product or not is emotion or self-need. A brand’s or a product’s nature can be known with differences on consumers’ population. Of course, in Taiwan or other world-wide countries, every self-made brand or product has its style, nature, and characteristics.”

In the final of Panel Discussion, 3 main speakers think that “Smiling Curve” theory is a key factor to determine a company pursue its “brand value” success or failure. If a MIT brands wants to become world-class and notable, a company (brand owner) should not only have its creations, images, and innovations but also consider feelings from consumers.

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Utilizing Air Conditioning Salt Lake City

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Utilizing Air Conditioning Salt Lake City



I grew up in the northern European country of Norway. The area of Norway in which I grew up in, is located in an area where it snows pretty much year round. There are cities that are close by that have mild summers and we were able to get a taste of the summer sunshine that most of the rest of the world gets to experience. In some summer months, we would even be able to take swimming trips, and it was truly wonderful. In my last year at the university, I was able to study abroad in the United States. I had been taught English throughout my younger years, so studying abroad was something that I was excited about and comfortable with.

YouTube Preview Image

It just so happened that while studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I met my future husband. I had not intended on staying in the United States, but after our engagement, we decided upon staying in the U.S. for a while, as my husband already had a career path planned out. I was supportive of this and definitely willing to work around his plans, as I had none of my own quite yet. My husband was offered a wonderful opportunity in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. I, obviously, had never been there, but I had heard of it many times, as the winter Olympics had occurred there in the past. I was excited for all of the changes to come. While we moved to Salt Lake City in the month of May, I already felt insanely happy with the warmth. I had imagined Salt Lake City to be something like Norway, but I had it all wrong. While the winter months are filled with snow, it seemed the summer months were warm and sunny. We arrived at our new home near the mountains, and I was very excited for this new life. However, due to my body being used to cold weather, I realized that the heat would ultimately be too much for me. Our home did not have an air conditioner, and despite my unfamiliarity with them, I knew that is exactly what we were going to need for the summer. I decided to look online for air conditioning Salt Lake City. Upon searching air conditioning Salt Lake City, I found that there were a variety of businesses that specialized in installing them. I read that there were air conditioning Salt Lake City businesses that installed window air conditioners, as well as air conditioning Salt Lake City businesses that installed central air conditioning systems. After doing further research, I realized we needed a central air conditioning system to make our house a comfortable temperature at all times. I read many reviews and ratings of different companies in the area, and decided upon the highest regarded. This company was actually able to come to our home the following day, and set up our air conditioning system in a few short hours while we were away at work. When I returned home that evening, I noticed a huge difference in the temperature of the home. After reading the instructions, I realized that this air conditioning system was installed so that it was on a timer to turn on when we returned home at the end of the day, and also adjusted when we usually went to bed in the evening. In this way, it was extremely efficient, and I was overly pleased with this choice. I would recommend this service and this installment to anyone who lives in an area where the temperature differs year-round, as I am more comfortable now than ever!

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